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Who is this insane Ken?

The Revenge Of Shinobi – Boss Theme “Terrible Beat” (Iceferno Remix):

The Enigma TNG – Giger Effect:

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was recorded by myself in 1440p60 The footage was then edited in Vegas Pro with overlays, copyright free music, video edits & more for the purpose of educational entertainment. Zero footage was taken from Twitch, Youtube or any other streaming/VOD platform. All footage seen in this video is copyright free and captured directly from the video game.

The purpose of this video is to provide educational high level content so the viewer can learn new combos and strategies. Creative value is added by carefully selecting the right moments and pairing it with the right type of editing so the viewing experience is convenient, easy to understand and thoroughly entertaining. No one likes filler content.

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  1. HE good because his🤣 opponent not blocking..or trying to counter

  2. Weak, easily beatable, not one Hadooken thrown, but Who dis Ken threw a lot while opponent was getting up!

  3. he looks like he is playing modern but he is not this is insane stick work "respect"

  4. He has a good Ken…but dont get me wrong dude, the game is not about beating someone perfect all the time..where is the fun? the exitement? I stopped the video @ 3 mins. its getting boring….Im not saying he sucks.. but a good match between 2 good people is different. Watch the Tournements for exmple…every match is different and unique on his own..this here is boring..no hate 🙂

  5. Street Fighter shouldve introduced the kameo system like MK 1 a long time ago seeing how successful MVC games were and are. SF 7 will cameos mark my words. Im happy the increased the speed and have juggles tho.

  6. This is the first sfvi script or a ken god

  7. They could be that good but I'd still say it's some cheating going on here

  8. Ken SMASH everyone like a Pinata. Damn 😂😂😂

  9. This Ken should go for the $1Mill! It’s insane

  10. He's playing nothing but scrubs 🤷‍♂️

  11. A pro player could easily dispatch of this guy but ken as a player is OP

  12. This guy is playing Ken like he is Evil Ken. Too fast and too powerful for others to follow. Other players seem slow or they just gave up mid game after some devastated combos.

  13. It’s sad what SF has become. I hope nobody has a seizure playing this shit.

  14. so sick man. perfect timing, combos, perdect finish. my be someone who banned this ken, i bet those guy can't beat this master ken.

  15. he’s just doing corners, of kors you don’t stand a chance

  16. This was godlike and you are insane bro

  17. You can't ban greatness I want to meet him someday online keep up the great work man love it master game play

  18. just noob killer~ bc st6 got most players(aka noobs) in FTG

  19. kinda looks boring…the mechanics are clearly unbalanced

  20. Who is this? And is there any games he's actually lost? 👀

  21. Insane level. You are Down Right Fierce (get it 🤜🏼 🔥)

  22. I don’t like this video only because I suck so bad at these games it makes me wanna go get this then I realise and remember I’m crap and won’t be able to achieve such awesomeness just fills me with hopes haha 😂. Anyways this was an awesome vid very satisfying to watch 😅😅😅

  23. The ban is right, not fair to other characters players

  24. What you did to Edmond was disgusting 😱

  25. Hope you enjoyed the video. Links to both music tracks can be found in the description box.

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