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SF6 will SAVE Fighting Games (…with one important feature)

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We don’t save fighting games by simplifying the things we hate. We save them by teaching new players what the hell is going on. Fortunately SF6 has one new feature with is about to REVOLUTIONIZE the way we reach new players, viewers and fans.

Agree or disagree? Say why in the comments below!

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  1. They should put waluigi in this game ironically to piss off the smash community. Yes this would piss me off too as well. But I'd still be shocked and probably laugh.

  2. Coffee making + piano music + fighting game = Poetic relaxation

  3. For me, the greatest revolution in fighting games will be when they become more sandbox-like. Imagine SF7 having a world to explore where you can challenge any NPC you meet to a fight, and then the engine transforms to the traditional side-on view for the fight.

  4. It will add another avenue of engagement for people who aren’t into fighting games. Whether or not it works is another matter entirely.

  5. hahaha … i was going to say something about why not just use a clever and leave it be? (ref: coffee)

  6. This is a really good stream of consciousness, mate.

    I'm a SoC person, and this appeals to my soul. ☕

    Also … I'm now realising (from this footage) that Virtua Fighter (from 2/3 onward) was light years ahead of the game with a lot of the stuff it did.

  7. Wouldn't commentary just sound corny? I mean wrestling games have been doing commentary for a long time and a lot of the time it comes across as annoying. I know what I'm doing, I don't want to hear from the peanut gallery in the back.

  8. I highly doubt it's going to be super in depth built in commentary. Just normal general commentary and maybe combo drops that are detected on the negative positive frames leftover that weren't used.

  9. I want to share a secret of coffee making, the power of the flame heating the water is important more the water is purified by the vaporising process more the flavour of the coffee is strong.

  10. I don't think the commentary will be that important but I think it might be the first step into recognizing the esports scene in the actual game, maybe in the future Street Fighter will have an edition with Daigo on its cover like FIFA or other sports games.

  11. It'd be nice if this really helped the IP sell on it's own.
    If the game is already selling just because it's "the game", you don't need to chase dumb trends or make risky experimental moves to try and get more people. You can just focus on making the game people already like but slightly better, and tell the infinite plus one dollars in quarterly dividends chasing loan sharks to go talk to marketing instead.

  12. too many influencers are trying to raise the hype with false arguments .

  13. You should weigh your coffee and water you add to the beans. I use a hario v60 and a ratio of 1:15.

  14. Naah, it's the Cross play between Playstation , XBOX and PC that will make it the biggest SF , of course if it delivers

  15. I don't think in-game commentators are that decisive for all players or for the game itself, just for the more casual ones who want to experience some hype in their matches. Who knows if maybe one of those players is interested in that side of commentating on games and starts a career as a commentator or that the game stimulates him more and wants to be a pro player. At the end of the day many people will use it for a couple of minutes and then turn it off, even the music of the game they will be turn it off in favor of opening Spotify and play a playlist with their fav songs that accompany their matches.

  16. Sadly I think the commentary will get boring and repetitive real fast (like madden) and people will disable it. Maybe my head is stuck in the past. Maybe I’m right. We shall see.

  17. The big feature is a SF game with rock
    Solid netcode. That’s the big feature that will help it grow.

  18. When I watched the reveal of that feature I thought it would be useless, just a waste of budget that could be more useful if invested in other traditional points of a fighting game, and if I buy this game I would turn it of immediately and never turn on again because it appeared to be just annoying.

    Days after I watched a video talking about the reveals of SF6, but what really caught my attention was a comment from someone who claims being blind, talking about how this feature can be helpful to visual impaired people, then I changed my mind and now I not only think it is useful but also cheer to become a feature to almost all fighting games.

    While watching your video, again my thoughts about this feature changed, even yet thinking it would be annoying to leave this feature always on while I play, it could be helpful turn it on when watching a replay to understand what decided a match, what I need to do more to win or prevent doing again and what conditions.

  19. Social media stuff, yeah.
    All the commentary stuff, helping people understand and hence now they are interested, absolutely not.

  20. I wish that smash was easier to watch :c Arent you overextracting the middle of the coffee bed by mostly pouring in the center?

  21. I would pay fat dlc bucks for a tasty steve commentator dlc maybe even some others on an auto rotate so it stays fresh that's the only way i would ever use this kinda thing.

  22. when i saw the title i assumed you were going to refer to the simple controls for beginners,
    as for the commentary i personally find it really bad, cringy and annoying and spoils the game and after reading some of the comments on SF6 videos i saw a lot of people did not like the commentary. even people play testing the game at events were requesting to turn the commentary off because it was annoying and distracting.
    As for adding context to explain the excitement of the clips i think there would still be a lot of people that would still have no idea whats going on or care much unfortunately. Still a fascinating perspective you showed here 😉

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