Reacting To The Top 20 Fighting Games Of All Time -

Reacting To The Top 20 Fighting Games Of All Time

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  1. The Touhou Project fighting games deserve more love and attention… Also, as far as arena fighters go, I'm honestly surprised that none of CyberConnect2's games were anywhere to be found on this list.

  2. Maximillians reaction is a great watch if youre confused by this list. Its a good list overall, from both a casual and competitive standpoint.

  3. Can't believe Bloody Roar wasn't in that list. That game was amazing, had alot of fun playing as a kid. Does anyone else remember it as I think it was a touch obscure.

  4. Lol rigged. I wonder how much they got paid to not even mention Fortnite. SMH

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  6. why the hell is Guilty Gear not in the list, even as honorable mention?

  7. It's interesting that of all versions they could have chosen for SFII they went with vanilla. Implies every improvement Capcom did made it worse.

  8. I think you really need to think about the game's success in arcades, evolutionary step for the genre, home sales, and cultural impact. Honestly the list isn't really that bad, maybe just some placement switches. People think its bait, but they actually did do some research for the picks when you think about why a specific iteration was selected for the IP.

  9. Smash this (Eugen) smash that (Akagi) yet no Taihou?! Was surprised by the Azur Lane character appearances, but yeah I was surprised by the list. Smash really doesn’t seem to me to be #1. Like you said, not a horrible list but definitely missing some big names.

    I still pop a quarter into KI and do a round or two as TJ Combo if I see a cabinet.

  10. Tekken 7 is just glorified hacky sack. Boring as hell to watch or play.

  11. If you're gonna play Hisako, use the same mindset as playing 3rd strike Makoto. They're similar…………….Minus the grudge part

  12. It's great that Power Stone 2 was on there, but Smash still isn't a fighting game so the list is null and void. >:o

  13. The fact that no versions of VF and GG didn't make it in, is sending me lmao

  14. Wait! why is there a dislike count? What the hell? Did I go back in time!?

  15. I'm not one for nostalgia so I always got to say untill proven to be a fuck up (mk11) as a veiwer and casual player the best game is always the newest one cause new mechanics keep it fresh and fun and the constant improvement of balance keeps watching tournaments fun and exciting cause you don't see 3 characters doing the exact same things in the top 16 at a tournament there's a chance you see your main show up and put in work

  16. No Guilty Gear, no Melty Blood, no Fatal Fury (BUT THAT'S JUST KoF! SHUT UP, IT'S DIFFERENT!), etc.

    With that said, the list is overall pretty decent. I would take out War of the Monsters for Melty Blood, as a person who personally doesn't like Mortal Kombat or Tekken, I would rate both of those lower respectively, I would put a Fatal Fury game or KoF 96/97, find space for Guilty Gear, JoJo All Star Battle or Eyes of Heaven, probably take out SamShow in put in GbF Versus instead, etc. There is a lot of complexity to making this type of list.

    For niche picks, I would consider putting in Clayfighters even~~~

  17. i wonder what happened with meltyblood too XD

  18. Imagine make a top 20 without guilty gear kof 98 kof 2002, SF alpha 3, SF 3.3, vampire saviors put smash 1st when SF2 is the best of all time dafuq

    Seen Max's reaction before this, yet it never occurred to me until it was brought up here.
    Still, I wasn't annoyed; some hits are always going to be left out, but at least this one had some decent titles.

  20. Max had a good point in his vid about this, saying it's important.

  21. Tekken 3 lets Goooooo🤩🤩🤩
    I'm surprised DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 wasn't there. Now that had a huge roster and amazing gameplay

  22. This guy making the list obviously never played Jump Ultimate Stars, they lterally they tried to make a sequel to it (J Stars Victory Vs) and it BOMBED. JUS had so many playable characters from across JUMP's history going back to the 80s. It had Dio, Jotaro, Naruto, Goku, Gon, Ichigo, and so many iconic JUMP characters. Its how i first heard about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure back in high school in 08. Dude making this liat is uncultured.

  23. I was sore they didn't at Capcom VS SNK 2. D:<

  24. You gotta give it to Watchmojo for being ballsy to leave dislike visible(or maybe they haven’t figured out how to hide it yet)

  25. I played almost all of them but never touched any Smash Bros titles my whole life.

  26. As a smash player and extremely off and on casual of fighting games in general (don’t get me wrong i like fighting games but they aren’t my go to) I’m ok with smash being there in top 10 but not at the top. GG should’ve been on the top 10 as well but nope they placed war of the sausage links in 20 lol

  27. why so much hate on jump force koe? i like that game, didnt played it much but i like the ideea with crossover characters from anime

  28. It feels that this list is only doing 1 per franchise so they tried to pick the best each franchise had to offer.

  29. Surprised they didn't include Ninja. Storm

  30. Bloody roar,virtua fighter and GG out of the list? Wow man WTF

  31. Yo they put 3 games i didnt even know they existed… but nothing about strive.

  32. Anyone claiming that Soul Calibur 6 saved the franchise after five should probably wait until we get a seven. Because if that doesn't happen, it wasn't much of a savior. And honest, SC5 is NOT a bad fighting game, they just made a disastrous choice in rebooting the roster.

  33. one more thing that makes ultimate being the #1 spot even more fuckin hilarious
    the melee vs ultimate side of things

  34. If they are going to put smash as a fighting game where tf is melee? The games been alive for 20 years and still has a pretty big competitive scene

  35. Not gonna lie War of the Monsters with a friend is so fun the amount of shenanigans that happens makes it so much fun to play

  36. I used to play sooooooo much Power Stone 1&2, Marvel vs Capcom and Soul Calibur on uncle's dreamcast. Good times!

  37. At least I don't have to pretend like Ragna the Bloodedge is a good or interesting character. lol

  38. So, did he play War of the Monsters yet? I used to play it when I was a teen, it was OK. A bit of fun, but nothing that amazing to be placed 20th on a top 20 list.

  39. Can't believe Dong Dong Never Die was not inside! WTH!

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