Secret Power of Low-Tier Characters - Fighting Game Analysis -

Secret Power of Low-Tier Characters – Fighting Game Analysis

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Low-Tier Characters are often Avoided by many Players, but what if using them provided a Unique Advantage? This Analysis will Discuss how Top Players use Low-Tier Characters to Win Major Tournaments!


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  1. I only play characters that interest me, which is why I remain a Raiden loyalist.

  2. I wonder if you were leaving something out when saying "top tier characters are usually easy to play" and leaving it at that. I was wondering about characters such as Fox in Super Smash Bros Melee, who's hard to use, but even harder to beat when used well.

    That aside, interesting argument. Also, I've heard some joke characters can also be pretty hard to beat. Didn't one of those Naruto games have that one dog who was too small a target for just about every attack, and thus was nigh impossible to beat?

  3. There is this magic, in doing well or defeating top tier characters with lower mid or low tier ones. it brings such a grand feeling of success because you're essentially the underdog at times.

  4. Hulk is low tier in the original Marvel Super Heroes game.

  5. I actually like a lot of low tier characters in some fighting games

  6. The Hakan vs Balrog example was a terrible example. Hakan sits in a very special seat called low tier but HARD COUNTERS Balrog. The matchup had nothing to do with tiers. Infiltration's Hakan pick was basically the equivalent of picking Paper when you know your opponent is picking Rock (Balrog). The matchup is winnable for Balrog, but heavily favors Hakan.

  7. I've tried to explain this concept to so many people who blindly follow tiers, to no avail. After showing them this video a few have come around but there are still many sheeple who refuse to deviate from the event hub gospel because, well… they're sheeple. Keep up the good work.

  8. Just wanna remind you of Kusoru's run with MvC3 during Evo2012. THAT grand final with Filipino Champ was EVERYTHING.

  9. I think Zeku is my best low tier. His speed and ability to switch styles always keep them guessing.

  10. Near the end who was that purple haired girl?

  11. Dee Jay in SF4 was both super low-tier and super well-studied, sadly ;_; ;_; ;_;

  12. I would argue this is not really true in SFV. The game is baselined hard. Yes the Takeuchi vs. Infli is a really good example but Takeuchi lost mostly to inflitration's playstyle as Juri and not to Juri. Additionally you have to account for Inflitration reading the guy. He picked Juri not for the match up but for the player which he goes on to say in later interviews. Case in point. John gets EX Pinwheel'd like 10 times. That's not a Juri thing. All John had to do was block.

    But yes the game is so baseline there is no originality and there's not really any play style of a character you can't acertain given enough time. The hardest thing to do in SFV is knowing when it's your turn or worse yet knowing when you steal a turn. Tokido losing Problem is an excellent example. (That and Bison is a good counter to Akuma)

    I do think we can get back to more nuanced intricacies of low tier characters in the future if people learn multiple characters. But now picking a low tier doesn't mean much. An expert Vega player still has to work a billion times harder than a top tier character player of equal or worse greater skill

  13. I was thinking that all this tier stuff should be thrown through glass out the window. Low tiers don't get the love that they well deserve. Every character should be awesome to play as.

    …But then of course until I see this video.

  14. I’m hella good with Nappa but he’s the lowest on the tier

  15. Part of what you have to consider here with low tier characters is their individual matchups. I play Hugo in 3S and USF4 and he is definitely a lower tier character, BUT that does not mean he doesn't have good match ups. Just because character x is "higher tier" than character y doesn't mean that character y won't have a favorable match up against them. Dudley is a lot stronger character than Hugo in tier lists, but I don't think the match up is bad for Hugo at all. There are a lot of characters like that who are "weak" in general but on an individual match basis, are perfectly fine. Hugo vs Gouken is a nightmare for Hugo, but Hugo vs Elena or Yang? Not so bad.

    Then you have to consider player skill. There's something Aris said about top tier characters. Everyone knows who the top tier characters are and they all practice against them constantly. If you play a top tier, we all know what you want to do. We all expect shippu Ken to do low mk into shippu super, or Chun to fish for her low mk into kick super. Everyone expects Izanagi to bring out the ribcage in Blazblue.

    On the other hand, who knows what to do against Fame96's Terumi or Susano'o? People don't practice against low tiers nearly as much, so they don't internalize the knowledge of how to deal with those characters.

    Then there are characters who are considered low tier but are more like secret mid. Sometimes even secret high tier. There's just nobody playing those characters. Maybe they have a high execution barrier. But then someone comes along who plays them really well and people realize the character isn't weak at all-they're just slept on.

  16. Teaching me animation AND gaming what a man :')

  17. daddy infiltration beat me like your wife 👌😩💦💦

  18. Its not so much about studying low tier characters, but studying the entire cast. Poor MU knowledge is the mark of a shitty player. Study up.

  19. I feel like now that it's 2018 there will never be a good or bad character in fighting Game's.

  20. I'm a character loyalist at heart. I've played Yuri, Kula, and king in every kof game they appeared in and kof 14 made all of them very good. It's weird because I'm not used to playing top tier characters. I'm hoping that my Zelda gets enough buffs to be mid tier

  21. My favourite Low Tier Character is Bayonetta. She's probably the worst playable character in Bayonetta.

  22. Honestly i always end up playing low tier and have never ever played high tier in any fighting games. I wonder if I'll learn a high tier character will I actually be good since I'm already doing well.

  23. Some low tiers are really popular and top tiers not popular or easy to pick up. Either its game and too many factors. Fiona(Arcana heart) and anna (nitroplus blasterz) are examples of low tier who are scrub killers, and not unpopular. Sonico and carl clover are top tier but rarely used and hard to pick up. I personally just learn whoever i feel like n rarely look at tier lists other than curiousity reasons.

  24. In SC6 ranked I have been 3-0’d by Takis and Talims whom are to be regarded on the low-tier end of the spectrum. Voldo is another decent example.

    I main Siegfried- a defined high tier fighter, but due to my unfamiliarity against the latter, I do find myself in situations saying, “Oh wait, I’ve never had to build a strategy against these fighters before”….. and then I lose

  25. Only great players will be able to play characters that is difficult to play, and that makes you a great player. The easy player to play like the top tier is beloved because they have easy moves, which tells me that you're a pathetic player. Lol

  26. That guy who won a big tournament with Panda in Tekken7… perfect example too

  27. MK11, everyone is sleeping on Kano. I love taking him online because people have no idea how to deal with his mix up/command throw shenanigans. He might be considered bottom tier but he’s the best of the worst in that game.

  28. Am I the only one who started thinking of Panda?

  29. It's also possible to be low tier simply because your tools are shit and your damage is nonexistent.

    In this case. Pick another low tier.

  30. This does not count in anime style games

  31. I'm still waiting for sfv Alex to be buffed. I think I'll die of old age before that happens tho

  32. As a Twelve.
    There is nothing more amusing than seeing a high rank player suddenly get serious out of fear.
    You're at 1/10 health, I'm still at haft.
    There is no power more great, or more powerful, than the power of the unknown.

  33. I’ve come to realize the majority of my favourite characters end up being mid to low tier 😂

  34. This video is exploiting my secrets of playing online! Lol its very well explained. Thank you for uploading.

  35. I dont think this is the best reason to main low tier though. Match up experience can be learned very easily if you just continue to play against that character

  36. Yes but only shoto's or shoto lites win championships….except in UMVC….then its all about playing lame.

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