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Rhythm in Fighting Games

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Emphasis on this mechanic can save the genre.

Rhythm in fighting games: 0:00 – 7:00
Matches: 7:00 – end

Iron Man Infinite Beat:
Guilty Gear Combo DDR:
Vegeta Loops DDR:

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  1. I feel Marvel has the best opportunities for sick beats. My personal faves are the Magneto Flight H loops into Hyper Grav and Iron Man Krispy Kreme Combo.

  2. now i got it… the F stands for "Frusciante"

  3. Imagine Dante combo on a midi console 😅

  4. A fighting game tutorial that teaches you the timing of stringing moves with a rhtyhm game style ui would be pretty cool, I think.

  5. great video, great content, great idea!! 🙂

  6. And my friends used to laugh at me when I would hum out Elphelt's air combo in GG Xrd.

  7. your guitar tone reminds me of the music for Nightmare on Elm street on NES

  8. Nice flexing with the midi, but I always figured this was a given. I've just always been conscious of the rhythm, that's why I low-key "mash" sometimes, is cause I have a habit to press the buttons along with the rhythm of the animation. It's not the effectiveness of perfectly executing a combo though and the way I do it indeed fucks me up at times. But in terms of doing it properly like shown here, yeah I wish training modes were better with showing this, the timing when trying trials is unclear at times and so I quit and make my own shit up/see what higher level peeps try and emulate

  9. I see that Russian badger in chat at the beginning of the vid.

  10. While I don't know any fighting game that does the DDR style. Tekken has previews for moves and sample combos and those play a noise in the timing that you're supposed to press the buttons for let's say a 10-hit string. Even then it's not that helpful really. It lacks the visual aspect.

  11. Hey, this is actually something that could be implementen for not just the begginers, but for experimented players, it also looks fun

  12. Tekken 7 has these beats you can hear when previewing a move in training mode, but you don't really get to press buttons while you listen to them.

  13. This is something I've struggled with for a long time.

    As a musician, i noticed a long time ago that the combos in fighting games are based on rhythm: however I just tried Mortal Kombat 11, and even though I am a professional music teacher, who has studied rhythm at the university level, I am absolutely hopeless at the game (I can't even make it through the low levels of the tutorials) because the game takes literally zero steps to teach what the rhythm is that you have to input.

    Sure, they tell you which buttons to press, but there is no way to know at what time you should press them, and in that game, that is the only thing that matters.

    I can do the really complicated combos in games like Guacamelee because they are just a string of button presses and are sometimes based off visual feedback: but in MK11, the rhythm is just a complete mystery.
    And again, I am someone who studied rhythm at a tertiary level, and am employed by the government to teach it in high school; it's not a concept I am unfamiliar with. I would bet I know far more about rhythm than the average gamer.
    But these games just do NOTHING to explain how they want you to input the commands.

    It's like they don't want you to enjoy the game.

  14. I'm not a tekken player at all but I played my share of Tekken 3, and the combo guides on practice mode had audio chimes for each button, and each combo had kind of a musicality to it, i still remember a lot of the combos just by the little music it made, i don't know if that's the case for later tekken titles as well.

  15. I agree with you on the rhythm game idea for combo training, I think it's a good idea. I also think that an option to slow the game speed to different increments would be nice to get a feel for certain rhythmic patterns and coordination, before then speeding up gradually to 100% speed. It works for musicians, should work for fighting games.

  16. New training modes for new players in new fighting games?

  17. You should be able to create a combo and share it like a Mario maker level so people learn it

  18. Doesnt tekken put sound cues for the button presses in the move demonstration to help ?

  19. man, that idea is so damn good for combo execution

  20. That is an insanely good idea for training new players how to perform combos and sort of "get the feel" for the character! Just seeing a sequence of inputs is like…okay sure but what's the timing I should be aiming for here?

  21. coming from rhythm games, i really vibe with this

  22. probably explains why i'm more comfortable with tekken as the motions on screen informs you when to push buttons at a slower more readable pace.
    in street fighter and other 2d fighters you just have to know the timing through trial and error after trying to do them, for example learning what specific buttons are cancellable, if you're too early or too late, did your move even came out, did your move not combo because it came out too late and when you have the general timing down you go by rythm through muscle memory, audio and visual.

    it's really difficult for me, i can learn the button orders and motions but the timing is so odd and specific depending on the combo that it's hard to feel the rythm overall since it's not consistent in tempo through the combo because links and cancels and different buttons are faster and slower so everything is different timing wise and trip me up every time because i can't visually see it, i just have to know it by heart.

  23. If developers do implement a showing of how combo are executed like a rhythm game, would it hurt the creativity of the new players further up the ranks?

  24. Tekken does some what teach rhythm in the practice mode since even the older entries of the franchise just not as well done as say the one show here. In the practice mode when reviewing moves, string, or sample combos the prompts light up and make a sound when to hit the inputs to do them but as said here it doesn't tell you if you are going too slow or fast when attempting to do them yourself unfortunately. The sound que is particularly useful for learning when to do some of the just frame stuff in Tekken at least for me.

  25. BlazBlue which has button sounds in challenge mode for you to "hear the combo": cries in forgottenness

  26. As a Captain Ginyu player in Fighterz this is 100% accurate

  27. "Rhythm in fighting games."

    Ah yes, the, "How to Play Dee Jay," tutorial

  28. Ahhh, I knew you were a music man… You said “Midi Controller” with fluency and confidence.

  29. I started to start loving SF5 a little while ago but I just lost interest because the lack of this I couldn't figure out how to chain or juggle and I feel like this would have helped on so many levels

  30. This is the biggest aspect from someone who just picked up SFV to try and get good and has minimal fighting game experience. I understand the basics of getting good but why is the ability to get a combo out so hard? Why because I have no feedback on the timing was I too early was I too late – how do I even know if I am to early or late – I have to rely on visual cues when whatching combo videos or playback on challenges. Rhythm feedback would be such a less painful way to experience being bad while quickening the pace to getting better and placing focus on fundamentals. Don't make the timing easier for players to execute make it easier for players to educate and adjust their skill gap.

  31. That guthrie govan video at 1:35 is gold though and I'd recommend everyone to check it out.

  32. Sakura is a terrifying opponent. Probably the most problematic character for me right now. Her or Bison

  33. Tekken has the sound timing inputs during the demonstration.

  34. As a sperg, and new to the a fgc, i overly focus on rhythm rather than mechanics and execution

  35. Omg having that little "mode" as a native playable feature would be insanely good for new players, and players looking to learn to characters or games

  36. This is a fantastic idea, and visualizing the combo timing would definitely help me immensely. I have a hard time with really tight execution, and it's put a ceiling on my game at times.

  37. That nigga funny as fuck! I died during the guitar solo😂

  38. started BB and was doing the 13 girls combos, this way would help a ton since it doesn't ever actually say at what hit of her multihit i should be putting the next input

  39. This could be super cool if this was implemented..

  40. Techless, the Kaizocrew recordkeeper says:

    I literally used a rhythm a top player created to learn the timing on Flame Charge Cancels in Pokken with Braixen, it's so good for internalising timings. If anyone is curious Double_FGC's video FCC Audio Cues.

  41. Killer Instinct 2013 has a mechanic to make Music while fighting doing Ultra Combos.

  42. Someone should physically add a sound board and speakers to an arcade stick with different sounds on each button. The combo rhythm will be real. I might just try this myself…

  43. Is it really rhythm when my combo has me mashing HS so that the move comes out as early as possible?

  44. if someone messes up the rhythym in a fighting game, they get punished. But if someone messes up rhythym in a rhythm game, everyone in the room gets punished

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