Scirpion Brutality! 🦂🔥 #mortalkombat11 #mk11 #mortalkombat #brutality #fightinggames #fgc -

Scirpion Brutality! 🦂🔥 #mortalkombat11 #mk11 #mortalkombat #brutality #fightinggames #fgc

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  1. My boy can’t even let the cpu live 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. This is the most reaction and interaction that this guy has done with and in any of his videos. I'm so proud of him. He's finally learning.

  3. After he mercy I wanted to know how he did the rest

  4. Dude said "not yet" as if he isn't fighting an idle controller.

  5. is your camera inverted or you controller???

  6. He got Scrambled like a egg and turn in too omelette

  7. Bruh why he about to eat his controller like it's a cookie

  8. Yu lookin like yu want smoke with me tho calm Down cuh I’ll flush yu 😅😅😅

  9. I would like to fight against you. I main scorpion

  10. How can i do a mercy? I tried many times, but i dunno

  11. you're so badass with the "😠….Not yet…MERCY"

  12. Dude fn sucks lol probably gets his ads whooped online

  13. That was the shittiest gamplay I've ever seen

  14. thought he's gonna do some sick combos but nah😭

  15. Lmao this is the fakest fighting game channel it's so funny

  16. A brick can't defense itself
    – Luce Bree

  17. Прожарил до своего цвета

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