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Reacting to Polygon’s Fighting Game Advice

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This is Woolie VS The Algorithm, a new YouTube Channel where you’ll find all of the best and funniest moments from WoolieVersus. The highlight videos released here will have tight editing and enhancements of the hypest moments to create an even more fun experience, as well as gateway into checking out the full length WoolieVersus content.

Together with his friend Reggie, they have played numerious games on the channel ranging from genres like RPG, JRPG, Fighting Games, and FPS. Games like Elden Ring (open world Dark Souls game), Mass Effect (Legendary Edition), Final Fantasy 6 (Pixel Remaster) and Disco Elysium (Disco Elysium Final Cut). Woolie hosts Get Into Fighting Games, which is a series that introduces new and old fighting games like Guilty Gear Strive (GG Strive) and Skullgirls. Clips from the podcast Castle Super Beast which he records with PatStaresAt are also hosted on the WoolieVersus channel. Woolie has collaborated with other content creators like Super Eyepatch Wolf and LittleVmills. Some of his most popular videos are his lore videos on Gulity Gear (GUILTY GEAR LORE: Heaven or Hell) and Kirby (Kirby Lore: Star Allies, Dark Matter Trilogy and Morpho).

Stay tuned for more WoolieVersus/Woolie VS The Algorithm highlights, watch alongs and shorts.

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  1. I gotta disagree on King being amazing even without the throws, the throws are what elevates him to a solid character. Without the throws he would be low-tier but he's like Yoshimitsu in that the unpredictability is what gets you.

  2. As a casual fighting game player.

    That King chart gave me damage.

  3. One Piece has NO good Fighting Games and I'm so mad about it, the last one was on the PS2 and it's kinda bad imo, we need a good One Piece fighting game asap

  4. I went through high-school participating in a bunch of individual sports (eg. Pole Vaulting & Diving). I noticed a ton of similarities between the struggles and challenges of my old sports and learning Strive (my first fighting game), but there's one big caveat: You don't have a fighting game 'coach'. You likely won't have someone who's already experienced walking you through every step of the way throughout your development and career. What makes the sport of the FGC different from traditional sports is that you have to learn to be your own coach, look at your performance from a different perspective and deliberately re-write your own behavior. It's incredibly difficult to do this and easy to lose motivation when you're getting mentally combod by frustration on a regular basis, but pushing through that self-reflective process forms a lot of the joy that comes from playing these games. Those mental skills can easily transfer to real-life situations outside of gaming, so I'm no longer surprised when I hear claims that fighting games have changed people's lives.

    Watching y'alls content on this channel is what got me interested in Strive in the first place and I'm glad you went with the non-tutorialized approach. Even though you've had to bend the knee towards the algorithm, it's always a blast to watch your videos!

  5. I was in the stands for Majin's run and seeing him referenced here brings back so many memories. The best USA chant I've ever been a part of.

  6. Commenting on to power up woolie’s video length

  7. I got into fighting games playing Street Fighter vs Xmen in some random arcade. Just love doing the air combos, even if i was so trash at the controls I couldn't beat the 2nd stage.

  8. Lil Majin beating JDCR literally got me to buy Tekken 7 lol

  9. That’s the thing about the king chart is that you don’t GET to make multiple guesses. You guess wrong once and you eat whatever comes next. Never liked fighting him but I respect the execution for the grabs.

  10. I'm surprised Woolie didn't also shout out Gundam Battle Assault 2

  11. Woolie, you're the only person i ever watch on 1.75x speed. I love and appreciate your input but when you enter explanation mode you slow down how fast you normally talk by so much that it feels like the video is at half speed

  12. My biggest barrier to fighting games is the combos. I just don’t understand why I have to hit 3 buttons and rotate the stick in hyper-specific patterns to do literally one move. I play Smash as my only fighting game for this reason.

  13. As somebody who has been fidgetingly stood by the poolside for a good while now this has been very encouraging. I have played Smash for a long while as a kid but I really don´t want to return to it as a fighting game. On the other hand I got Strive burning a tatami mat shaped hole in my contience. More traditional fighting games are still rather new to me but just watching them makes me want to really try it for myself. Not competetively but just to have fun making rad shit happen.

  14. as a certain red haired man said "I'm gonna wakeup super, and it'll maybe work if i do it twice."

  15. I still say FOOTSIES is the best first fighting game because it teaches the fundamentals very quickly. Even the arcade mode teaches you to learn an opponent's habits and adapt mid match.

  16. I thought that was a picture of Liam in the thumbnail lol

  17. 👏🏼 WHOEVER 👏🏼 LOOKS 👏🏼 COOL! YES! EXACTLY! I’ll always shout it from the mountaintop. I, for example, love Native American characters, so that’s what I play. Julia Chang, Nightwolf, Thunder, I’m pickin em regardless of tier lists.

  18. If there isn't a fgc morning show called, "Wake Up Super" there should be.

  19. When I played SF3, I thought Dudley's heavy punch was the coolest move I've ever seen. Then I saw cross counter.
    When I played SFV, I thought zangiefs flex was so badass
    When I play guilty gear strive, every behemoth typhoon makes me happy.
    When I played mortal Kombat, I saw that kano punches you OFF his knife. Amazing.
    When I play Skullgirls, Beowulf's voice actor ignites the fire in my love of wrestling, and the chair. THE CHAIR.

    I found the simple things I liked. Thats carried me through 7 years of absolutely loving fighting games. It will carry that love for the next 70.

  20. Very important for ppl to realize fighting games are GAMES and you don't have to be able to contend with higher level folks to enjoy. Just enjoy it, dick around in arcade modes, or training, if you have friends online or offline with the game, dick around with them. Its ok to dick around, you're not in a tournament

  21. I think fighting CPU too much teaches bad habits, so for new players I think it should be minimized.

  22. When I got Strive I literally started playing I-No because she looked cool. Literally shredding combos. Shits real. Also play Zato occasionally because his shadow demon shit looks cool. When it works.

  23. I wish I could have any strong feelings about this genre at all. Despite loving absolver I just can’t even decipher what I see in these.

    Like I’m here but I’m hearing German

  24. The only wins I’ve had in multi versus were mashes, or at least felt like it

  25. I think that comparing fighting game tutorials to laying out a deck of cards works great. For example, games like Euchre only care about the face cards, 10, 9, and ace. The other cards would just get in the way of explaining the game, and are not game pieces. But they're still cards, they still have suits, and they still end up being used to keep score. Similarly, lots of fighting games have similar mechanics like push-blocking, spot-dodging, and blocking. But some games may not care about throws, jumps, or mixups.

  26. "I thought the channel would be about teaching people about fighting games"
    While not 100% blind, it's still what you offer with your Streams inviting people to try lesser known fighters and learning a character. It's a good environment and home to return to and learn from. Though a tutorial from a guest Pro for a character is indeed charming.

  27. 39:50 I think that’s actually a big problem with current fighting games and why they’re probably niche, you shouldn’t HAVE to fight a human but you should be ABLE to fight a human. From my personal experience the 6th and 7th era of fighting games had in depth and decent sized offline modes that let you just enjoy the game without forcing you into the trenches to get your money’s worth. Both modes should be there whenever a casual person wants to try out something different to spice things up or…ya know…take that break from frustrating loss streaks.
    I played Soul Calibur for a lot longer than Tekken and got much further in ranked because the solution to frustration wasn’t to just play something else, but to duck into one of those offline modes. It let me PASSIVELY practice stuff while mentally relaxing myself.

  28. Woolie thinking that RTS is a living genre with a wide scene is always so weird to me. That shit is deader than fighting games have ever been. AOE2 and Starcraft are still the most popular games, and they're older than pro Valorant players.

  29. Woolie “get into fighting games” and “Friday night fisticuffs” aren’t even comparable.

  30. It's so funny to me how this video keeps making the rounds to stunned reactions as if polygon hasn't had a stellar video essay reputation for years now.

  31. Fight stick is a need, if you want to look cool. which lets face it, is a big reason alot of us started.

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