Rebooting A Fighting Game Classic - What Happened To Samurai Shodown? -

Rebooting A Fighting Game Classic – What Happened To Samurai Shodown?

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Traditionally, while the FGC tends to move from one game to the next as sequels come out, there have always been some older games that are memorable to fans. From big titles like Street Fighter Third Strike to less popular titles like Darkstalkers, these games all had something special that kept fans coming back to it years down the road.

One such game is Samurai Shodown, a 2D fighter originally released on July 7, 1993. On release, the game brought a lot to the genre that these days have become the norm.

Visually, the game raised the bar on stage designs with some of the most detailed background scenes fighting game ever made up until that point. Many of the stages found in the game wouldn’t even look out of place in a modern-day fighting game and challenged other developers to match their attention to detail. Along with that, Samurai Shodown featured a rage meter, which was the first time any fighting game had another resource shown on screen other than the character’s health bar.

With everything the game had to show, Samurai Shodown was an instant success in arcades. In Japan, it was the sixth highest-grossing arcade game of the year, while in North America it went on to be in the top five highest-grossing arcade games in 1994. Apart from the games financial success, it was widely praised and won numerous awards with many calling it not only the best fighting game of that year, but the best game overall as well.

With all the praise the game received, it was clear that it would leave a lasting impact on the fighting game genre and become a mainstay along the likes of Street Fighter and Tekken as well.

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  1. What happened to SamSho 2019? Dubious net code, right before a pandemic shut down local play. Badly staggered launch, Stadia exclusive on PC, then Epic Store exclusive on PC, then finally released on Steam after no one cared anymore. No crossplatform play on a guaranteed niche title that needed to pool all its players together to sustain itself. (SS is niche because a lot of players want long fancy combos, and the advantage they get from spending hours learning them, and the safety cushion they offer.) There isn't even a need to get into stuff like how thin the story mode is and how few extras the game offered.

  2. Pretty much the only reason i dont own this game yet is because they wont have any sales for it. I have been checking for months now and have it in my wishlist just to make sure i dont miss anything (im on XBOX). I've heard of Steam sales, but nothing else.

  3. Any fighting game needs good netcode to succeed in the west.

  4. That's very interesting 🤔
    The owner of SNK is now non Japanese
    That's a first

  5. I wish someone who plays Samurai Shodown Every Friday and Streamed it on the XB Series X|S who happens to be Very VERY VERY good looking would say something here about that version, but he is to busy looking in the mirror at his own chiseled body

  6. You are wrong about samsho being the 1st to introduce a resource meter. Art of fighting was the 1st to introduce another resource meter. Not samsho.

  7. I just bought it two weeks ago – on sale, of course.

  8. It's a shame this game failed but, it will be back someday.

  9. personally i don't really care about who owns snk. i would like to see a video comparing showdown with the orther fighting games

  10. It still kinda ticks me off at just how expensive this game is. Two years later and I don’t think it’s ever gone lower than $30. That’s fucking insane for a fighting game.

  11. "SamSho is such a great game. I'd totally be playing if it had that good ass rollback!"
    "How many hours do I have in V Special? Uhh…"

  12. This reboot could change everything for the future of other classic fighting games that deserve a reboot as well

  13. An absolutely fantastic game held back by absolutely ridiculous exec decisions.

  14. If SamSho reboot got a good and working rollback netcode update, I'd absolutely get back in

  15. What's more surprising of all this, is that people actually expected SNK to properly manage a game.

  16. I'm honestly a fan of more footsie based games that focus on big hits rather than combos. I'd love to get into this game, but the price tag is really prohibitive, especially if you want every character.

  17. The Last Blade 2 is better than ShamSho during the days of arcade fighting games.

  18. I guess that prince took lessons from Seto Kaiba on company acquisitions.

  19. Man, I feel like if this game had a good rollout it could be huge; consistent platform launch and rollback would have made this huge. SNK did literally everything they possibly could to see to Samurai Shodown's demise.

  20. Yeah the bundle bullshit is legit, but the real reason across the board was netcode. This game had people dropping sfv in tourney to stay engaged. It was beloved and was a genuinely great game. But today if it isn't rollback, you can't be taken seriously.

  21. In terms of the future, I'd THINK that someone looking to acquire a company with such a clear identity would be interested in pushing HARDER for the competitive scene that the genre is so known for. But ya never know.

  22. King Salman having 51% of the share holder

    Sega : "No your majesty, dont make a game that us doesnt want to make!"
    King Salman : Signing the Paper* "Now make something that you doesnt want to make!"

  23. wait what the fuck you can't just say "snk could potentially be owned by the crown prince of saudi arabia" and not elaborate

  24. It's really stupid how you're forced to buy the game with DLC on steam for the most expensive base price out of all ports but have the choice to buy the game with no DLC on the Epic Store. I personally think that also didn't help the game.

  25. Honestly I am not a big fan of footies, but samsho reboot actually helped soften it for me. The game's whole appeal is you make one wrong move and you die, so you sit there, fishing for your opening to get a devastating blow. And given the whole samurai feel of the game, it felt like a game of chess, planning ahead and trying to read your opponent and punish it. It felt natural, and I hope they either fix the netcode or make another one, there is too much potential to just let it die here

  26. "no active community"

    ouch, we never stopped playing the game at xanadu and still run it to this day

  27. I bought it on steam right away 😢 still worth it! One day it'll magically get rollback.

  28. The slower pace and patience encouraged in the games design really appeals to me. But the high price and bad net code cancel that out completely unfortunately. Hope this is rectified in the future as I think I could really get into it!

  29. I vividly remember playing Showdown in the laundromat next to a Mexican restaurant playing every weekend, they had samurai Showdown, metal slug, and aero fighters

  30. Samsho, the last SNK game before they realized "wait a second, people actually play this shit online?"

  31. Suffice to say that I got this in physical, and the samsho collection physical from limited run both on switch because I freaking love this game and this series and I am waiting patiently until it can make a come back… Yes, the netcode is bad but Ive had some serviceable games even on switch playing all the way from Costa Rica… I think if we can stay active as a community which I've seen a few on Facebook, this game can still have a life and people interested in it, can still connect with other people who love playing this game… Jubei all day mfers!!!

  32. What happened was that snk let it died by not adding rollback to it.

  33. netcode and came out around coivd bad time. same thing happened tp gran blue but not as hard

  34. Bad netcode fighting games have no future anymore, it´s almost basic level stuff to any game in this genre now.

  35. SamSho 2019 is an awesome game, especially online. My only complaint is that it lacks blacklisting features and replays.

  36. Give us a sequel with rollback. This series is one of my favourites.

  37. If the devs fix the next code and update it with Rollback, then we might have something Special here.

  38. Yeah they dropped the ball on reboot. The game felt unfinished to me. Not enough modes to play, not enough combo options, selection screen is wack, etc…

  39. These shiny unaffordable NeoGeo games. Childhood memories…

  40. This series is dead and that’s ok. Fighting genre needs a new series to takeover

  41. 6:13 Why is someone like this is sticking his nose into the game company stuff in the first place?

  42. My only problem with playing this game is that while I always thought I had 10 fingers, this game gives me a very inflexible 11th finger… and averting my eyes always seems to result in a loss. It's a dilemma…

  43. samurai shodown 2 was the best in the series… new one is decent however…

  44. SNK would find themselves owned by an actual murderer…😒🙄

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