So Here Is Why Fighting Games Are Awesome -

So Here Is Why Fighting Games Are Awesome

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A love letter to fighting games

Huge thanks to these folks for helping me get footage:
Punk Duck:


Yakko’s Great video about Lethal League Blaze:


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  1. Next thing ya know he’s talking about ww2 guns in video games

  2. Fighting games kept me focused when life struggles distracted me.

  3. Great Video^^ Youre only wrong with one thing…Platform Fighters are fun for everyone…nope, i hate Smash with a pashion. Those games are the biggest shit ever created. I hate it since i played it the first time on N64. I play pretty much every other fighting game genre but Smash is not even a fighting game. It a party game for todlers lol i really dont get the apeal, i just dont. So no its not for everyone and im proof. Smash is Trash…hey it rhymes lol thats fitting^^
    But hey thats just my view one Smash…Its a game for casuals and im a casual but i rather play hardcore games like BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, KOF, UNIST ect. So Smash does somthing wrong if it cant make me to like it.

  4. Mortal Kombat and Good Animation should never be used in the same sentence. Ever!

  5. Let me guess, you think it's great because of the competitive rage quiters out there.

  6. >mortal Kombat X
    >good animation
    Bruh sound effect #2

  7. I'd argue that MK has some of the worst animation in the genre.
    11:50 "Mortal Kombat shines in the animation department" lol
    11:50 "Mortal Kombat shines in the animation department" lol

  8. "MK shines in the animation department" are you sure about that?

  9. What was the first game? Looked like pixelated Smash. Excellent video, by the way.

  10. Lmao me and my homies played Street Fighter 2 of the Super NES recently and we laughed so much just because of the total unfairness between characters and like E. Honda being absolutely broken. Or dalhism being godsend. My one friend got super good with Ken and we couldn’t kill him at all. We called Sagat Bob Saget

  11. Yo dawg i love that cut after yoshi wakes up like that shit made me joke

  12. What's your thoughts on brawlhallla cos smash servers suk asss

  13. Great video! Would've been greater without the skit/subplot. The change in tone was quite jarring and it seems really out of place. But keep up the good work dude

  14. I never knew I liked fighting games until a few days ago when I player Persona 4 Ultimax at the arcade with my friend.
    I used to get SUPER peeved any time things didn't go my way in a fighting game, and I still get a little upset when playing at home.
    but for some reason when I'm at the arcade, I smile and take my losses with a bit of pride.
    I used to despise fighting games, and wouldn't even look at them for more than a minute

    but Persona made me love fighting games. just like it did with JRPGs

  15. I originally bought a Switch just for Smash Bros. as well, but quit Smash because I have depression!!! Your video made me want to pick up fighting games again.

  16. Fighting games are awesome.
    The community is shit.

  17. In my opinion pokken is one of the is if not the best fighting games and I’ll choose it over smash any day

  18. >Mortal Kombat having good animation outside of cinematic moves/cutscenes
    The graphics used in this video makes me think that you have been watching a lot of Ahoy recently.

  19. Whenever I see videos about fighting games and people telling us why they're great (which I agree), it seems that those Youtubers are focusing on games from the past 5 – 6 years. Dragonball FighterZ, Street Fighter 4, the newest versions of Mortal Combat, Blazblue or Tekken. Some of those games are technically very deep, but come on guys, where's KoF '98, Garou, Samurai Showdown 2, RBS or less technical stuff like Marvel Super Heroes or any of the Capcom VS games like the earlier versions of MvC or Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Go check Arcade Players TV on Youtube and check out those online matches.

  20. Do you have a twitch? I'd love to watch you play live

  21. U should have mentioned Fatal Fury Art of Fighting and King of Fighters. All series have great and really fluid gameplay and mechanics. Also KOF was also the first crossover Fg. It had characters from different SNK titles like Fatal Fury Art of Fighting Psycho Soldier and Ikari Warriors. Along with new characters. SNK is the real competition for Capcon cuz interms of graphics they used the CPS board and as for SNK they only used one board but upgraded it every year. Interms of story yes SF's story is good but KOF emphasizes a bit more on story. As for gameplay specifically FF and AOF. FF have a 2 lane switch system. AOF has zoom in camera feature and KOF has generally fastest gameplay of all the 3 with element from both series until they dropped from neeley refined mechanics

  22. Great video except for saying platform fighters capture the essence of the fighting game genre (considering they're kinda their own different genre) and mortal kombat having good animations

  23. Man your videos are making me insecure about my video editing skills…

  24. Good stuff. But I don't understand what the point of the Sonic and Yoshi bit is :/

  25. so when you say fighting games, you mean platform fighters

  26. fighting games are more like a fetish, you want to kick their shit and get your shit kicked in, it's all about giving and receiving

  27. I'm pretty sure most of those who said that mk animation is bad don't even know that it's bad until A.B.I said it is. Like how do you know they are off balance when they punching? And who care that it's bad, the game is fucking awesome

  28. They teach you to think fast and think on your feet…..a skill that carries over to real life….

  29. sonic is about the same age as street fighter 2 and yoshi is older

  30. I always find myself coming back to this video to remind myself why I love the fighting game genre

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