Should Fighting Games branch out? #mortalkombat1 #streetfighter6 #tekken8 -

Should Fighting Games branch out? #mortalkombat1 #streetfighter6 #tekken8

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  1. It’s because these new kids dont want to accountability in their mistakes. So they choose to play team based games for when they lose they blame blame blame. Weak minded new generation. Quick to blame others for their mistakes

  2. We’re as mainstream as we need to be

  3. Nothing. It's a fear of competition thing. In first person shooters, MMOs you know the "most popular games" there's a built-in excuse to losing. Teammates, lack of gear etcetera etcetera. But when it comes to fighting games it's about skill so when you lose it's only because you were under prepared that accountability is why fighting games is a niche

  4. For street fighter you’re viewing the steam charts at the wrong time. Street fighter peaks at around 2am EST-11am EST because this is the time that Japan’s day occurs.
    Street fighter is HUGE in Japan so if you check the Asia servers during these times, they’re nearly packed. Plus on steam charts they get like 20,000 or so at this time.

  5. Fighting games just suck today and there's so much variety in games those old arcade mainstays have been fading away more and more every year. Fighting games used to be fun but these days they're just an endless grind for points that ultimately mean nothing unless you're actually competing and going to tournaments. As sad as it is to say fighting games will never be mainstream because they were barely mainstream in the first place.

  6. Fighting games just can't be mainstream since they take alotta commitment + solo only

  7. The FGC is basically the punk of gaming genres. Not everyone is going to get it, but those that do, are die hard.

  8. We can't change a fighting game because it becomes something else. You either have a taste for it or you don't. It really is a wonderful thing.

  9. Super smash brothers has left the chat 😅

  10. Yeah most of mk1’s fanbase is on psn

  11. I'm sure super smash gaps them all I popularity

  12. We ain't looking to be Mainstream. Hate to say it but being Mainstream DOES NOT MAKE A GAME GOOD Or needing Popular. This dogmatic thinking is why we have such Triple-A Garbage products anymore….

  13. The issue i have with fighting games, is the fact you have to know every move for nearly every character, very specific combos you have to practice a lot for, many of which you have to be frame perfect for. Its not the most inviting thing and is frustrating when yoy come in to try and play casually and get hit once into a 50%-100% combo and juat loose without anything you can do. They also are extremely repetitive and if you arent really really really into them, it gets boreing so fast

  14. You gotta feature Dante from the devil may cry series

  15. Idk judging this based on steam is kinda silly. Fighting games are better on consoles and even if you have a PC there're other ways to play, not to mention Tekken is definitely not the most popular it's probably smash and trust it's no niche

  16. No you want a mainstream game go play something else you start fuckin with the formula and you'll lose the base

  17. The fun part of fighting games is the offline events

  18. Lets…not make it mainstream popular? I want a new Soulcalibur game but that game can't survive being mainstream. Its one of the few franchises I've never gone YAR HAR FIDDLE DEE DEE on.

  19. I don't want it to become more than a niche. Bamco wants the mainstream market, which is why we battlepass. Let us alone.


  21. Would like to know the stats on console since alot of people ik who play fighting games play on console

  22. A real anime game like jump force but fight like tekken

  23. Not everything has to be freaking mainstream though 😭

    If you streamline a niche thing so it becomes more wildly accepted and beloved you more often than not lose whatever it was that made those who were interested in it while it was still a niche in the first place :c

    I don't want fighting games to be more mainstream. Man f*** the mainstream

  24. I think the league of legends fighting game will get preatty popular atleast at first

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