Six Years at War with the God of Fighting Games: Tokido vs. Daigo -

Six Years at War with the God of Fighting Games: Tokido vs. Daigo

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If you know about fighting games, you’ve heard of Tokido.

He’s an EVO Champion, one of the most successful players of all time, beloved by the community and unbelievably skilled.

But even though everyone considered him the best, he was constantly chasing the shadow of the greatest fighting game player of all time: Daigo Umehara.

For six years, Tokido tried and failed to take Daigo’s crown. For six years, Tokido challenged Daigo to gruelling, first-to-ten matches and faced losses that drove him to tears.

But Tokido persevered, and continued on his quest to become the new god of fighting games.

Written by: Sean Wetselaar (@SeanWetselaar)
Edited by: Connor Dunn (@ConnorDunn_)
Hosting and Interviews by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. I remember Daigo also beating Xian badly in a ft10 after Xian's evo win. Daigo must be the real final boss of street fighter

  2. Whatever you say.But always remember the "Beast" has a heart of gold.Donated his earnings from tournament to support new players.Supporting the FGC through his donations.Daigo will always be the best player to ever play street fighter.

  3. I know it was online, but the two recent first to 5 was some cold reality for Tokido. Daigo can still level up when given the time and motivation. Daigo made the switch to hitbox while everyone questioned why but he had a clear vision in his head to how good his guile play could get and made that commitment.

  4. In my opinion, i don't think the topanga league win really counts. Kimonomichi setting with all the single-focused training is more legit

  5. Top three fighting game players of all time: Daigo, JWong, Tokido

  6. And Daigo is now back again with a new agressive Guile strongest as ever that Tokido has yet to beat. That said I really like this rivalry between those 2, now Daigo take Tokido way more seriously than before and that heavy defeat made him change play style.

  7. Two amazing players to see grow and respond to each other.. With that said I personally still feel Daigo is beyond Tokido in terms of skill as a player. I mean of course no disrespect to Tokido… It's just that… well…I would disagree with this video final statements regarding to Tokido current status as a player after Topanga. I think it is a bit much to say Tokido is the "best". Thats very bold to say. Absolutely, Tokido is great, one of the best players out there, and a testament to how much focus, discipline and resolve is required to be one of the best players… but come on… ease up on the "legend" talk… On any given day, anyone can win or lose- especially at such a high level of competition… (Especially when other external factors are involved)

  8. Just after Daigo won 10-0… 6 years of war ? They playing each other since more than 20 years… They playing third strike together during a tournament in Japan. Daigo lost to the team mov/tokido in 2000.

  9. This is Naruto/Rival levels of interesting because Tokido is essentially the underdog who won't give up until he beats him and he eventually did

  10. Who is the “God of Fighting games”? Mago is apparently self-proclaimed 2D fighting God

  11. Tokido just got blown out by Daigo again. That man is a demon

  12. isn't tokido more consistent like justin wong

  13. The story of Daigo and Tokido is like seeing Ryu and Ken. Ken excels on everything he does, but he still looks up to Ryu for something.

  14. Yo Diego just didn’t care about that long set check it out honestly look over it really closely Diego was like eh imma pass on the torch to this kid he obviously wants it and threw it his way. It’s sad if Tokido see’s this comment but it’s kinda true unfortunately not trying to down play tokido he’s awesome and I also ain’t trying to be simping over Diego but really check it out. Come one Diego didn’t win once against tokido in a kinda long set plus it wasn’t a first to 10 so…… yea just saying 😳

  15. Next will be otani to make revenge on daigo

  16. Daigo does not walk into someone’s shadow. His only enemy is his own self.

    -He who conquers himself conquers the world..

    Tokido is a great character.. But hes chasing after someone’s shadow.. this is like Lebron after Michael

  17. daigo's fang beat tokido's urien in a ranked match in jan… as a SF veteran/player i still think Daigo is the better player.

  18. I get EXTREME goku vs vegeta vibes from this

  19. Perhaps daigo dont wanna see tokido cry again and let he win 7-0

  20. Next anime plot, Otani try to beat Tokido and be the best to revenge his master.

  21. But daigo always comes back and beat you. He's always trying to improve and study why he lose.


  23. Daigo be like, you can win the championships but know that im always better.
    Or only just better against him. That's actually some pro move right there.
    While Tokido toils to beat everyone's strat, Daigo just aims for him and could care less about others.
    Not only he makes Tokido the stronger and dissatisfied with his achievements, he also cements his name as the master of Tokido

  24. so what you're saying is that tokido is the ryu of street fighter tournaments

  25. Looks like Daigo wasn't even trying at the end.

  26. The story is amazing, had chills from hearing it. Daigo is such a legend. Tokido is like the player in Pokemon who beat the Elite 4 and the Champion to become the current Champion but Daigo is like Red, the legend in the story who people whispers of his tales of glory. You finally met and face him, only to realize that the tale is really true, he's truly the legend.

  27. Tokido's Murder face was born because Daigo's Balrog was trolling Tokido's Vega. Tokido was so salty that Daigo still felt it on their way back to Japan. Lol You'll understand why Tokido was hellbent on destroying Daigo.

  28. It's like Tokido tries to be, but Daigo just is

  29. I love these story’s so inspirational great work 🔥👍

  30. Dang. And I thought. Daigo and Tokido trained extensively together to take down Infiltration.

  31. These players are OK. SF is nothing. Marvel games are everything. Wong is the GoAT.

  32. when tokido fought Daigo the second time in topanga guile was heavily nerfed while akuma is OP. the fight was heavily imbalanced

  33. Sf5 was nothing to be compared to sf4
    Two different games
    The skill gap in sf4 was so big
    Tokiddo have gotten better for sure
    But sf5 didn’t have as the big skill gap that sf4 did
    Capcom probably lowered the skill. Gap thinking it will attract more players and more audience
    But I think it’s backfired on them

  34. While this video is for Tokido, months later after 7-0-ing Daigo..Daigo 10-0'd him again.

  35. People talk about reads, yomis and such but these 2 guys don't even play for the rewards anymore.
    They play for the glory and that's something not a lot of people have as their motivation. This is deep taking it to another level.

  36. Winning Daigo at tournaments means nothing to Tokido. But proving to Daigo that he can surpassed him in a duel to the death is what Tokido is looking for.

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