Street Fighter 6 -All Game Over & Continue Animations -

Street Fighter 6 -All Game Over & Continue Animations

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  1. I like when Manon game over she sit and got game over she polaytli defet

  2. Juri: "Game over"
    Also Juri: WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!?! *points at player* F**K U MAN!!!!

  3. Chun LI is like she is having intercourse and Dhalsim doing it 😂

  4. My favorite is Chun Li. SF6 really made her look so much more realistic and her facial expressions are the best.

  5. I guess during the game over, they all began speaking in japanese

  6. Chun li is like she is about to deliver lol.

  7. funny how kim was just sitting on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. is it just me or does luke just looks so bad, his hair and muscle mass makes his face seemed small as hell

  9. Capcom please stop ultra overvalue more to Juri

  10. so hopefully no one is talking about Chun-li

  11. why some characters look less damaged than others? most notably younger ones

  12. Manon's was the most dramatic of them all

  13. Japanese dub just doesn't sound right coming out of them.

  14. 0:30 Luke sounds like he's undergoing a hulkout after being exposed to gamma radiation

  15. サファイアエメラルド says:


    ・まのんのゲームオーバー時のミュージカル風な演出( 1:46 )
    ・キンバリーのゲームオーバー時の駄々っ子みたいな感じ( 2:18 )
    ・DJのゲームオーバー時の不貞腐れた感( 4:53 )
    ・じゅり『(ゲームオーバー時)何撮ってんだよ😠😠😠❕❕❕💢💢💢』( 5:58 )

  16. If play with Juri and lose, I always leave the counter at 1 🥵🥵

  17. lmao this why you should never become a Street Fighter.

  18. Why does Ryu look MEXICAN these days? what happened??

  19. The old game overs were much more terrifying.

  20. I like the detail of the realism of the characters with bruises, wounds or even a black eye breathing after the beating.

  21. 4:23 Bring the old man a Coca cola, his blood pressure has gone down

  22. Not gonna lie, there's something motivational about the continue animations.

  23. Cammy is laying there unconscious? NOWS OUR CHANCE BOYS

  24. Is clammy the only one that has a cat coming to her when she has a game over in her new outfit?

  25. i like how the game tries to be like MK since the characters showing their injuries here

  26. 有没有爆衣战损的😂

  27. Hey,they bring Street Fighter 4 Continue Style to Street Fighter 6

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