Rebooting A Fighting Game Classic - What Happened To Samurai Shodown? -

Rebooting A Fighting Game Classic – What Happened To Samurai Shodown?

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Traditionally, while the FGC tends to move from one game to the next as sequels come out, there have always been some older games that are memorable to fans. From big titles like Street Fighter Third Strike to less popular titles like Darkstalkers, these games all had something special that kept fans coming back to it years down the road.

One such game is Samurai Shodown, a 2D fighter originally released on July 7, 1993. On release, the game brought a lot to the genre that these days have become the norm.

Visually, the game raised the bar on stage designs with some of the most detailed background scenes fighting game ever made up until that point. Many of the stages found in the game wouldn’t even look out of place in a modern-day fighting game and challenged other developers to match their attention to detail. Along with that, Samurai Shodown featured a rage meter, which was the first time any fighting game had another resource shown on screen other than the character’s health bar.

With everything the game had to show, Samurai Shodown was an instant success in arcades. In Japan, it was the sixth highest-grossing arcade game of the year, while in North America it went on to be in the top five highest-grossing arcade games in 1994. Apart from the games financial success, it was widely praised and won numerous awards with many calling it not only the best fighting game of that year, but the best game overall as well.

With all the praise the game received, it was clear that it would leave a lasting impact on the fighting game genre and become a mainstay along the likes of Street Fighter and Tekken as well.

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  1. This game was yet another casualty of epic games store and bad network play.
    The gameplay of this reboot was so good, it dared to do something unique where all the fighting game are trying to be same. I'd recommend anyone who has got some buddies to play this game locally to get this game.

  2. I heard and saw that SS was good. Only reason for not picking it b/c of lack of netcode and WiFi indicator.; sadly, this will be the downfall of many great games until developers start implementing the obvious.

  3. For me what Samsho reboot put me back for not want to play anymore is how SNK sold in the platform. First is PS4, I think I still have some hype to play. Then it goes to Stardia… then EGS… With the netcode I heard which is a bad one, I cared less and less until I realized that I can live without it. So I still not buy the game and I'm not planned to in the future.

  4. No rollback no buy, Japanese fighting game devs need to stop being so arrogant and ignorant

  5. Honestly any fighting game that isn't using good netcode or rollback AND isn't on every plat form just dies, awesome to see other fighting games learning this lesson before releasing cause you're not encouraging people to buy a PS4/PS5, you're cutting people off from your game, and by the time it comes out on PC or a station that population is already done with the game and the hype died.

  6. The rollback isnt even that bad at all i even have online matches on my channel to prove it.

  7. I just got the Xbox version for Christmas. It's a really good game 👍

  8. This video could have been an image that says "This is what happens when good games don't have good netcode #AddRollback"

  9. the game needs to be crossplay! i got all dlcs and i can wait 3000 hrs to fight someone online.

  10. I love samurai showdown I wish they would do it justice and fix the net code and pull out all the stops .this game has so much potential to being one of the greats again . I love the weapon style combat it has that's what glued me to the game when it first came out they could do alot to this game and make it awsome I really hope they do and not let it fall to the way side .

  11. This new Samsho is one of the most polished fighting games in the last 5 years… Its just there were no 100 hit combos or auto combos… And the trash netcode… SNK really dropped the bag here

  12. SNK was THE giant during the pixel art era. Capcom may have the best character designs back then, but SNK had the best pixel art direction with KoF, Sam Sho, and Metal Slug (especially Metal Slug, holy sh*t)

  13. SNK must have a better marketing and community strategist for all the games in the esports scene, specially Latin America where most of the gamers played Samurai Showdown and The King of Fighters.

  14. $74?! What were they thinking? Latest Pokémon do not even sell for that much.

  15. I remember being SO excited for Samsho after playing an early build of it at Pax, I was crushed when I found out that it wasn't going to hit Steam for years after the initial release. When it finally came time for its release, the price of it completely killed the tiny, tiny embers of excitement that I had left for the game. As far as I'm concerned though, everything that SNK dropped with Samsho is done quite well with KOF XV, so I'm wildly excited for that game to release.

  16. I love this game. I would love to see more future iterations of it

  17. I want to get into shamsho on PS4 but the price the lack of community and lack rollback has me hesitant

  18. When they put Hibiki in, it really just made me want a modern Last Blade game.

  19. Old snk inspiration:
    martial arts cinema, Japanese history, anime

    Current snk inspiration:
    Fanservice, hentai

    The weirdos take over a brand and kill it.
    Look at sonic the hedgehog…

    They could've brought back Sieger, Genan, Nicotine, maybe kuroko as a hidden boss….who do they go with instead? Waifus and cross promotional dlc.

    The new KOF is looking pretty fruity as well, more catnip for neckbeards and weebs….hard to believe it came from a series that had femme fatales, military personel, martial artists, syndicate bosses, pimps, etc. The things that got teens out of the house and into the arcades.

    Are you old enough to remember omega rugal ripping into his own chest circa kof 95?

    Compare that to the sterile, cartoonish vibes kof gives off now.

    Creative direction matters

  20. im not saying your wrong but when you say the price is laughable 60dol for a game with many characters that have alot to their kit meanwhile genshin impact out here making millions per banner release from people spending thousands a piece for characters that are simple as F as in have no depth what so ever lol. so obviously value is different to anyone 60dol for this game with everyone included is fine but its what it should have been at release (im not a fan of taking years to "finish" a game) however i also dont play online i play locally so shrug my milage is different from yall that have to play online.

  21. The reboot was pretty good especially for somebody that was a fan of the series since it’s inception. It stands out for its emphasis on punishing your opponent’s mistakes and not being combo heavy. I wish we could’ve gotten decimation finishers considering that this is a M Rated release and gotten characters that we haven’t seen in decades( Genan and Seiger ), but all and all I love the reboot. Should’ve gotten a better net code, considering the net code that was offered in KOF XIV.

  22. I want to play this game. But it's too expensive. And I read everywhere about the bad netcode and online playing is dead 🙁

  23. Idiots like to spout how Tim is saving games by making them a timed exclusive and giving the devs money blah blah blah but lets be honest, the only thing getting saved is the CEO and shareholders demand for money. The game itself is always dead on release (on steam) because nobody wants to play on EGS, other than fortnite kiddies.

  24. This game was good but for a game that was supposed to be a reboot/revival of a game that hasn't had a game in years, it was kinda of a disappointment for me.

    Besides the obvious lousy internet rollback, long loading screens, and the ghost editions. Another issue was that there was so many characters such as Gen-An, Sieger, Nicotine, and Rera along with the 3 other bosses: Mizuki, Gaoh, and Zankuro who should have been included. Hell, even some werid and obscure fighters such as Rasetsumaru, and Kusaregedo (Don't judge me! I love the Hungry Ghost) would have made the game more interesting.

    Instead they focused too much on adding guest fighters over original fighters. While the Last Blade and Guilty Gear guest fighter was good, they also added some unnecessary and cringe worthy choices such as the Warden from For Honor and some slutty rabbit girl waifu from a Chinese rip-off/bootleg of League of Legends.

    This game sadly did not live up to the same hype as Mortal Kombat 9, Street Fighter IV, and Killer Instinct when they got revived nor did it have the same impact that the original Neo Geo arcade games did. Hell, even Soul Calibur VI felt like a better game and reintroduction.

    Though it is unfortunate that we won't get any upcoming DLC in this game with SNK turning their direction towards King of Fighters 15. Hopefully they'll make a sequel that has a better rollback netcode, and this time feature more original fighters instead of guest fighters. To make it even better, just bring all the fighters from this game (minus the guests except for the Last Blade character) into this game.

  25. I bought the Stadia version and it's pretty good! Was introduced to SamSho from it. We have a small but strong and dedicated community 💪

  26. Samurai Shodown 2019 is by far the best fighting game I've ever played. It's masterful. I play against the bots all the damn time. Persona 4 Arena is my favorite fighter because of the characters and world, but Samurai Shodown is king in the sheer intensity and spectacle of it all. If you dont own it, you OWE it to yourself to get it.

  27. 4:06 – Really? You had to add that in? You couldn’t just cut that “of all consoles” bit out? And why even say that when it’s been on other consoles prior to it?!🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. I dont play the new samurai showdown game. Im in love with the anthology that i have i dont care about pvp the computer is hard enough lol

  29. Yes there should be more variety in terms of directions for fighting games, not just Rushdown-heavy games all the time. As for SamSho, another big issue was the balance, in the first 2 months of the game, Genjuro was so dominant that it lead to tons of mirror-matches in Top 8's, that was almost Tekken 7 Leory level of imbalance (keyword, ALMOST, though). Also the story mode is basically an Arcade/story hybrid mode, and the real problem with is wasn't that it was barebones, but it just that was very lacking, as it did had some stuff going for it, just not enough. Also the info about shareholders and Steam pricing is actually news to me personally, but judging from how Japanese fighting game companies act in recent years, I'm not really surprised.

  30. I still enjoy playing Samurai Shodown, just have been on fighting games in a long while. I never play much online, but I play the hell out of the arcade and local 2 player when I can.

  31. It needs season 4 or just keeps going.

  32. sorry as somebody that has played ss competitively the ss reboot was complete trash sure you'll have all the zoomers and 09ers come and tell you how great this game was and it was only let down by it's crap netcode, but there was a lot more wrong with the game than just it's netcode, the game is flat out trash , trash chracter selection trash engine trash mechanics lol invincible issen lol so broken that it completely shuts characters down! some of the crappiest post support launch i've ever seen with some of the worst balance patching i've ever seen. the game was dryer than dry, simple to the point where it was just flat out dull

  33. It seems like exactly my kind of game, but I don't want to pay such a steep price for a game with no players. Hopefully it gets a revival of some kind or a continuation to the series.

  34. It looks cool I would definitely give it a try

  35. …..why does Saudi Arabia have such a big share of SNK….? What the heck

  36. I knew that at some point during this video, he'd talk about the Epic Games Store. That alone killed the game.

  37. 2:13 "WTH is a Roman Cancel?"

    Guess we know what you're uploading next.

  38. In Canada, this game had no advertisement. Nobody heard about it, and there were no copies to buy in stores. Dead from launch.
    Awesome game though!.

  39. To this day I still wonder what the heck a Roman cancel is…

  40. I think the answer is pretty simple: we should have a wide variety of fighting games. Complex, simple, neutral-heavy, rushdown-centric, platform…variety is the spice of life, after all.

  41. Expensive dlc. And even dlc becomes cheap. Characters are not as manny as enough

  42. Guilty is literally based off of samurai showdown my dude. It's basically that game but anime.

  43. Darkstalkers is a cult classic….? Feels weird to use that label for something i read about in magazines in 1998 lol. Hell, for like six months after the PSP came out the Darkstalkers remake was basically the only game in town, and I don't even like fighting games

  44. This game is beautiful! I tend to play my fighting games vs the CPU anyways so I really enjoyed it. I like the simple combat that is more balanced than all out attacks with the crazy dribbling non stop. It still holds it place as a top tier fighting game in my opinion. I also must add that I was a teenager in it's heyday.

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