REAL TALK: What Fighting Game Should You Play…& When?! -

REAL TALK: What Fighting Game Should You Play…& When?!

Maximilian Dood
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  1. That's the saddest thing for me when it comes to Strive – while Nago is definitely cool both visually and gameplay-wise, and May works for my charge-centric playstyle, neither one has quite enough for me – Nago doesn't fit my playstyle and May's visuals and gameplan don't go far enough for what I'd want – I don't feel like I have a character in Strive, and therefore, I don't have the motivation to play the hottest fighting game ATM.
    Hopefully one of these Season 1 characters (Asuka, Happy, Jack-O, etc.) will connect.

  2. i need advice. I rlly wanna get into fighting games. I’ve been playing smash ult and i’d say i’m pretty good. I’ve nailed it down to tekken 7 or KOF 13. Can anyone help me?

  3. Thanks man, this pretty much gave me what I needed to be convinced to get Strive as my first guilty gear game, I've been interested since revelator but never took the plunge until now!

  4. Maybe it's because I started playing it with friends before I went into matchmaking, but my time getting into DBFZ actually went pretty well, and while I'm still not good at it I can go in and have fun, but I find myself kind of stuck at Super Saiyan 2 in terms of rank, but I can still go online and have fun.

  5. The only games I buy day one are Tekken and Soul Calibur, I would've bought Virtua Fighter as well but unfortunately it's not for PC, I don't mind waiting for a cheaper price when it comes to other games, I've waited on Xrd pretty long before buying the update + the expansion last year for very cheap and I'm having fun playing it to this day.

  6. I really want this game but I feel like the learning curve is too daunting.

  7. I bought strive and first time Guilty Gear player. Did not like the idea to have to learn all these different roman cancels and immediately refunded on STEAM and continue to play Street fighter. I have no patience in learning new game mechanics as there are too many fighting games. To me it seems that for every new fighting game add more game mechanics to make it more impatient to learn every mechanic and master it. Choose serveral games you love and stick with it in my case street fighter series, Killer Instinct, samurai showdown and KOF series, . Mortal Kombat pisses me off because you have to use a button to block and that's another reason I dislike granblue Fantasy as well. Really player choice in the end.

  8. I don't like KI but is enjoyable to watch I tried a couple of time to play it but is not my cup of tea I couldn't enjoy the defense meccanic

  9. Problem with fighting games is sometimes you will just never be good no matter how hard you try. It is reflex based genre and you can't say that bout certain other genres where you can get better the more effort you put in.

  10. I'm playing fighting games since the Street Fighter 2 era but I've always been a casual, so I only care about the arcade modes and local versus with friends.
    So considering that and the fact that fighting games nowdays have a bunch of character season passes and that shit gets pretty expensive pretty quickly, I try to only get new ones once they are done.
    For example, now that Max showed that MK11 is done, I'll wait for a sale and grab it! Guilty Gear Strive I won't get until it's done, and I'll keep playing Xrd by now.

  11. MK9 was what got me back into fighting games. I hated the game initially. We always played it as a couch coop experience. Then for whatever reason me and a friend decided to go online (online games back then were still kinda new to us) and play tag where me and him are on teams vs another player(s). These online players were doing insane combos, shit I didn't even know was possible in the game. 20+ hit combos and tag combos that went on forever. It was absolutely beautiful 😍. My friend was done after a few matches but I played that game for another 4 years atleast and got really good at it. Didn't really like MKX and MK11. They stripped everything that made MK9 amazing away.

  12. Max your so right I know for a fact at mk11 launch I was one of the best raiden players but in time the other players surpassed me fighting games are 100% better at launch especially if your good since your opponents won’t know all the cheap tricks yet

  13. Max I think it’s cool when u play ken in street fighter

  14. I got mortal Kombat XL as my first serious fighting game, and it took me the entire run of Injustice 2 to get good at MKX. Then MK11 came out.

  15. Fighting games have become so expensive I'm probably not ever going to play a new one save for maybe a new Smash Bros game. Even years after release after all of the heavy discounts you'll still have to pay €60 or more to get all fighters for most modern fighting games. And until they start releasing new stuff they tend to feel pretty barebones since they're light on alternative modes and go all-in on online play.

  16. id just recommend getting a friend who also wants to get into fighters
    if online sucks youll still have a good time with your bud from my experience at least

  17. My favourite fighting always has decent story mode at least. Sc3 is my most treasured FG for that reason. Being able to create your own fighters is nice too

  18. me who hasn't touched Strive since it came out because I have other things I have to do first and now my MAYns the most popular 😓

  19. Super Street fighter 2 turbo. Mortal kombat 2. Good place to start

  20. Gg Strive needs to update that long ass log in process already. It turns me away from the game sometimes lol

  21. I bought MKX late on PC a couple years ago. The community was so small that I got thrashed relentlessly but the reversal to that small community was that they actually wanted me to get better so they coached me until I was competent enough to take games off them. So you can get into games late just humble yourself and reach out for help because you can’t learn getting thrashed.

  22. 5:45 This is why I played KI religiously for 3 years straight. Because it looked and felt sick.

  23. Yeah, I am a Tekken player since PS2, and I bought Tekken 7 on sale "just because", I haven't really played it since buying it.
    Mortal Kombat 11 on the other hand I actually wanted to play it, and once I bought it I put 100s of hours into it and got the platinum 🏆

    I don't hate Tekken 7, I just wasn't feeling it and had no motivation to play it. I want MvsC too maybe I'll get it on a sale but again I'm not sure if the motivation is actually there tho

  24. I usually pick a game how it looks, does it have my favorite character types and are they 3D fighters. 😎

  25. Demon slayer is gonna be my 1st fighting game, love the anime.

  26. I started playing SFV 3 months ago.

    I didn't buy it right from the start because I didn't want to spend my hard earned money on a PS4, but oh boy what I've been missing.

    I regret not playing SFV from day one. I may still have a couple years left until players start leaving for SF6 or some other newer game.

  27. Started playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 last year after only playing smash brothers for years. I found my MOTIVATION. I NEED MORE POWER.

  28. Not telling new people to play third strike smdh

  29. i dont know what’s wrong with me i literally have tekken, virtua fighters, bbtag (don’t ask me why) and dbfz all downloaded and i play them a good amount each and i also play smash too and it’s really confusing but it’s quite funny and what’s funnier is that i plan on getting strive real soon so wish me luck

  30. If a game has proper matchmaking it doesn't matter when you start playing it. If you're a beginner at Street Fighter you will play other beginners in SFV. For the most part same thing with Strive.

  31. I recently got back to fighting games. Ever since season passes become rampant in fighting games, I pretty much stopped playing them right there because before I just couldn't fathom the idea of paying extra for characters. I still don't like it, but I have kinda accepted it because I've realised that even if I get the ultimate edition with all the characters included I'm only gonna be playing with a couple of them and trying to get good with those characters only. There's always things to learn no matter how good your are, so instead of constantly changing characters, sticking with a couple of them and learning their ins and outs is the way to go IMO

  32. Does any of that matter if I'm just playing it with my brother on a couch?

  33. I am slowly getting into fighting, but have only played a few older games. What I have realized is how different controls how with different companies. I have mainly played old Capcom fighters, but just recently played Mortal Kombat 11, and the controls were way different. Do you know how weird it is from going to backward blocking to it being a whole separate button!?! But I loved how it controlled too, so that may be a thing to consider with what fighter one wants.

  34. I’ve been saying this to gamers for the longest. You want the most balanced experience, play online the minute a game releases. Nobody has a clue just as you.

  35. I absolutely love working towards "perfection" so a simpler a game is the better. Dive kick, I loved it… you know when I dropped the game? when they kept adding more crazy characters with weird mechanics… I thought i was into the "Refinement stage" if they did simple things like just change the angle, or height or other stuff with the newer characters, yeah, that's fine. but with the really crazy characters, I felt the spirit of the game changed, and it's too much like a traditional fighter. Not that that's a bad thing, this is coming from someone who plays SF2, the most traditional of traditional fighters lol. But dive kick lost it's uniqueness, and it's appeal to me at that point.

  36. Is guilty gear strive the PS5 first fighting games besides the re release of MK11?

  37. Just got into Fighting Games on a hardcore aspect. Bought I don't know… 65 2D Fighting Games the last 3 months from PS2-PS5, Dreamcast & Switch. Just playing the CPU over & over again & I'm enjoying the Hell out of it. I barely play online so I guess I'm pretty rare. I surely want to get better but I'm not trying to be a Pro either. I'm 40.

  38. But.. I don't even play something online xD

  39. He is still going on about rollback netcode being way better than it actually is. It appears Max still does not understand what rollback effectively does. Of course, rollback cannot compensate for high latency. And the higher the latency is the greater the likelihood of instable connectivity. The more often packages are lost the more often rollback has to patch signals. I even hate it when there are people with 150+ ms pings on Europe and Max suggests you can play with people from other regions.

    Not only that but the rest of the netcode of GG is absolute garbage. The lobby system, the ranking system, the match making, the whole online experience is absolute trash. From design choices to technical issues ASW has failed completely.

    Take MK11 for example. It works like a charm. I know how much ping I have before going into a game. I don't have to agree with playing someone from Australia. GG is not transparent about it and I have to waste at least one match in a game with someone that is trolling with 300+ ping and the most disgusting tacs.

  40. lol sex kick with falco..

    it's literally just a nair or bair dood xD next time say waveshine upB combo.

    It sounds bizarre, I know..

  41. So real talk I like guilty gear a lot but I’ve only played chipp and have been getting whooped since I got to the higher levels should I switch characters or am I j bad?

  42. What games have a lot of people on Nintendo Switch? Smash? Samurai Shodown? Ultra Street Fighter 2? Sf 30th anni. edition? Blazblue? Or maybe old Guilty Gear ports that they ported on Switch?

  43. What if i have only nintendo switch,playstation 3
    And low spec notebook?

  44. tip for fighting games in general when learning combos don’t worry about the cool fancy combos just focus on the easy ones it’s better to get smaller damage off then to drop your combos!!!

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