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Special Moves that Make People Blush in Fighting Games

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00:00 World Heroes Perfect
00:23 Makeruna! Makendo 2
00:42 Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
00:56 Bloody Roar 4
01:41 SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos
01:59 KOF 15
03:26 Fighting Layer
03:51 Garou: Mark of the Wolves
04:04 KOF XI
04:15 Power Instinct 2
05:10 Soul Calibur 6
06:46 Soul Calibur 4
06:58 Strip Fighter 5 Chimpocon Edition
07:19 KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A
07:38 Star Gladiator 2
07:55 Samurai Shodown 6
08:06 Samurai Shodown


  1. Dude looking like Jesus literally r4p3's player…
    Fish man was gentle at least…
    I can't complain on the Succubus.
    WTF WAS THAT? Turned from her Fursona unto r4p1st realyl guick.
    Nah this is disrespect AND questionable by law, my poor guy gets jail-time unfairly. I will tell your mom
    Insta-Kills person and THEN proceeds to N3cr0ph1l1a… jfc.
    Oh no… I knew it was nightmare from second 0… That's just disrespect.
    No, you can't be serious… Nah that's just NAH Gawd DAMN that's cold.
    Nah, that's colder. Colder ASF, bruh what is that?! With that Hentai MC face? Nah…
    Finally, some decent art of war, at least no as much questionable as the first one.
    Did she just used HIM as a Lady-flashlight? GOD DAMN!
    Ok that's straight a sexual assault. From a Furry…
    Nah, who called previous one's gramps? God DAMN.
    2B what the ACTUAL fuck? Like Nier wasn't fucking sad enough…
    Another disrespect. Nah I'm not gonna forgive that… That was terrible. No I'm not ready. I will never be. Please don't, I don't like it…
    God's forsaken anime degeneracy…
    How much of that disrespectful BS will be there?
    NAH, THAT'S CHEATING! Wait she's a BIRD?

  2. 2:00 At this point, right before I die, I'd sniff with all my might 🗿🥂🎉

  3. There's actually an even better one in fighting layer where the final boss will literally hump you on the ground as one of his grabs

  4. dude i fucking laughed so hard when i heard the word "don't tell my mo-"

  5. They'd never can do morrigan or rasputin special today

  6. 4:20 Guys what are those games name i wanna download it 😊

  7. seen a boob grabbing special in another game

  8. I'm surprised that Rumble Roses special moves didn't appear

  9. You meant, "special moves that make feminists get angry" xd

  10. I'm surprised mai shuranui wasn't in this, she's usually the queen of these lists

  11. That Machine Gun suoer from Fighting Layer is a reference to Battle Tendency of JJBA

  12. …..She locked his head with her legs and told him not to tell after he screamed and hit the floor

    I asked about your dog and this is how you respond…go on

    Whoa what game is that again

  13. 1:26 "Don't tell my mom" ~ Uriko🙆🏾‍♂️🤣
    My guy literally kills u with a borner🤣 3:26

  14. Rasputin just prison loved that guy and got away with it

  15. Can we add an entry from the MUGEN series? Takakazu Abe?

  16. Can we add an entry from the MUGEN series? Takakazu Abe?

  17. Last thing I need to know Is this Is why them games sold :/

  18. Last thing I need to know Is this Is why them games sold :/

  19. In fighting games if anything if you ass is so big and muscular why not use it as a weapon.

  20. You don't see finishes like this nowadays because developers are too cowardly to put something like this in today's fighting games.

  21. Calm down Japan aren't prostitutes even ok for married men there?

  22. Men of culture we meet again. 🕵️☕

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