Smash Bros If It Played Like A Fighting Game -

Smash Bros If It Played Like A Fighting Game

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Join us for an action-packed Super Smash Bros Ultimate short! Witness the intense battles and electrifying gameplay of the world’s greatest fighters in this thrilling video. Experience the power of iconic characters like Mario, Link, and Pikachu as they unleash their signature moves and engage in epic showdowns. Dive into the keywords of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, action-packed, intense battles, electrifying gameplay, iconic characters, Mario, Link, Pikachu, signature moves, epic showdowns. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, this Super Smash Bros Ultimate short is sure to captivate and entertain. Don’t miss out on the excitement and get ready to brawl your way to victory!


  1. Stamina with low knockback. I play with low knockback in general its more fun.

  2. Me 0.1 seconds after my sister says I’m trash:

  3. This is nowhere near what any fighting game looks like, but neat combos regardless

  4. Bowser wouldnt be attacking fast like that. I'd imagine hed be like all the other big characters that slip a grab in every once in a while that does half your health bar. Im looking at you Zangief.

  5. Nah, this is just the average online experience

  6. Kicking ass to classic house music will always be the standard for me 🤣 Dudley's theme was peak.

  7. That's literally scorpion combos 😂but instead of get over here incineroar is like get this neck CHOP 🔥🔥 🥊

  8. You're only allowed to frame perfect counter because blocking takes too long is what I'm guessing

  9. Ain't no Way they'd let heavys move they fast lol

  10. I believe he use the no lag mod. Used by @Little z.

  11. Mac just makes me sad because I used to play him. He's fun to play, I just wish he could do anything at all.

  12. well it isnt played like "a Fighting Game" its played lile DBFZ😅

  13. What if it played like a “MVC” game, there fixed it

  14. 3S's "You Blow my Mind" was a great choice. Those combos by the heavies were lit.

  15. I can hear the loser's control crashing against the floor.

  16. Little Mac is one good man in stamina mode, trust me.

  17. Personally, I'm really a fan of Little Mac's Aerial Rapid Jab

  18. Crazy how all the heavy low tiers in fighting game physics suddenly got crazy sauce

  19. By fighting games you mean cap com vs marvle, gave me ptsd of magneto

  20. If you enjoy this, but you don't like the idea of modding your switch, I highly recommend Rivals of Aether. It's somewhat similar to the gameplay shown in the video, as it has a much greater focus on the advantage state. The dev team, Aether studios, is currently working on a sequel that should hopefully make the game more accessible but still rewarding!

  21. But little Mac hit a ruy like he owed him money

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