Street Fighter 6 - Arcade Mode (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay - (PS5 Version) -

Street Fighter 6 – Arcade Mode (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (PS5 Version)

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Street Fighter 6 – Arcade Mode (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (PS5 Version)

Special thanks to Capcom for the review code.

Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game developed and published by Capcom. It is the seventh main entry in the Street Fighter franchise, and was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S on June 2, 2023,

Street Fighter 6 features three overarching game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.[1] Fighting Ground contains local and online versus battles as well as training and arcade modes, all featuring similar 2D fighting gameplay to the previous games in the series, in which two fighters use a variety of attacks and special abilities to knock out their opponent. World Tour is a single-player story mode featuring a customizable player avatar exploring 3D environments, such as Final Fight’s Metro City and the small nation of Nayshall, with action-adventure gameplay. Battle Hub acts as an online lobby mode, using customizable player avatars from the World Tour mode. In the Battle Hub, players can compete in ranked or casual matches, battle using their created avatars, participate in special events, or play emulated Capcom arcade titles, using the same emulation technology used in the Capcom Arcade Stadium series, among other features.[1]

The main fighting gameplay of Street Fighter 6 is based around the Drive Gauge, a system designed to encourage player creativity. The gauge can be used for five different techniques, requiring players to choose which to prioritize. Most of the Drive Gauge’s mechanics are based on previously existing mechanics from previous Street Fighter mainline games, such as Parry, Focus Attack, EX move, etc.[1] The game features three control types: the “classic” control scheme has a six-button layout that functions similarly to previous entries, the “modern” control scheme assigns special moves to a single button combined with a directional input,[1] and the “dynamic” control scheme, which is only allowed in certain parts in the Fighting Ground mode, but is not allowed in online battles, uses a single button auto attack layout, based on what range is performed.

Street Fighter 6 – Arcade Mode (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay – (PS5 Version)

Street Fighter 6 Arcade Mode Gameplay


  1. Street Fighter 6 siht zwar sehr gut aus aber mer ist das auch nichts neues mer als sonst die Duelle sind auch nichts neues mer als sonst ain online welt mer ist das auch nichts neues mit gefallen die street Fighter Spiele nicht mehr so gut zu wenig abwechslung deshalb würde ich mir das nicht unbedingt kaufen

  2. Characters all look like they're on steroids. Not very attractive and they're trying too hard 😂

  3. Can we see a flap jack whirl jack hurricane kick already?

  4. It would be nice to have a "Mortal Kombat vs Street fighter" game.

  5. Salut jaurai aimer savoir si quelqu'un a aussi le problème j'ai acheter le saison passe mais g pas les personnages akuma etc… Je comprends pas

  6. Mortal Kombat 1 looks boring as heck I'm not interested in that game at all. But Tekken 8 and SF6 yea, I'm there

  7. How about recording someone who can actually play?

  8. I thought the graphics would be way better. Last SF game I've seen was SF 2.

  9. Super Drive Rush 6 and JP are making me totally crazy 😉

  10. It really does seem just a tad and I mean barely a tad too much zoomed in.

  11. 18 characters for the price??????? What the¿

  12. Ryu looks like a cinder block with limbs… when did he get so thick? Lol

  13. Nothing beats the oldies, everyone in here looks like they're shooting up steroids

  14. I really don’t like the art direction Capcom have gone down in recent years, gimme Alpha series anyway

  15. Way too cartoonish.
    Will give it a pass and get MK1

  16. street figter lar içinde en iyisi 4 …6 beş para etmez daha çocuksu olmuş bu sefer almıyacağım türkiye fiyatı çok kazık….oyun cd leri çok pahalandı şu dolar kurunu düşürün yeter..

  17. Lacking a lot of characters compared to sf5. No Akuma..Sagat..M Bison..Sakura ect

  18. Ryu,ken, it's time for your retirement and find a new successor, right??

  19. Yea there’s something I don’t like about this

  20. Can we please for the love of God get a Street fighter 2 remake with all of the editions with upgraded graphics?

  21. I’m going to say it now,this looks way better than SFV! The game is actually fun,and looks like a finished game!🤗

  22. Ken and Ryu are surely in there 50s now 😂😂😂

  23. Looks like characters in STREET FIGHTER 6 still lacked a little more detail compared to even STREET FIGHTER 3.

  24. No it’s not that.. the gaming industry is like the music industry.. it is very flat and not creative anymore for the most part. Storylines are somewhat dull and boring or just a spin off of an original story. The main issue is people have lost the ability of creating new fresh ideas.

  25. At the end of the day what impacts me is not video games… it’s making money.

  26. They need to innovate the fighting games we should be able to move around the board by now and use parry moves

  27. Alguien de la vieja escuela te pone una recia

  28. Graphics are atleast 1 generation behind when compared to tekken 8 and even mortal kombat 1

  29. the "photorealism" are ruining the videogames, plus this look like fornite is terrible

  30. Didn't Ryu train Ken? Pretty sure that's why they have the same move list. Always liked Ryu more.

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