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Rising Thunder – The Reason You Should Care About Riot’s Fighting Game

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Rising Thunder was a free-to-play fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment. The game originally released in alpha state in 2015, but development ceased following the acquisition of Radiant Entertainment by Riot Games.

During League of Legends’ 10 Year anniversary celebration, it was revealed that the team behind Rising Thunder was working on a new fighting game title codenamed Project L that would feature a roster of characters from the LoL franchise.

While information is still scarce there have been a few things that were teased in early development about Project L that resemble that of its predecessor.

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  1. I hope that this games makes fighting games popular but games like this don't become the norm
    Cuz that would mean the death of motion imputs

  2. Rising thunder was hype as hell I loved it when it was around!

  3. WoW Riot is taking the Online Gaming Community Esports by STORM!!!
    1st – MOBA: LoL
    2nd – FPS: Valorant
    3rd – Project L (NOW THIS)
    WoW Riot You out do yourself!!!

  4. The only fighting game that kept my attention is Smash Bros. Smash Bros manages to be competitive and technical without adding complicated inputs as a barrier

  5. I think this design philosophy is also why Smash is so incredibly successful as well. Obviously Melee being the exception since you have to basically have to perform black magic rituals on your controller to do advance movement, and while it is still fun if you can ever get the hang of it, the other Smash games are so damn fun because you can just do everything with single button inputs instead of having to worry about insane execution.

  6. Good philosophy from the devs mentioned here, but this is not going to bring casual and competitive players together in a good way. It’s PvP. Co-op communities can weather that mixture much better. Generally, competitives will always win against casuals, and casuals will always be a point of contention for competitives. I don’t trust Riot, either.

  7. I mean wouldn’t that be kinda tooooo simple tho

  8. They couldn’t balance league for shit and u expect me to play a fighting game that gets patched every 2 weeks as well. Lol well the majority of Fgc has news for you

  9. how dare you use melee as an example of a game that "people think is better because it's complicated". The best thing that makes melee good is that the combos are easy and so free flowing that you can actually freestyle them. And the game is only complicated because the skill ceiling is almost infinite

  10. Bro how much longer are they gonna hold us by our balls on the release date. I NEED this game expeditiously.

  11. That counterstrike comparison is dumb af, i like seth but that was just not a good comparison to make at all.

  12. With the way riot balances league and their abilities, I’m afraid of what their fighting game will look like, I just know that if yasuo makes it in he will be the most broken character, until people ask for a nerf and they release a skin instead.

  13. I just like doing motions, I think they’re cool and they feel good to pull off. I think it’d be cool if project L did something similar to granblue fantasy vs where you have the option to do a command input, or maybe have that be a specific character’s gimmick.

  14. Now that it's close to a year past release I'm gonna say Granblue did it best and has made Rising Thunder and Fantasy Strike superfluous.
    Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by putting specials behind systems they gave us the ST/KoF'00 experience with the choice to perform special moves though traditional inputs or fast inputs, creating a resource management metagame deeper than what the others offered. You don't just know you can force Jaina into the red zone by simmying her dp`s, you don't just know Crow rapid fired all his moves trying to get a kill and is now a sitting duck for you to SPD. You are facing a Charlotta holding down+back with flash kick available and actually don't know if they'll go for the easy input and try to murder you on reaction to a jump but lose the move if you block, or go for technical input knowing you're gonna block just to do it again for the W.

  15. saying "complex inputs dont add anything to the game" is just shit casual/bad players say to feel better with themseles for being unable to play games that require skill ~ they want everything dumbed down so they can mash and spray&pray

    also, with KoF15 coming out soon, couldnt care less about some dumbed down trash for casuals that Riot can put out

  16. Are we going on an era of braindead players who cant do hadoken motion? How lame…
    Execution is what make fighting games so intense, remove these mechanics is like giving aimlock for retarded console fps player. Dont follow Japan please, make thing easier for children and family wont make a game popular. Dont let the world do this pls…

  17. SF5 and Guilty Gear are becoming made for casuals though

  18. I believe that this also leads to it getting stale very quick.

    Maybe I'm wrong and I look forward to trying it out but I think a good amount of depth and complexity is a crucial part of a fighting games success.

  19. The combat in RT always looked super engaging to me. Wish I could have learned/played when it was being made.

  20. Love games like tekken, sf3-4, guilty gear xx-xrd
    Also ngl, rising thunder is a real good game once you understand the button based command moves concept..
    But capcom! WTF is sfv? Did ya people bake the sf games before for real?

  21. Ok a fighting game that CAN be played on keyboard ? GIVE IT TO ME FUCKING NOW

  22. Fantasy Strike has a lot of the same goals, and is out right now, cross platform as well.

  23. METAL REVOLUTION is a similar game to RISING THUNDER

  24. All this fighting games, and not a word of the best, mortal kombat ofc

  25. They buy rising thunder make they fighting game so gonna be the same then

  26. The reason you should care this is gonna bring fresh blood into the community. Trying to play any current fighting game as a newcomer is absolute torture. Riot's game is gonna gain traction and because there will be so many newcomers to that game, beginners will have fairer games and maybe stick to it.

  27. How much they payed y’all to make this video

  28. Soooo raising thunder mechanics is every fighting game from 2018 to 2021 and up…I want to say 2017 but yeah

  29. I'm hyped for this game, hopefully eventually we'll get LOL character and other riot games characters in the game too.

  30. don't like the western character design, maybe I just stick to the Japan made. sorry.

  31. isnt jump kick the best fighting game that breals the gap?

  32. Here I am, wondering, who is more gate keepery, the fighting game community or the soulslike community ?

  33. Damn people really just forget about for honor.

  34. i didnt know about this game! im totally in for it, my pc cant handle modern fighting games like SFV, Tekken, and such. i hope riot make it toaster friendly

  35. I'm a bit excited for Project L, but I'll always miss the hype that surrounded Rising Thunder. Thanks for bringing this game back to attention, brings back memories and strengthens my love for robots and fighting games.

  36. If it's fun that's what's important but it doesn't make new players have a chance it makes it easier for pro players to beat you.

  37. I'll be very disappointed if they don't add sett..

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