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Rival Schools: United by Fate – Summer of Fighting Games – TSG

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Entry number three of our Summer of Fighting Games series will be none other than, Rival Schools: United by Fate!
Rival Schools is a 3D fighting released in the arcades in ’97, and brought to home consoles like the PS1 in ’98.
It works sort of like a tag team fighter, like King of Fighters, the major difference here is that every round, you get to choose which character you fight with, instead of being forced to use whoever is next.
This game also features a Street Fighter veteran, Sakura. Being a school girl, I guess she fits right in.
This game is colorful, quirky, features some amazing art, and some amazing gameplay.
Watch as we give this game a whirl!

0:00 – Intro
2:20 – Arcade Mode
8:55 – Arcade Versus
12:20 – Arcade VS Winner
19:54 – Versus Mode

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