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Single Player Content in Fighting Games | Triple K.O.

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Welcome to this episode of Triple KO! Triple K.O. is a weekly fighting game podcast featuring Matt McMuscles, Maximilian Dood, and Justin Wong. Max, Matt, and Justin talk about the single player side of their favorite fighting games.

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  1. I'm half the video hoping they mention the awesome Slice of Life mode from Rival Schools 2 (Project Justice 2), where you can design your character and interact in the "school" with all the other fighters in that story mode, and you can befriend them, or make enemies. Was awesome!

  2. 1:24:20 So I think ARMS solved this problem: So in ARMS you can unlock other characters' exclusive equippables for every other character and then upgrade all of them. That totals 1215 unlockables that effect the gameplay, these aren't cosmetic things, So how did they intend to make this viable for a game they wanted tournaments of?

    They had a cheat code that disabled singleplayer modes and unlocked all these items in there upgraded form

  3. It's a shame the boys hate the T6 scenario campaign mode. As a lore nerd, it's the last thing the Tekken team has done in that regard to really impress me. Unique dialogue for every stage for every character did a TON to build the world and characters up.

  4. I'll be honest: I am not a good fighting game player. I barely made it to silver rank in Street Fighter V back when I was playing it; I doubt I'll ever even see celestial in Guilty Gear Strive, let alone actually beat the Celestial challenge. But I absolutely cherish fighting games and their single player content. I love the story and characters, character designs, artwork, game mechanics, etc.,. And I love trying out all fighting games that come out on Steam, from One Strike and Umineko to Guilty Gear Strive and Tekken 7.

    One thing I thought that might be interesting is having a similar mode to boss rush, but with the AI being modeled off prominent fighting game players' mains. It would be difficult, I suppose, but I believe it's possible to have a computer algorithm study – for example – Justin's actions in dozens or hundreds of matches he plays for a certain fighting game and code that to a special AI mode. You could pair that with something like Alpha 3's PSX world tour mode to "emulate" fighting big names in the community as you travel around the globe. It would offer a single player option that would be very challenging.

  5. Dragonball FighterZ is the first fighter that really pulled me into online play since MK9

  6. DBZ Budokai 3 still has, pound for pound, the most immersive single player content in all fighting games I've played!

  7. One of the best games for me single player wise was the first two Dissidia games on PSP. Really wish we had gotten a port of those on PS4 instead of NT.

  8. SFV story mode was also just pretty bland/boring at first. It was definitely like the arcade style slideshow, fight, slideshow, fight, etc.
    I heard they patched it later to enhance the story, but yeah by then I didn't want to play the game anymore.

  9. Hearing you talk about the pro specials brings me back to Street fighter 2, and occasionally popping off that red hadoken, and thinking it was just a graphical glitch or a random change, and then finding out that it was actually me over rolling the control pad to do a more damaging attack. Oh, the good old days of pre super move special move bonus power.

  10. The motor kombat talk around 24:30 had me thinking: what if there was a Mortal Kombat “twisted metal” type game?

    Also I feel like sweet tooth in MK would be sick. Wish he had made it in ‘11

  11. My favorite reward system is for "Injustice 2"; it's lootboxes, but as you complete missions, the game keeps giving you shit, and there's a ton of cosmetics and functional equipment. It's really addicting, and i never had to spend a dime besides the cover price (I bought the legendary edition)

  12. I think Project Justice had a dating sim in it. I would love to play a dating sim to unlock costumes and have like rival fights or even friendship fights in the dating sim.

  13. Nearly the entire Blazblue series totally nailed single player content, which is what got me started with fighting games in the first place and kept me interested in the series.

  14. On the topic of grinding out characters, I had kind of an interesting idea; bear with me on this

    On the OG Xbox there was this game called MX vs ATV unleashed, that me and my brother loved to play the free roam mode in. However, all of fun vehicles (Helicopters, super fast motorcycles, etc) were, of course, unlockable. However, there was a cheat code menu, and if you put in the code T00LAZY, you would unlock all vehicles… until the console power cycled; they weren’t permanently unlocked and saved to your file, you just had temporary access to them. I think that’s a really good balance; you could have a “tourney code” that unlocked all characters in a fighting game, but for them to be permanently unlocked without the code, you would need to progress in single player content.

    Idk, I just thought it was a neat idea

  15. Love the create your own stage idea. Like Mario maker but Mai maker

  16. as far as I am aware since GG Slash Midnight Carnival to Accent Core Plus I wasnt th challenge modes where it isnt learning combos but fighting absolutely broken versions of Guilty Gear characters like Shadows, Gold, ex or whatever and your objective is to beat them but you have restraints like damage can only be done by a combo after 2 hits, poison, locked meter, health regen on opponent or the opponent has infinite meter. essentially modifiers for set battles and youre given a rank and art after beating the challenge.

  17. I feel that for fighting games where the single player ai is not insanely unfair and cheap, it is a lot of fun to master a 1CC run and learn to get better. The first Street Fighter 2 arcade game for example is very fair in a single player run and a 1 credit clear is doable. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo isn't fair at all and even the best players in the world have a difficult time beating it on one credit. Thankfully you can emulate the 3d0 version(the best home version in my opinion) for a much fairer experience. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy are also extremely unfair. I keep going back trying to give their single player content another chance but just can't stomach how incredibly insane the ai is. This also true for all the home version of these games. It is so disappointing. I have an easier time with classic SNK fighting games then with MK3 and MKT.

  18. I’ve never been a fan of online play. I grew up without having more than a couple of friends who were very busy and we didn’t have time to see each other too often. Naturally I couldn’t play games with others in person and I wouldn’t get internet until well into college. I do and always will value a fighting game, any game for that matter that just buy playing though it’s many modes to unlock more characters, costumes, cheat modes, stages, music, etc. I love unlocking stuff worth a damn so long as the process isn’t too time consuming or rage inducingly difficult. I was so hyped to play DBFZ and words can not express how disappointed I was to put at least a few hours into the game and I didn’t unlock any characters, stages, etc. I really hate the design philosophy for games like these now.

  19. There has been games to come out in recent times that has unlockable characters. Frost is unlocked in Mk11 through story mode. Android 21 (majin) was unlocked in DBFZ's story along with Goku & Vegeta's blue characters were unlocked in arcade modes.
    You guys touched on it briefly. And I get it, the title is single player content in fighting games. But DBFZ has periodic raid boss battles where your 3 man team is made up of 3 unique players. It's really obnoxious to get it going unless you know 2 other folks to do that with. But it's a pretty good idea to start there and I think DBFZ would be even bigger if there was an automated pairing system. But I think finding a way to introduce online co-op content more streamlined would be huge for the fighting game genre and casual fans.
    Even some sort of 2v2 competitive online mode would be appealing to a lot of folks I think.

  20. Matt looks like he's in a Nu-Metal band on the side

  21. You unlocked a character every match in ultimate, unless you lost it didn’t take that long

  22. NRS story modes fucking suck though? I don't see any difference in quality between MK11 or Tekken 7's story mode, MK11's is a lot longer though. Xrd doing the same thing but cutting out the unnecessary fights was actually a good idea

  23. lol At the end they are just describing Shujinko story mode.

  24. This is going to be a super hot take coming from a causal fighting game player. But I'd rather buy a 40 to 60$ fighting game with amazing Single player content and bad online than a 40 to 60$ fighting with amazing online and bad single player content. The former feels like more worth my money then the latter.

  25. I'm laughing my ass off, most of the recommendations for sf6 turnd out to be true.

  26. They use existing animations on other models as key frames to give the illusion of new animation. It's super neat

  27. I put a crazy amount of hours into trying to unlock the Dick stick. While I had a fun time playing, that grind to ultimately never obtain my goal left a pretty yucky taste in my mouth. To the point where that disappointment is at the forefront when thinking back to Injustice 2.

  28. I think the issue with Street Fighter trying Big cinematic Story mode, asides from Capcom not being as used to do it like NRS is, is that the world of Mortal Kombat lends itself to it far more than SF.
    In MK there's a central konflict first and plenty of characters with various reason to be part of it.
    In SF you have plenty of characters clearly created separately from each other, and then given a reason to participate in the big tournament. Several of these characters having no direct relations to only some of the other characters and little or no ties to the main plot.
    I think SF would do much better with short individuals story modes. (Not Just arcade mode. The "canon" story of who fought who, with each characters having the final boss relevant to their plot)

  29. does nobody remember playing Galaga on the Tekken 1 load screens?

  30. Blazblue by far had the best single player content in a fighting game. A massive Story Mode, with even bigger and better Story Modes as more sequels came out, all of them fully voice acted with branching paths and multiple endings. They had an encyclopedia with all the lore. And then other modes like Unlimited Mars, Abyss Mode, and Conquest on the PSP versions. The online is not even a fraction of what these 4 great games had to offer.

  31. One must fall 2097 is still my favourite pc fighting game. It had a great single player mode😊

  32. It baffles me that you all basically called MK1's kameo system, as well as the sf6 world tour mode being slightly like the Seth idea Justin came up with.

  33. I know this is an older video but I just finished street fighter 6 world tour 100% and honestly had an amazing time. I haven’t jumped into tanked or anything else and I’m already 40ish hours of content in. I love single player experiences in games and am happy I’m seeing more care being taken with them

  34. I've been a huge fan of fighting games since the Megadrive Mortal Kombat days. I distinctly remember playing Tekken 2 and 3 on ps1, the ps2 Namco fighting and MK games; and having that rush of unlocking characters. There's always something about replaying those games to see what characters and stages to unlock. I miss those era of fighting games and I'd love to see it return to the modern consoles.. Without resorting to DLC. The bane of fighting games existence.

  35. Here we are a year later. "Sf6 just needs a world tour mode. Even just call it world tour mode!" Hmmmmm….

  36. Tobal had a quest mode, of course since it was made by Square

  37. Just call it world tour mode, *monkey paw sound effect"

  38. 1:28:33 is such a cool idea but the internet combined with people datamining would just wreck that in days I feel.

  39. Watching this now, holy shit Justin's and Max's wish was made

  40. Justin could use a bongo controller and beat 98% of players

  41. Smash for 3ds was brimming with good single player content. I remember picking it up before a family trip and boy was i glued to it on the car ride. Thats kind of why i prefer it to the Wii U version.

  42. I actually enjoyed the Tekken 7 story as it was my first serious Tekken game (played some Tag 2) the idea of the whole reporter unraveling the Mishima shenanigans was an interesting take. Not the best but hey…at least it aint SF V 😂.

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