Single Player Content Is Essential For Fighting Games -

Single Player Content Is Essential For Fighting Games

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Soul Edge Hwang’s Ultimate Weapon:

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  1. Soul Calibur 4's tower mode…. man just too fucking good

  2. Completely wrong no one buys fighters for the story lol

  3. VF had the FUNNEST offline mode with that quest mode. Dew was right. Bar none. Best experience. It actually taught you how to play.

  4. Glad to see someone saying this. I’m just not an “online guy” in general. I hate how FPS and open world games are mostly only focusing on grindy competitive shit with battle passes or grindy online MMO modes while never adding any single player content.

    With fighting games it’s even worse because people will tell you you’re just a scrub who doesn’t appreciate fighting games for the right reasons. “If you want single player content why are you even playing fighting games? Just play an RPG or something”

    They can’t seem to grasp the concept that someone may have no desire for competitive tournament EVO shit and just likes to mess around in fighting games to blow off steam. I like fighting games for the gameplay itself, large selection of characters, etc. not because maybe I can win in a fight against some stranger who I don’t even feel like talking to in voice chat or messages.

    Or they think because you like having stories for each character (like a traditional arcade mode), that means “YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!”
    I miss survival mode, team battle, arcade with endings (and preferably not ones that are just sections of text), etc.
    “If you don’t wanna play online, just do practice mode” smh

  5. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 story mode was a blast.

  6. "All arc sys games have single player modes"
    Not anymore. That's what makes Strive such a hard buy for me. Survival and Arcade just isn't enough for 60 bucks
    And yeah, I was also disappointed with CF's abyss mode.

  7. Omg
    Me and my bro bought Ergeiz 1 cuz we played a lot of fighters and I was a big fan of cloud.
    But the single player was the best part of that game.

    Also I don’t know if this counts, but I have over 1000hours in Third strike training room :/

    Also as bad as MK is , playing through the campaign was what made it fun

  8. SFA3's World Tour mode was so fun and replayable, and fundamentally simple. There's so much that can be done with these games. Survival mode with roguelite elements is such a no-brainer IMO. Also, I'd love for them to actually incorporate a new Final Fight game into Street Fighter as a story mode.

  9. I wish they brought back Tekken Ball.

  10. Like bro I wouldn't even be playing fighting games now if I didn't start out with Single Player Content. Tekken 6 story mode is probably the best I ever played solely for the fact I could play with my brothers. BBCT story mode was another good one because the english voice acting for that was *Chef kiss*. Actually got me to care for the characters to actually follow the series.

  11. buys Tekken 7; is from south america
    "oh boy I'm finally going to enjoy the online Tekken 7 experience with Season 4 rollback"
    3 frame rollback and only 1-2 bars on random ranked matches
    "well shit, guess I'll go back to single player modes"
    "fuck you"

  12. I feel like concepts like the old school SNK Boss, some of the single player modes in 2D Guilty Gear games, the game Warzard/Red Earth, etc, could be brought together with some of what you discussed to build a solid formula for a robust single player mode. There are so many precedents out there for what can work. Oh, and don't forget some of the concepts from Capcom's JoJo game!

  13. Single player is not essential, BUT the alternative to having a successful fighting game without single player content is being tekken 7 season 1 levels of popular, which is basically impossible now, even for tekken 8.

  14. Taking that nostalgia trip. Bruh good memories indeed

  15. I played Virtua Fighter 4 and evo quest modes a lot it was super fun and the ghosts were hi lvl you see setups, cancels, faints and well timed evades.. there was mad replays from real matches I remember homestay akira and fuudo but cant remember if chibita was in there .. and I agree about single player content there should be more,, playing these modes well help you learn and remember the inputs and helps train your execution and keeps you fresh while having some good time away from the tension of competitive online play , I think people drop fighting games fast nowadays cuz they jump in to online too soon without taking there time in training and single player modes ..

  16. Evil Zone on Ps1 Back in 2000 had the best story mode and soundtrack to me each character literally had a 10 episode season with episode previews, theme songs, and even decent voice acting. I loved it, also that game has arguably one of best Fighting game soundtracks of all time. I lucked up when I found that game in Wal-Mart back then, those were the good days.

  17. vf4:evo's quest mode was the goat, so glad to hear someone finally give it the recognition it deservers. soul calibur 3 had some really dope modes too. But honestly, the most important advancement for single player is that they need to find a way to make fighting cpu players fun, atleast for casual players.

  18. My absolute favorite genre in gaming is fighting, by I only care about the single player content, I have zero interest in online. So offline modes such as vs CPU and survival mode are extremely important to me.

    Smash Ultimate, Bleach Dark Souls, Blazblue Central Fiction, Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition, Naruto Storm 4, etc… These have crazy amounts of single player content.

  19. Soul Calibur 2, I spent so many damn hours playing weapon master mode back then as a kid, cheesed a lot of fights by throwing

  20. friend, the reality is that fighting games nowadays are 100% focused on online, although there are exceptions such as killer instinct, street fighter 5 champion edition or granblue fantasy versus that have good offline content, most people do not It is fun for him to play against the machine and when the online game dies, the game itself dies as in the case of guilty gear xrd rev 2, so those who are looking for good experiences of a single player do not look at the genre since They will not find interest from the developers or even the fighting community who see you as a weirdo if you only play arcade or survival.

  21. SFV was my first fighting game and I honestly was one of those dudes that said nobody cares about single player content because I never saw good single player content as an example to strive for. What you showed in this video seemed really cool but I have yet to get my hands on even halfway decent single player content myself, Tekken 7, SFV, Dragonball, Soul Calibur 6 were all atrocious. If it's just regular fights against the CPU and some dialogue without crazy shit then it feels just bad because you know the CPU is reading your inputs anyways.

  22. Tbh I still don't care about story mode. You don't play dota or lol single player either. It's okay to not have one.

  23. Tekken 7 single player content is absolutely nothing. How hard is it to get AI to mimmick top players for god sake.

  24. I remember spending a little too much time in the Ehrgeiz and Tobal no 1 quest modes. I also really enjoyed the Bushido Blade story mode.

  25. I loved eliminator or marathon mode. When your health bar carried over each battle and you'd recover based off the last fights performance

  26. The amount of hours I played trials, time trial, survival and arcade mode in vanilla SF4. Getting SFV being like character story finished in an hour was like what next? When it got cinematic story mode that was cool, but lacking arcade mode for casuals was rough with SFV.

  27. Way way back
    One of my earliest fighting game single player stories I mainly played was Mortal Kombat Unchained on PSP. I pretty much only did single player stuff cause I would play from my hospital bed and junk. The story, the krypt the mortal kombat tetris. I loved all of that. I agree single player content is very important. I mean my experience with fighting games was a lot of single player stuff. So much so I didn't consider myself an actual fighting game player till recently cause I'd just get bodied when I played against actual people lol.
    So I'd hide in single player cause I didn't have anyone local to help me learn lol, and my sister didn't want to play video games lol I remember that game driving my want for more lore knowledge.
    My very first fighting game I played was MK Deadly Alliance on my brother's ps2. It had like just released. I remember not knowing how to play but really wishing I understood lol.

  28. 1. When I think single-player and fighting games Red earth comes to mind for me.
    Its boss rush single-player mode is nice

    2. I do wish fighting games did hAve more single-player content I don't always like going online and getting my butt kicked the majority of the time.

  29. what do you think of the offline guilty gear xrd rev 2?their art gallery is a bit small but the M.O.M is really fun.

  30. I remember playing the single player content for games such as tekken 2 and soul edge on PS1, man great modes such as survival mode, time attack mode and of course I played the edge master mode on the sould edge, trying to get all the weapons for all characters was very rewarding and fun. even on the new fighting games I always enjoy single player content, is the first thing I do before jumping to online modes.

    great video Jiyuna ! saludos desde el salvador legenda !!!

  31. I dont remember its name, but fighters destiny had a mode where you could level up and unlock new moves sets. You couldnt earn them all as one char either so youd have multiple of the same char with different move sets. Loved that. and yea alpha 3 world tour and dramatic battles where sick.

  32. Soul Calibur 3 with the whole castles and shit, creating your own characters, customizing everything and basically leading a small army against the forces of evil or something.
    Hours upon hours in this.

  33. Finally someone who gives VF 4 Evo it's props it deserves. That tutorial mode is still unmatched in it's depth imo.

  34. YouTubers/Influencers always remember games from 20 years ago but never things that happened two-three years ago. 😂

  35. The whole video I was thinking of Edge Master mode as one of my all time favourite fighting game modes and then you mentioned it. 🙂 So I have nothing to add. :p

  36. Ehrgeiz is a good, tournament viable fighting game. The scene is bigger outside of America.

  37. Jiyuna ! (great video btw) any recommendations ? for any modern "single-player" fighting games with good content?

    So far MK11 , Injustice 2 and Soul Calibur 6 are good from what i hear… anything else?

    ps.i also really liked the ko-op towers / team raids idea in MK11…co-op vs a.i works really well in fighting games imo… if you want something chill and fun.

  38. Lol I literally have all of these games still

  39. The one I personally remember is Fate/Unlimited Codes, which admittedly in the West you could only play on PSP, but it had a robust mission mode that largely was just standard combos, fight X, etc. that largely are meant to just teach you the mechanics of certain characters or moves but it also had neat things where you'd need to reference scenes from the source material like "Using Archer, defeat Berserker 6 times while your UBW super is permanently active" or "As Lancer, defeat Kirei while you're at low HP." And when you beat all of a character's missions, you'd unlock a little bonus minigame.
    Games that have rather in-depth quest modes are also super fun. I enjoyed Soul Calibur 3's Chronicles of the Sword, Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign (or Smash which has Subspace and World of Light) makes me really think that there's potential for more fighting games to adopt beat-em-up style side modes, or even just modes like Darkstalkers Chronicle's tower or Soul Calibur 4's also a tower. Also, Heroes and Heralds.
    It also seems odd how rare color edit is (especially something as in-depth as I can't remember which KoF – I think 11 – which let you customize each set of pixels differently so if you wanted, like, a pure silhouette or something that looks absolutely ridiculous with no actual palette but just a random mish-mash you could do that and you could even change the colors of special effects like flames and stuff) when it's so low effort and people love to customize in that sorta way. Though I guess it's so color palettes can be sold as DLC.

  40. Story modes suck and arcade mode is just vs. AI but you play another AI after the AI. Meanwhile, your favorite Call of Duty has a shit ton of gamemodes to choose from, PLUS bot support most of the time. WHy can't fighting games have at least a little better casual modes?

  41. One single player mode i loved was the basic arcade mode of soul calibur 3 since you could like "choose" your path to the final boss and i loved the qte and any game with dramatic mode

  42. This is the shit I've been saying! You can have the best gameplay on planet earth, but if it doesn't have the content to back it up, then what's the point?

  43. This is exactly how I got into fighting games in the first place. A youtuber I watched semi regularly had put up a video about some game called Blazblue Calamity Trigger and I was like what is that? But I thought eh I like this guy let's watch it. I ended up being blown away by the opening scene, the story set-up and the sprite artwork as well as the animations. I got it myself when it released in europe, played and loved the story mode and that actually gave me the motivation to learn to play the game more seriously (aka not stylish mode) as I was invested in the characters and wanted to do cool sh*t with them. I still suck at fighting games but it definitely turned me into a huge fan of both playing and watching them and it opened up an entirely new world of gaming for me.

  44. Marvel vs Capcom 2 with my bro and college roomie. Never competitive (big scene) but so competitive on the couch. Omega RED vs. Goodie too-shoes Guile

  45. Fighting games with tons of single player modes are a lot more motivating to me. I'm glad they exist even though they're mostly old.

  46. Smash Run made me forget that Smash Bros 3DS even had multiplayer. I played a lot of Unlimited Mars, Abyss and Arcade mode in BlazBlue CS too.

  47. Tekken 7's story mode was the only single player mode and it only lasted 2 hours. You can do so much with 2 hours but the Tekken Team did nothing. The only thing worth mentioning is Heihachi and Kazuya had a fight to the death and Steve Fox's story. Everything else is either filler or meant to set up story for the next game, which is never gonna happen.

    Guilty Gear Strive tripled down on divorcing story and gameplay after Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

    Dead or Alive 6's story is just all filler up until the time something interesting happens and then it just ends before exploring potential character development.

    SoulCalibur VI and Mortal Kombat 11 are the only fighting games I can think of with that not only emphasize on the story but also adds more story over time through paid DLC. Even SCVI gave some characters some new story through free patches.

    The fighting game community and netcode are the reason why recent fighting games suck at offline single player content.

  48. I'm not sure how they hold up today but Tekken 4 and 5 had really fun single player modes when I was a kid called Tekken Force and Tekken The Devil Within. I totally agree with you on single player modes being important, especially for casual players like me.

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