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Rise Of A Medieval Fighting Game – For Honor Esports

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For Honor is a fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game features players playing as characters from various medieval-themed factions ranging from Iron Legion (Knights) to the Dawn Empire (Samurai).

As a competitive title with a high skill ceiling and unique mechanics, For Honor has a passionate grassroots community that took root following the game’s launch. While there have been various tournaments including appearances at the EVO Championship Series, it has been challenging for the title to break into the mainstream.

This is the story of For Honor esports.

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  1. They need to make a death match mode without stats and power ups where you can’t move on unless you defeat your enemy. A free for all mode maybe

  2. it looks like tekken yeah if ur fucking blind

  3. seem like this video is 7 years to late

  4. Fantastic video. For Honor is still an excellent game and I've enjoyed it from the day it first released to even now as I make content on the game itself.

  5. i really hope people dont think this is an esports type game lmao, most of the pro league players use glitches like GB option select that thankfully is getting removed in the new season. but seriously if you think this game has a good competitive esport scene yea look the other way.

  6. Ngl it's still kinda amusing to see all the comments in trailers of people being surprised that it's still on going ot just being dickheads and calling it a dead game or something like that.

  7. I picked up For Honor about 2-3 months ago and have played it everyday since then. Sometime it’s an hour while other times it’s all I play. For Honor is a very unique game but has some issues that need solving (like option selects and certain heros. Ahem Kyoshin). I personally wish to compete in a For Honor esports tournament at some point.

  8. They should make tournaments with no UI

  9. Ubisoft Is to this day sleeping on this game, giving It only a fraction of support they give ti more conventional games like siege. Thank you for Bringing attention to It!

  10. To be honest, i wouldn't call For Honor a Fighting Game, i would call it an Action Game with fighting elements.

  11. I wish theres a future for 3rd person fighting games like we only have For Honor and anime games like Jump Force, Naruto storm and Dragon Ball

  12. 2:17 well, you do have to learn how other characters function in every fighting game that i've played. Some games like Dragon Ball FIghterz have more homogenous mechanics but even in that game, every character is played quite different. In lower levels this kind of matchup knowledge is less required bc everyone is just mashing buttons but as you raise the level, just as in every competitive game, you have to learn what are the options availiable not only to you but to your opponent.

  13. I just got this game a year ago and honestly, I can't quit playing it. I was just watching YouTube clips of it and thinking it would be really fun. Idk what everyone else's experience with this game is but it's amazing. It never disappoints and I have fun even when I'm losing. Love the video!

  14. While I do still have a lot of issues with the game, it’s nonetheless credit to the devs that they managed to salvage this from one of the most abysmal launches I’ve experienced in a long time.

  15. This game kinda suffers like other fighting games its hard for it to be accessible to new players this game is a good example. Its a very unique game I always been into the whole medieval type of settings but getting light spammed and playing against smurfs really does turn people away myself included(I'm a new player).

    I uninstall this game a few times but keep coming back since i watch a lot of for honor content creators like Havok,Kenzo,Freyr_op,Novaking, and Jondaliner they keep me motivated and want to get better but im still learning its very hard and frustrating and you have some really redeeming moments as well I go into battle most of the time with my heart always racing but yeah this game is really something special you just gotta work really hard to get to that point.

    Only rep 3 and main jormungandr which isn't in a very good state right now I might be gimping myself as a new player using him but I won't let that stop me.

  16. I wanted to get the game…. But hearing that it has 29 characters is a turn-off. Same with trying to jump into SMITE. Sounds a bit overwhelming when technical games has such a huge variety of characters. I don't have the time to sit down and learn about literally pages characters. The whole "have to learn about every character's style" is abit much. I mean, unless someone wants to tell me that it's not as complex as it sounds

  17. I used to play a ton in 2019-early 2020. But then the battlepass and story new characters were added. Is the game worth picking back up?

  18. Y’all gotta talk more about fighting games. I should get back into For Honor soon. I hope they make a second game.

  19. I think when single pick gets implemented in all game modes for will be better plus Ubisoft really needs to do something about tribute, elimination and skirmish. remove them or make them appealing cuz those are just ghost towns.

  20. Can we please get cross platform for gods sake ubisoft we've been asking for years

  21. As someone who plays this game almost religiously, it makes me so happy to see this channel cover it. Ive always wanted this game to be super mad popular. The customization alone is more than enough to play it.

  22. but what about absolver? it has pretty similar directional style fighting system and it has just the same amount of mechanics too (faint,unblockable,dodging,parrying etc)

  23. i like for honor but i dont like ubisoft so i never play it

  24. I used to love this game however I took one long break and felt that it would take to long to get back into. Also I was a 1v1 player and it gave basically no experience compared to the 4v4 game modes so that was kind of demoralizing too.

  25. I know this game has many flaws such as balancing, poor matchmaking, and a pretty turbulent experience for newer players, but I can't help but love it. It's just so damn fun that I can't bring myself to put the game down.

  26. What kind of game is it…

    Well its absolver but it works kinda.

  27. Honestly what initially turned me off of for honour was the first competitive tournament where the guy won with unlock moves and running in circl s

  28. As soon as someone clones this game but with decent movement this style of game will grow exponentially in popularity

  29. This game is just a big abusive relationship. I love it but I hate it. I get pissed but I always come back

  30. For Honor is my 5th favorite game period.

  31. thanks for covering the game, it deserves more attention

  32. One of the most unique games I have ever played, would recommend people to at least try it, it's cheap and it was given away for free multiple times so check your libraries!

  33. I'm glad this game is getting attention. It's so underrated man.

  34. No mention of the Guidance Gaming roster who dominates in NA?!?!

  35. The first time i saw this game it was like a dream !
    As a weeb ; nerd ;history enthusiast or what ever u wanna call me i was so hyped to play as these ancient warriors !
    BUT when i got the disc the lag and servers were soooo baaaad specially when i already had bad internet because of my country i sold the disc and got inj2 and just played that
    But i would love to visit the ge again

  36. I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day 2017 and booting this game up for the first time.

  37. used to be a highlander god a year ago. racked up at least 1000 hours. Might pick it back up.

  38. You don't play For Honor to experience gameplay and competitive fights. You play it for the fashion. All about that gear drip, baby.

  39. I hope there will be more game has the same system in the future

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