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Spontaneity in Fighting Games (Philosophy)

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Narrated by Alan Watts, this philosophical think-piece juxtaposed w/ semi relevant footage tries to forge a connection between Zen Buddhist concepts of Mushin, Zazen, Muji and Fighting Game concepts of Adaptation, Being Calm under Pressure, and being Spontaneous in Scramble Situations.

You may or may not find wisdom/use from this–and you may or not find it interesting. Whatever the case, give the video a shot and let me know what you think in the comments.

This video came about basically because I had a lot of Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 gameplay on my hard drive and didn’t know what to do with it. People in my New England Tekken group chat were talking about mastery & hesitation in fighting games one day and I happened to bring up this Alan Watts lecture. Being Buddhist, I think a lot about human nature, our place in the world, and connections between things–and so this video was born–funnily enough in a spontaneous manner. Rather than being an ordinary gaming montage w/ music, this is an unorthodox gaming montage w/ philosophical wisdom/commentary from an Alan Watts lecture. You don’t need to read too much into it, it’s just an impromptu project of random clips and events (that’s why some clips might not make total sense with the audio lol). Interpret the video the way you want to.

Organizing these random clips to work with the audio was pretty tricky. But making subtitles for 23 minutes of audio was super tedious and difficult (took me almost 2 weeks to finish it—so glad to be done ^_^).

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  1. Anyone know what the anime starting roughly around 1:30 is called?

  2. Cutcc if we have a blank mind that flows like the water how do we download our opponents tendancies

  3. Don't question your intuition during a fight.

  4. I often come back to this video to help me relax.

    I seldom pay attention to the entire thing, but man, it is very entertaining, peaceful, and informative.

  5. It's fascinating how the type of videogame known to have the crappiest narratives and storytelling raises the most interesting topics of psychological analysis and human behaviour in the whole industry. i've noticed that trend when starting to get into the fgc.

  6. 3:15 Munen.
    GUY says that in Street Fighter. I'm sure!
    And is a mechanic in Samurai Shodown Special!

  7. This video was, in American terms, "Real Cool"

  8. Retired, but I played Smash Melee at tournaments for 7 years

    Esports Melee taught me that situations can change at any moment. You can predict things, but you won't predict everything

    Change strategies to fit new situations at any moment you recognize them change

    A simple, efficient technique is often enough to get the job done

  9. Yeah; but, what if, you’re mentally disabled via High Functioning Autism like me??? Would my capacity for enlightenment be a bit different???

  10. This speech helped me deal with childhood trauma that was affecting my game and to keep my promise to my sensei in a ft5. I told him that no matter how I felt I'd at least get a 2-5 against him and that I would learn from it. He is exceedingly better than me and I wasn't learning from our previous fights. It was 4-0 and I wasn't letting it get to me. He missed a link that would've killed me and I got the punish. I will never forget the feeling of mushin and forgiveness in my heart that day. I will never forget il mare eterno nella mia anima

    I believe I was meant to see this video. It's by no small chance that Salivating Red is my sensei and that my main is Vega. The stars aligned for me that day. I'll never forget serenity for as long as I live

  11. Pretty sure "going back to the state of (inaudible)" is, in fact, "going back to the state of innocence".

  12. Being like a mirror also seems analogue, if not equal to Bruce lee's advice "Be like water"

  13. I found this when I was first getting into fighting games and was inspired
    It taught me the need for a calm mind when I was angriest in my life
    A chance to take a lesson out of my hobby and I can say im a better person for that

  14. A few years ago. I told my friends. I should make a channel with Alan Watts lecture clips matched to fighting game videos and only one of them thiught it was a good idea. So I ended up thinking it'd be too niche for anyone to appreciate.

    I'm glad this exists. Thank you.

  15. The "Inaudible phrase" at around 1:35 is "He has a kind of Ashram", an "Ashram" being a kind of monastic retreat or live-in training grounds. And at 8:05 he says "…all those rules go hang" (as in, they're killed or gotten rid of in that moment)

  16. Takes the meaning of the quote "if I don't know what I'm doing then he won't know what I'm doing either" to whole another level

  17. Good edit! (but don't forget Samurai Shodown!)

  18. This was refreshing thanks a lot btw i dont have access to the video what is the name of the original audio? Thanks in advanced

  19. I went to hit the like button but then I noticed I actually hit unlike and had to redo it, cuz I already watched and liked it before lol..
    anyway I'm glad YouTube recommended me this video again!

  20. How does your Tekken 7 have the appearance of the arcade version? UI, models and all.

  21. Wow this guy who loved to talk like predicted the FGC mentality

  22. Enlightened and oonga boonga are the same thing

  23. I feel like this can apply to a lot of things in life. What was the most impactful was when they said “ stand or walk but don’t wobble “


  25. One day when I was playing KOF my hands began to play for me and “I" just watch that happened

    after game I felt my body as that have no weight I was floating in that moment

  26. Yomi for life. I always believed in never being predictable, going with the flow, and doing things your opponent thinks you wouldn't do.

    There's no "way" to play. Just win the match, and run TF outta some mind games. lol.

  27. May I use this in a similar way in a brawlhalla video? I can put ur channel in the description!

  28. This guy talking in the video is full of it. A mess with a brush looks the same no matter how experienced in painting you are. This is just an excuse to do lazy work and be paid for it.

  29. Damn shame a lot of Alan Watt's speakings are pulled off the net.

    Thanks for keeping this up, brother.

  30. Great video! Love your work. As a person who loves fighting games but doesn't play them (because I can't afford consoles and games, only a little bit of internet), I have a question. At what point does a person reach the level of mind games in fighting games? Does it take too much time to reach at that level ???

  31. Did I seriously sit here and watch 23 minutes of this? Yes. Yes I did. Do I regret it? I'm not sure.

  32. The pairing of this speech with fighting games was brilliant. Thank you for this.

  33. just came back here to say thank you, this video made me make a tattoo for how much it impacted me. zen really helped me through a lot bruv and my love for fighting games even though i suck at them may never fade.

  34. So much respect for this video. Very unique kind of content. I am inspired. Thank you Cutcc!

  35. Very educational! Guess these teachings are applicable to a lot of things in life.

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