Sifu - Combat System Overview | PS5, PS4 -

Sifu – Combat System Overview | PS5, PS4

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We are pleased to announce that Sifu will be released on the PlayStation Store on February 8th, 2022. To mark the occasion, we are excited to share a new gameplay video revealing in-depth information about Sifu’s combat system. Find out more in our dedicated PlayStation Blog post.


  1. 😑 looks and sounds better than it looks and sounds

  2. Imagine if they add online multiplayer

  3. Kungfu is the most useless martial art for street fight.

  4. Games looks dope, hope they add more styles or characters with different fighting styles and Animation you can play with

  5. 100% on my buy list. Growing up watching Jackie, Bruce, Jet and Donnie, this game speaks to me like a long lost brother. February can’t come soon enough!

  6. Love the Artstyle, Love the Combat flexibility, love when I love games

  7. I'm so down to try to do a always young run and a oldest run

  8. I had a stressful week been wanting to kick some tail


  10. Remind me of Sleeping Dogs i wish they make more Sleeping Dogs

  11. Looks way more interesting than I thought it would. And the art style is cool

  12. Is this Wing Chun inspired at all?! Looks great

  13. Honestly I don’t know why Kung Fu games aren’t more common

  14. This game looks so in the pocket!!! Not too much, not too little!!! Im gonna wait till late January to preorder, but i already cant wait!!!

  15. Esse jogo abre diversas portas para indústria .
    Por exemplo nos rpgs vemos q tem alta diversidade de magias e pouquíssima variedade de movimentos de luta.
    Esse jogo apesar de ser pequeno futuramente pode vender essas animações para esse tipo de empresa.

  16. Wow. This is interesting. I just noticed you can make a female sifu as well.

  17. mano Playstation só faz jogo bom mas eu não tenho Playstation, faz os jogos multi plataforma cacete

  18. Nothing we haven’t seen before. I’ll pass.

  19. Now if they could add this fighting system in Spider-Man it would be the best game🔥🔥

  20. This game looks so sick!! It takes the flawed but high potential combat of absolved and they seem to have perfected it here. Can’t wait to play this!

  21. re.inds me of sleeping dogs such a masterpiece

  22. Still the same as always: the crowd never attack at the same time, all of them. One by one is easy.

  23. Reminds me of katana zero except it’s 3D and Kung Fu

  24. This game looks hella sick! Not only am I excited for this game but I'm also excited how this fighting mechanic will be copied by AAA games.

  25. I absolutely love The Raid movie from 2011 and this maybe one of the best game to replicate it

  26. The sadness that falls upon me watching this game unfold. Remembering how Square enix didn't green light Sleeping Dogs 2. Say what you will but that was a fun martial arts game/game in general

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