Reacting To The League Of Legends Fighting Game Gameplay Reveal! -

Reacting To The League Of Legends Fighting Game Gameplay Reveal!

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  1. Doesn't league of legends have superman and other DC characters?, this means we'll get an injustice league game

  2. Koe – the Cannon Brothers both started EVO and invented rollback netcode. They're as legit as it can possibly get.

  3. you're a great youtuber but sometimes its annoying when you just talk over important stuff and miss it…

  4. Will we get my fave, Calli, getting destro- I mean trained by Koe in this game too?

  5. First of all, Echo is a pain in the ass and has been since his release (yes, he's been adjusted over time, dw) – his concept is strong and waaay cool!

    Riot Games has had A LOT of data to go over as for player experience with connection stability, player satisfaction, and (attempting to) build a happy community 🙏

  6. To me just saying rollback does NOT ensure the netcode will be more than satisfactory. Melty blood has it and it's still not satifactory enough for me. The fact that it's hardcore netplay innovators like the cannon brothers that makes me have hope for the game.

  7. Don't know if you knew this, but a lot of people already knew this would have rollback, just based on the fact that the Cannon Brothers (who are leading the project) literally INVENTED rollback.

  8. The fact that this is set in the League verse and they want to develop the game over the years means that it could have a n increasingly massive roster of characters. I'm so excited!

    Edit: Put Teemo in the game

  9. Marvel vs Capcom 2 used to headline EVOs and the events prior to EVOs(BBB) creation. It's not a stretch that they wanted a tag based fighter.

  10. Axe guy: darius
    Dagger girl: katarina
    Stick guy: ekko
    Weapon maniac girl: jinx
    Fox girl: ahri

    Lol animations are quite worth to watch even if u dont play the games (and i heard they have new show on netflix Arcane, i dont have subscribtion tho)

  11. These guys invented Rollback netcode and GGPO.

  12. I mean….it was never a question whether or not it would have Rollback…Tom and Tony made GGPO

  13. Also Koe, if you want to get into the characters a bit, feel free to play the Ruined King game if you want some variety content! It focuses in on some very popular characters in LoL

  14. Lol, I’m with you on that. I’ll watch Arcane. I’ll watch the cinematics. And I’ll definitely play this game. But I will never actually play League of Legends.

  15. I'm curious how they'll be selling this game. I'll probably buy it regardless but I'm itching to know what kind of model they'll go with. Given Riot's background Free-to-Play could definitely be on the table if they plan to support the game with lots of dlc characters and ways to customize them. People keep on saying this game could have the biggest roster ever but I bet they won't start with more than like forty characters so it's going to be interesting to see who's there at launch.

  16. If you’re reading this right now, I am a man that could not give any less of a FUCK about league of legends.
    Go watch Arcane. Dat shit gud

  17. Judging from your reactions in this video it seems like you don't know who the Canon Brothers are. Well, allow me to enlighten you. They are co founders of EVO and the inventors of Rollback netcode. Naturally they would want to make a good game use Rollback since it's their creation

  18. does anyone know if this game is "free" or need to pay to get in?
    honestly im tired of free to enter games and rather just buy to get in to play.

  19. i was also blown away by this video. It looks soo good and you can see that its not gonna be super simplyfied and the roster is gonna be insane with 150+ champions from league of legends. They have so much freedom in picking their chars for this game. And the champions from league are super creative with a great design behind them even when some of them are super overloaded in league itself 😀 but thats great for a fighting game. Champs im really looking forward to see if they make it in are Ekko, Rengar, Yasuo, Samira, Sett, Zed, Gwen Jhin, Camille, Gnar and so many more. Im really exited as league and fighting game player.

  20. As a csgo player, I resisted the temptation to play valorant.
    But as a fighting game player, I don't think I can resist a fighting game that probably will have 100x the player base of any current fighting games.

  21. I’m literally thinking that Jhin could play like a long ranged/Trap character but that his 4 Shots could deal medium damage and he could place the flower traps

  22. He's so invest into netcode stuff that I'm surprise he doesn't know who this guys are

  23. Lol koe, I can tell your a true anime fighter fan. Tom and Tony literally created rollback. There was never a question that it wouldnt have rollback. And they we're the founders of battle by the bay,(pre evo)

  24. I really don't like league of legends. In my opinion the game is boring to watch and play. But this new league of legends game…i'm definitely playing it!

  25. Joke all about league of legends but you know Riot created wonderful games

  26. Mark my words, that LoL fighting game is going to be complete trash and the reason is simple;
    Riot games fired nearly all of their talented people and only has a couple of good ones left. The rest is bloat and idiots that can neither balance nor program as shown by League of Legends' infamous spaghetti coding and catastrophic balancing decisions.
    Old riot = awesome. New riot = shit.

  27. Between this and Valorant, Riot Games are finally true to it's name.

  28. PROJECT L is the Tag Team fighter we needed since SFXT

  29. Once again riot shows that they're good at making things based on lol but when it comes to lol itself.

  30. Since the Cannon brother created Rollback is the first place, I’d be surprised if the game didn’t have it.

  31. As a Linux user, I hope they don't use the kernel-level anti-cheat they currently have for Valorant.

  32. Idk if you know but these brothers basically pioneered and invented roll back netcode coding. those brothers are the guys who started Evo before it was called Evo. Made rising thunder then riot hired them.
    Edit: just saw someone already posted this my b.

  33. I'm just glad that I can get to share my experience with the champions I know and love to other people without them needing to play this one type of game. I'm glad they are expressing these champions in more ways like the RPG and music game they just released and Project L and there's also Song of Nunu, an adventure game to be released in 2022.

  34. "that still doesn't make me want to play league of legends. I watch the cinematics, I won't play the game tho."
    As someone who have been playing league of legends since 2013, but barely playing it anymore, I can say, good decision.
    It developed into the most unfun experience there is, and if the developers let it rot and don't care about making the game good again,
    why should we players care as much as to spent their time precious on it?

  35. You really dont have to play LoL to be a fan of riot tho, they have so much fun stuff, the world is straight up there with other fiction and have you tried the card game or the auto-chess? they are fun as fuck!

  36. the fact that Koe doesnt know the guys who made GGPO is surprising ngl

  37. I just realized that it's not only a tag fighter, but active tag that can be done midair to continue air combos without the little 'hit' that DBFZ has, while allowing for those air combos to continue seamlessly. That's another mechanic to cross off the list.

    Posted in a Maximillian Dood video's comments but here's the list of apparent mechanics in this alpha version:
    Active Tag on ground and Air, Double Jump, Wall Jump, Wavedashing both ways, rolls, Off the ground (once per combo), Projectile Interaction with other moves, unique character mechanics (ekko reverse, ahri orbs), running and run canceling, ground bounce (once per combo, like OTG), special to special cancels.

  38. Hi I don't know you but i have a video suggestion thing, that i think would be cool to watch you do. Going through the lol roster and give your opion on how they would fit or be reimagined for the Project L. Anyway great video!!!

  39. remember this : you can trust riot member for games, but never for league of legends tho and y'all know why

  40. To be fair, Riot have been always self conscious about online game issues since all of their games are online multi-player, which is great

  41. rollback was a given with this game given these are the two guys that literally created it in the first place

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