Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Martial Arts Fight Club Gameplay With Bruce Lee Outfit -

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Martial Arts Fight Club Gameplay With Bruce Lee Outfit

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Just another Martial Arts Fight Club Gameplay wearing a Bruce Lee Outfit


  1. They should make a remastered game of this so it’s more smooth

  2. I recently bought this for 5 bucks on ps store. What a steal ❤️ I love everything about this game other than the shooting

  3. Damn … this Sleeping Dogs🔥🔥🔥… I slept on this one!

  4. This game is legendary and its still legendary, and better than gta v from my perspective….

  5. I remember when I was a kid I used to be able to do that fight club in less than three minutes by throwing everyone off the roof

  6. I could lie to my parents saying its a fighting game when it's more than that and get the game.

  7. this game had the best combat gameplay ever, it gives us so many ways to finish your opponent or stunt him. Fighting is so smooth and looks very strong. They should develope this kind of game for ps4

  8. Despite the studio defunct, the die hard fans would keep this game alive and could get the publishers to develop the next installment. It's a great game.

  9. This game is nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💖

  10. This game was so good. id kill for a switch port just to have a reason to buy it again. I wish upon wishes they couldve made a more expansive sequel because this was easily my favorite open world game, beyond GTAIV and Red Dead

  11. One of the few open world games that have excellent fighting mechanics..

  12. Its so real that the audiences are mocking and cheering in cantonese. I played this game longer than gta v

  13. If y’all want a game like this play Yakuza 0/6 the series… except yakuza has no parkour and stuff but the fighting similar good storyline

  14. All that's missing is a few motorbikes, Carl miller and the game of death score

  15. Need a sleeping dogs 2 with wei in it maybe he goes back to America just a suggestion

  16. On DLC you can play a part where you go on an island and be in a fighting tourney like the Bruce Lee movie

  17. Sleeping dogs doesn’t get enough credit on how dope this game really is🔥

  18. Why did I let this game pass me by… damn it.

  19. Happy Birthday Bruce "1 Inch Punch" Lee !

  20. Bruce lee will always be the best fighter in the world

  21. One of the most under rated games ever

  22. How do u do this move with the fast punches 👊👊 plzzz tell me how answer to me

  23. god damn it mannn why did they cancel Sleeping Dogs 2……… such a big mistake


    I’m sorry.

  25. Looks like who ever made this game had worked on the warriors game combat system … it’s very similar with the wall finishers and throwing your opponents around like a rag doll

  26. Man I wish this was the switch! Would love to play this while travelling to work!!!

  27. I used to absolutely love this game! The fighting style is so badass. I just want a sequel!

  28. Sleeping dogs is not bad I have to say it, but its too easy like I almost don't die in this game

  29. Nice game I have played it i hope another games like sleeping dogs should come i mean what does this game not has parkour,good fighting, and good storyline 10/10

  30. Its Violent……its brutal …..its hard hitting. .its crazy…..I WANT IT

  31. watching this reminds me of the Jet Li game for the PS2 Rise to Honor

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