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Rise Of A Medieval Fighting Game – For Honor Esports

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For Honor is a fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game features players playing as characters from various medieval-themed factions ranging from Iron Legion (Knights) to the Dawn Empire (Samurai).

As a competitive title with a high skill ceiling and unique mechanics, For Honor has a passionate grassroots community that took root following the game’s launch. While there have been various tournaments including appearances at the EVO Championship Series, it has been challenging for the title to break into the mainstream.

This is the story of For Honor esports.

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  1. It's so weird hearing this being talked about positively.

  2. I’ve put over 60 days into this game, and just gonna be straight-up honest here, this game blows ass. I’ve never seen more of a lousy excuse of a “Fighting game” and it’s truly sad, because of the potential that this game had carried throughout its lifespan. That potential is completely gone and has been squandered upon. I find it genuinely interesting that people have developed Stockholm syndrome for a video game. I’ve never seen a game hurt more people than it did make them excited or happy about beating an adversary. This game is the definition of “Turning your Brain off”. It doesn’t reward execution, and it never diversifies its fighting system, and technical skill is thrown out the window. This game can be broken down into the simplest and laziest form of fighting. 50/50. I don’t want to get better at this game because of how bland, and simple everything is. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything when I fight. It’s just “Oh I guessed right” or “Oh no, guessed wrong”. Is there genuine entertainment in that? Covering only over its fundamentals the game has so many holes in it, and people just cover them up. The only thing that the game has going for is its personality. However, I can see that they’re running dry on ideas. This video was clearly made to only cover the positives and attempts that Ubisoft has made to create a unique fighting game. Unique doesn’t equal quality. Covering the toxic community is redundant and has been done a thousand times before, and every community has its issues. However, I’m sure we all know how this game’s community identity is… I’ll only remember this game in a bad light, and never anything more. Been there since day one, and the only thing I can commend the game for is that I’ve met some of the best people on it; the same people I’ve met years ago that I talk to today. Granted, I’ve also met some of the worst, and I’m sure plenty of you have too. This game is perfect if you lack any fighting skill or motivation to get better at something. So yeah 9/10 has a little something for everyone.

  3. The game has come a long way from Oscar Hm1 tripping on a rock.

  4. I’ve thought for a long time that For Honor is a really underrated game for esports. It’s had bad balancing issues for a long time, but things are improving, and it has one of the most unique combat systems in gaming. I’ve heard even people who don’t like the game often express that they go back to it purely because of how good the combat system can be.

  5. For honor was the company’s first “attempt” at making a fighting game

  6. This was awesome! Now do the Dark Souls FGC next.

  7. You can catch the Dominion Series 2021 this August 28th on Twitch!

  8. i rater pick Mount & Blade for an e-sport than this game.Also, i find funny there was no mention of how "well" the first tournament, organized by Ubisoft, went

  9. I put a lot of time into this game, its 100% rock paper scissors

  10. A lot of people like me quit this game at this point and for good reason, so for everybody who wants to give this game a try, be warned.

  11. Definitely re buy it and give it another try haven't played it in years

  12. It's a shame that even 5 years later the developers still can't manage simple balance changes and ignore huge problems within the games infrastructure

  13. I remember this game man used to be so good, and then the CCU came out and it completely ruined it for me

  14. I hope this draws some new players good job on the video

  15. My only issue with for honor is its learning curve, when you get things right it feels really rewarding, but most of the time I feel like I have no clue what im doing and find it hard to get creative with my moves (granted I dont have a ton of hours on this game)

  16. Dude i qaa playing for honor since the open beta, finally people start looking into this game, its so underrated


  18. They need to do something about skirmish and death match or just add another game mode because those game modes are dead

  19. When this came out, I chose to get Nioh 1. A little later on For Honor went free and years later, I'm still playing For Honor. Such a unique game.

  20. I think the best part of thegame is the fashion aspect, seriously, there's just no other gane with this amount of customization.

  21. Something for honor has over other ubisoft titles like siege and other fighting games in its genre is the fashion. Fashion in for honor is half the fight

  22. wait this game didnt die like 5 min after release?

  23. It’d be nice too see something about racing esports

  24. This game needs more players for sure, the diminishing player base is very clear when trying to queue for any game mode aside from dom, breach, or brawls. I love videos like this because they put some spotlight onto what has become my favourite game, and a game that I want to flourish

  25. I quit for honor about a year an a half ago. But I played it since beta on ps4. Might get back to it on pc now.

  26. It's a cool game but it has too many attacks with invincibility that ignore most of the mechanics. It has too many inconsistencies in the mechanics to just pick up and play. You need to memorize a whole chart of "this arbitrary thing beats out attacks+blocks and this arbitrary thing beats out attacks+grabs etc…" The game should have moved toward emphasis on timing, spacing, and fake outs, but instead it moved towards arbitrary super-ability hierarchies and the excessive addition of heroes/abilities that cause power creep and subvert the base mechanics.

  27. It was not about that servers were bad at the begining. There were NO servers at the begining – the game "worked" on P2P tech. Even worse it was not 1 host and 7 guests (since there are 8 players in Dominion game mode) but an Ubisoft original tech where you had all 8 players work as hosts and the game was syncing those 8 host constantly. Sadly if just one player did not have optical wire internet connection the game session was just unplayable for all 8 players. And as a bonus if your game crashed (which was about 80% of cases) you did not even got reward for the match.

    But at least Ubisoft did not just abbandon the game and actually gave dedicated servers and made the game playable, but it was after all the hype about the game already died because how unplayable the game was before. But if any game deserve second chance from players, its FH for sure – game session stability is good now and the execution and emotes are well done too imho.

  28. Imagine they added other warriors like the Aztecs, Spartans, Romans and Persians.

  29. I like how when he mentioned op hero it clipped to shinobi doing the ''infinite'' ranged gb loop

  30. The choice of clips could have been a lot better and I wish the importance of CCU was more explained. Still good though.

    The option selects aren't removed yet but we're almost there.

  31. This game is honestly slept on so much. Been an absolute journey learning and mastering the mechanics of this game for the last 4 years, crazy looking back on it all like this.

  32. I forgot how much I love this game so I'm gonna go and redownload this right now.

  33. I really want to see popular characters added from movies such as lord of the rings

  34. “The masterpiece ubisoft ever created”

    Didn’t know raven was a comedian

  35. A interesting hero for WL would be Lu Bu, from the total war three kingdoms

  36. Ccu trash and I stay by that by my name,i was top 100/Gm HL ,went from 3 shot to 5-6 ,chain fainteble undogable with insane tracking.he went from wave dash dancing around attacks, to lightspamm bs. Tbh the reason why I hate ccu is bc I never had a bash problem bc hL dodge+I only played 1v1 and 2v2.Was one of the beat players tho won a lil fan tournament.ccu isnt too fast the damage numbers just all got mixed up,bring back old damage, where a light party actually hurt :_[

  37. For honor but people play it like there no honor

  38. I would love to see a western style for honor, with bows, hatchets, punching, revolvers and a bunch of old west folklore and modern themes turned into abilities (like magic cards or something) and it would certainly play very differently but would be interesting, like what they did with Far cry Primal

  39. i dont think i will ever stop watching you guys

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