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Rising Thunder – The Reason You Should Care About Riot’s Fighting Game

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Rising Thunder was a free-to-play fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment. The game originally released in alpha state in 2015, but development ceased following the acquisition of Radiant Entertainment by Riot Games.

During League of Legends’ 10 Year anniversary celebration, it was revealed that the team behind Rising Thunder was working on a new fighting game title codenamed Project L that would feature a roster of characters from the LoL franchise.

While information is still scarce there have been a few things that were teased in early development about Project L that resemble that of its predecessor.

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  1. Dislike Counter (like this to dislike the video) says:

    I wish rising thunder would have come to Switch

  2. I don't think that cooldowns make for a more beginner-friendly game. It just shifts one form of expertise (knowing and being able to execute complex movements) for another (an instinctive feel for when abilities will be off CD and how they can be chained efficiently). I think that for it to be casual friendly, the abilities would just need to be no cooldown, use them as you see fit.

  3. SFV kinda did that " flash back of 3 years of people complaining how bad the game was"

  4. I really miss Rising Thunder, it was so fun. I'm kind of mad at Riot for buying Radiant Games and shutting it down, but I'm more mad that they've made us wait so long in the dark to bring back something that will hopefully be even better. Though I'll miss the giant robots fighting and I'm not a huge fan of Riots character design, this is still one of my most anticipated games.

  5. if they could catch 1% of League player base, it may be the biggest fighting games.

  6. As someone who likes fighting games geez I sure would like it if mobas allowed me to use spells by doing quarter circles or if shooters allowed me to stun lock my opponent and generally include mechanics that appeal to my own biased view of fair game design

  7. If this game created for lower end pc like Valorant, then it's a perfect recipe for a video game that would attract a lot of casual gamers

  8. 2:40 More reasonable comparison would be like having headshot in csgo be separate input you can just press to just get headshot dmg while randomly spraying around your opponents legs, without having to participate in 'unreasonable input barrier' of aiming yourself. You want do to bigger stuff, you need to earn it somehow.

  9. Hope it releases soon. tired of Battle royales and teammates in team games being crazy.

    atleast in fighting games its only 1v1

  10. In sorry but the grenade example is just bad. Yes, of course you don't have to do a 360 motion it, but you do have you be mechanically skilled to shoot well. Shooting well is a linear spectrum where there are no shortcuts. You are either better overall it worse overall than someone else or yourself in the past. Same applies to input complexity in fighting games. First you learn the specials and supers, then combos, then techs and stronger combos. This process exists in every game and will never go away. And this is coming from someone below average in fighting games.

    As long as inputs are doable on keyboard/stick/joystick alike (otherwise you're just hurting your own game) they're fine. If you simplify inputs you either have to add more buttons or you have to cut on neutrals to make room for the specials. And what about specials that have different versions according to input? That's gone as well. In fact this is what Fantasy Strike does. It has like 3 basic punches and then moves that would be specials on any other game. And while it's not bad at all, it is limited and there's absolutely no room for personal playstyles

  11. Finally. A fighting game where ill actually be decent. Also, I gotta say, “make it league based” is like, the best way to try and revive an old IP.

  12. I think under Riot they will go a similar direction as LoL or valorant.
    Low skill floor, high skill ceiling.
    Make the barrier of entry low, but reward players that are willing to put in the time.

  13. I have a couple of gripes with this video.

    1. I feel that people who started playing fighting games with rising thunder. Will be in for a rude awakening once they jump to fighting games with more traditional inputs. Since they didn't have to deal with them before.

    2. The statement about needing a known ip to have a successful fighting game. Is discouraging to indie developers that want to make a fighting game. New fighting games need to start somewhere or else will never get new fighting games. That are willing to push the envelope that the more established IPs won't do.

  14. Its gonna be just as shit as Valorant you fkin casual riot babies…..

  15. My friends and I play League but only myself and one other guy play fighting games. I'm hoping the Riot fighting game helps get more of my buds into the genre.

  16. "complex inputs like quarter circles" you can tell they've never played an snk game

  17. The only robot fighting game I want is a reboot/remaster of One Must Fall 2097

  18. I don't want fighting games to have 1 button specials but if stuff like this is used as an entry level to more games then I'm all for it. Problem I will see is that excuses will be made by people who want easy wins because footsie, blocking, etc. Is something even regular players struggle to comprehend or even do properly.

    Also call me elitist or whatever but I don't understand the difficulty of doing a fireball motion, especially on a controller which is what most people use. The only one I can see people having trouble is dragon punch because it does require practice.

  19. I would like to add that spending hours in training mode is a massive misconception about fighting games. You get good and learn by jumping online by just playing or arcade mode even. Getting bodied is how you learn. Training mode is use to recreate situations that you know are an issue for you. For example you always get hit by jumping players, then you recreate that and look for a way to avoid it or counter.

  20. I think that this game is really cool 😎 👌
    My little sister is like 5yrs old and she wants to play games with her big bros but she can barely walk straight in any game.
    So I busted out some old consoles first a pikachu n64 she played a little dk64 and mario 64 but she can barely handle any movements with the analog sticks, it just isn't clicking yet😓.
    I then got the old gamecube out and my old childhood games(very nostalgic) and she's been trying a bunch. Melee, sonic heros, lego star wars, mario party6, but alas she can't control anything right and gets discouraged 😥.
    But I put in dragon ball z budokai, and she was actually winning fights and performed Kamehamehas and throws regularly. She was very happy and even beat the 1st frieza fight before stopping. Then we tried naruto clash of ninja 1, she loved playing as Sakura and naruto.
    Granted she's just button mashing the attack buttons but they're simple enough that she's having fun and in the end thats all that matters. She even felt so confident she wanted to fight me. I'm not gonna let her win every fight but I got to throw in plenty of wins to keep her happy (handicaps that give more damage help but then she'll have to get combo locked forever until I let her kill me in 1 combo and that wouldn't be fun).
    While I'm not saying I'm gonna be downloading this game on my pc for her the thought of ease of access to noobies like her warms my heart. Maybe she'll play when she's older!
    (She also likes melee but she runs off stage too much. Analog stick movements are just too much for her to handle for now)
    Having good starter games are hard especially since she can't read(which is why I'm avoiding pokemon for now). I would rather have her play mobile games than try looking for some kiddy Dora the explorer bull crap or something. Maybe I'll get her clash of ninjas 2 or there's 🤔 probably some hacked disc or memory card, 100 in 1 style. I hacked my 3ds and vita to get more access to games for myself so I don't mind hacking as long as there isn't too much risk we'll see
    Well thats it for my rant/story(hopefully wholesome). If anyone reading this has any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

  21. Riot is owned by the Chinese… No thanks

  22. Seth doesn't know anything about game design. All he was, was a community manager. Why the fuck would anyone listen to him, or even care? Being tacked on to a company to do a lacky's job doesn't mean you know anything about what the company actually does. Saying that complex inputs don't make gameplay better is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Those complex inputs have become LEGENDARY gameplay mechanics within the majority of fighting games.

  23. I played many mainstream fighting games, I mostly played Arksystem works because I find their anime fighting games are so much better especially guilty gear xrd and the soundtracks, but my problem was the complexity of the combos of some characters are hard to master or hard to pull off, so I mainly just used the main characters (the main protagonists) because they are the ones that has a simpler combos and easy to pull off.
    Though sometimes I used the hard ones just to see their difficulty and just want to have fun with those characters.

    Watching this video and learning the Rising thunder game, it makes me wanna see more of Riots fighting game.

    Maybe we can see more of them at the upcoming E3 2021.

  24. Is it gonna be on mobile? If so I'm gonna quit wr.

  25. Riot Game gives me that same nauseous feeling of McDonald's. Riot's whole business strategy is ripping off successful games with the main twists being the simplification and dumbing down of the gameplay and the family-friendly safe themes. I don't think streamlining is always a bad thing, it's just sort of sad when it's the only thing Riot knows how to do. They are just always trying to appeal to the lowest common denominators. Riot only has one big IP and it looks like they will milk it dry before they can ever make a slightly original game.

    It's hard to respect a company that never tries to be more than simple, safe, and unoriginal.

  26. Him calling it artificial is one of the most pretentious things I've heard in a while. His grenade example is also pretty disingenuous and fairly moot. I've played games with homing projectiles where you have to quick turn the mouse to toss it around a wall(essentially what he is talking about).

    That "artificial" mechanic separates someone who put in work from a day 1 rando, and most definitely adds to the enjoyment.

    Its also the difference between clicking blocks in a midi piano roll vs playing the thing yourself, what do you think is more rewarding?

  27. guilty gear strive also toned down their complexity with their game even at the cost of removing stylish mode but instead of every character having 9-10 special abilities its only 5-6

  28. Ngl I'd love a simple fighting game with Riot's art style

    I heard the company that made it was bought by riot but i couldnt understand why.

  30. Sweet Christmas we're still waiting for this game

  31. i used to play a lot of this game, and when i saw that the game was canceled, i was sad. I remember seeing it in a game magazine, and during the time it existed, i didn't care about the game having some famous characters.

    To me, the game was fun all the way.

  32. As someone that could never get into fighting games but am pumped for Project L, I think simplifying the inputs too much will remove that satisfaction and OOOUUUUHHHH factor when making crazy plays. One trick pony leesin players are fun to watch because they do things that your average player can't do. Making it where anyone can make that same play by hitting one button will make it way less entertaining…

  33. Let’s goooo I got invited to the play test

  34. Pretty excited for PROJECT L and PROJECT F from riot which are the fighting game and the rpg world puzzle game.

  35. The main fighting game i play is mortal kombat, and I thought that directional input for special moves was just to give you more moves. There are only so many buttons on a controller. I dont think its necessarily just to be harder, but maybe im wrong

    Edit: except command grabs with the down back forward input. Those are just to be frustrating, I cant consistently do them

  36. i honestly can't wait for this riot game. It is gonna be so fucking awesome I am sure

  37. 5:45 Just wanted to point out the redundancy here. Do games get cancelled AFTER they're released? 🤔 Lmao. Anyways, great vid! I'm really excited about Project L

  38. They say that this game is tailored for the keyboard, but the keyboard is my go to controller for street fighter. So, I’m not sure I’m that excited for cooldowns

  39. Do you agree with Seth Killian, one of the devs and an FGC veteran, that having complex inputs is just an artificial way to add complexity to a game?

    “I don’t know if Counter-Strike would be better if, you know, to throw a grenade you had to do a 360 motion with the mouse … it would change the game, and that would have an impact on gameplay, but does it make it a better game? Not that I can tell”. – Seth Killian

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