REAL TALK: Understand How To Get Better At Fighting Games -

REAL TALK: Understand How To Get Better At Fighting Games

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Thank you Max 6 years later and I still come back to this video

  2. It's the button combinations that always throws me off. I seem to never get those right and I really struggle with it.

  3. Eh, I only play fighting games singleplayer, the FGC is too cancerous for online play.

  4. The only characters that I can use are the one that can do a big normal damage because I really suck at creating a combo. Only mashing a normal and sometimes doing a charge special or command grab.

  5. Step 0 is deciding if you even want to get better at the game. Some people only play a game because they feel obligated to, like if someone gifted it to them and asked to play together.

    If you suck at fighting games and just want to get "good enough" to be able to play with your friends on near-equal ground, starting off playing against them is a terrible idea. You'll get trounced every single time and likely not learn anything from your losses as frustration and anger start to consume you. Start off with the tutorial, and when you're finished with it, do it again.

  6. Starting with na F-Zero Jazz álbum song, Max you're awsome

  7. I'm still struggling to do Geese's Razing Storm. Any tips?

  8. I can't even get to level one no matter how much time I dedicate

  9. Here's how you actually get good.

    Lose…a lot.

  10. I am not that great at fighting games, mainly technical fughters like tekken. But idk like i love these games, but i do with i had the latest versions, its just that its very expensive for someone who doesn't have a stable source of income.

  11. In my opinion when you run across characters your person no good against I just play on the hardest mode and practice against the cpu and every move set possible.

  12. Fuck it! I don’t have time like I use to and practice for hours a day. I’ll stick to single players games for now on.

  13. Jazz music shouldn't work with this gameplay. But it does. Interesting combo

  14. I play JoJo game on roblox and my favourite Charachter is Shadow Dio but I suck at the combo cuz it need fast fingers… Bruh…..

  15. I’m a level one according to the video and I’m trying to find people to play fighting games such as injustice 2 and mk11 with and are trying to get better so if you feel the same add me on Xbox: Spokx4097 🙂

  16. Fight games are so hard I can pick up a fps and dominate but as soon as I play fighting games I get shit on like damn

  17. I play mk11 alot and I'm really really good at shang tsung and I want to play as another character as well but I can't I'm too into shang tsung so it screws up my other games

  18. I’m level 0. I can do a haduken 50% of the time. 😀

  19. Iv always wanted to be good at fighting games they always intrested me i grew up playing shooters and i play claw on my controller n stuff for a long time.

  20. fighting games are the ultimate pleb filter. Smash need no ap´ply

  21. Only games I can even function in is mk11 tekken 7 and sc6 because king, nightmare, and scorpion/noob just came so easily to me

  22. I’ve been a level 3 for like 3 years and never noticed, I just study what my opponent does and do what something to counter somethings they repeat and try and go for

  23. Play this track while making love. Get good at fighting games and get laid

  24. I got mortal kombat 11 to play with my boys and man I fucking suck at fighting games but I only play it for them and I wanna be decent at it

  25. Why do you want to fight games so bad? What did they ever do????

  26. Its the mindset.. play to learn and improve.. eventually you'll be winning matches without you even prioritizing it.

  27. Long Story Short:
    – Step 1: Play the hell out of ANY character you like until you understand it
    – Step 2: Play the hell out of ALL the other characters to understand the match-ups
    – Step 3: Learn how to read your oponnent

  28. I love them, but I’m not mechanically skilled, my Brain just goes opposite of my hands. I feel like I’m just all over the place and I would love to play more but none of my friends like fighting games

  29. I just want to be able to be the first level of Streetfighter Turbo. ;'(

  30. This video is old.

    It's definitely essential

  31. The actual gameplay of the game itself isn't incentive enough to keep me playing.( Stuck on step 0)

  32. when the bayonetta song kicked in you winned my subscribe

  33. Learning the combos is really hard for me. I can't figure out what moves connect to what moves. I would always find combo tutorials online and learn them.

  34. Just came here to say traditional fighting games suck,smash bros,ninja storm all day

  35. what's that song in the background?

  36. yh this is great advice like im 14 years old and ive been asking people how do get better i think i need to teach myself

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