Street Fighter 6 🔥 ProblemX (E.Honda) Vs Akainu (Guile) 🔥 Online Match's 06-24-2023 -

Street Fighter 6 🔥 ProblemX (E.Honda) Vs Akainu (Guile) 🔥 Online Match’s 06-24-2023

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Street Fighter 6 🔥 ProblemX (E.Honda) Vs Akainu (Guile) 🔥 Online Match’s 06-24-2023

P1: ProblemX (E.Honda)
P2: Akainu (Guile)

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  1. It just became like takken
    Lost its orginality

  2. I noticed this in match-ups between these two Characters:
    Honda spamming headbutts & Slams = People loose their shit.
    Guile spamming Sonic Booms & Flash-kicks= nobody bats an eye.

  3. I don’t know how I feel about this “tit for tat” gameplay! StreetFighter used to be “smoother” but the way you’re able to do combos, makes the game somewhat acceptable IMO.

  4. The voice acting is really bad. Kinda ruins the mood.

  5. Nothing like the original. Except for Street fighter turbo of course

  6. Why does Guile have Ginger hair lol

  7. Guile Akainu is not a worthy warrior for Honda, to much strength by Honda and technique for Guile to handle it.

  8. Can't believe how BORING this game actually is!

  9. not going to nerf but slam cause its Bison devils reverse. Skip neutral

  10. What a battle, good gracious. It was some furniture moving in this fight here. Lol 😂 Hats off to both players. 💯👍🏾

  11. Man these fights are bomb to watch. These guys got skills

  12. As a true diehard Cap fan this whole 3-D fight style since SF4 is slow not as entertaining and not nowhere near the same replay worthy game as 3rd strike SF 3 last thing that came close was Ultimate Marvel Vs Cap 3 before that is the Tatsunoko series on Wii otherwise this isn't making the same cut, it's not quite Tekken but pretty damn close, need to stick with the great simplicity of the 2.5 D it's just better and timeless even for today's gaming standards* this hype for 6 is meh for the OG Capcom fans. Maybe it'll grow on me but just seems slower and not as exciting. Meanwhile MK 1 and previous MK11 wow blows Capcom out the water makes this seem like child's play.

  13. He doesn't say "sonic boom" but 10% of the time he does his special move? That's LAME "perfect"-ly lame.

  14. esse ehonda esta apanhando muito do guile

  15. Eu quero saber onde o Honda comprou essa havaiana que não arrebenta por nada

  16. Come on, honda, stop getting super'd and losing massive life lead, every damn time.

  17. At 45, I’m sorry to say.
    I have finally grown out of video games.😢
    I thought the day would never come.

  18. street Fighter 6 habe mir den Treler mal angesehen aber das spiel siht zwar sehr gut aus aber mer hat das spiel auch nicht zubiten die Duelle sind auch nichts neues mer als sonst nur eine online welt
    unt Duelle das ist auch nicht neues mer
    wenig abwechslung deshalb würde ich mir das nicht unbedingt kaufen
    Die Duelle das hat man auch schon mal gesehen
    bai den anteren street Fighter Spielen von Hoger hat mich street Fighter 6 nicht gehauen

  19. This is what I’ve been waiting for … So, it’s already here? Meaning, online Street Fighter games so that anyone in the world can be played against.

  20. No fair Honda has more defensive attacks and quicker at speed so he can win easily

  21. E😂❤❤❤😂😮😊🎉
    🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤. Hi

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