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Ranking the Most Difficult Fighting Games.

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I asked you all to vote on what you think are the most difficult fighting games and here’s the results.

Give me any suggestions for any other polls you think would be fun in the comments below.

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  1. Tekken is Loved not difficult , i can say KOF is more difficult

  2. Personally I found skullgirls easier to play than fighterz, mainly because I'm used to skullgirls. I try to go back to it and I just return to mashing cause auto combos and manual combos are interchangeable, while skullgirls has nothing like that. you have to actually press different buttons to actually do different moves.
    I'm not good at Guilty Gear XX either but I really enjoy that game but also I don't really know what I'm doing there either but unlike fighterz I enjoy it despite not really knowing what I'm doing yet.

  3. One thing I learned from this video: Your core audience did not grow up with the SNES

  4. You showed Armor King's move list in Tekken, and he isn't known for a long move list, but Tekken looks clean at all times.

    When I watch GG, which I am currently interested in, it just looks so messy. There are too many effects going off when the combos start rolling. It feels like I am watching a fight with something obstructing my vision. I'm waiting for Strive.

  5. learning tekken moves are similar hard like any fighting games but making mix ups and combos are grossly difficult because it depense on framedata if a combo will worked also the punish game are insanely difficult including get up options

  6. If tekken is the hardest I must be a fucking god

  7. Super Smash bros. Ultimate is way harder than Soul Calibur VI. Smash Ultimate save data is brutal. Smash Ultimate character roster is the worst and Amiibos do not work with unlockable characters.

  8. Making a list, and not knowing half of the games on it

  9. I love slower paced fighters like samsho, tekken, mk11 and street fighter. But it seems like anime fighters are just taking over and i cant play any of them. Too fast, all the tagging, and like 500 unique mechanics for each individual character. I just cant do it. And im too old to start now

  10. D E A R G O D. tekken is the hardest game fighting game
    doing combo brutal fist and more

  11. For all who wanna learn tekken look up the key moves and character breakdowns to learn new characters. DONT TRY TO MEMORIZE ALL THE MOVES. most characters have 10 or so "good moves"

  12. I like guilty gear but i hate the frame input of the combo 🙁

  13. All I could think after seeing the title was MAAAAYLEEEEEEEEEEE!

  14. I feel like dead or alive 5 has alot of depth to its gameplay though

    Its not the hardest fighting game but it was hard for me to learn and im not even particularly good at it

  15. Mk11 is babies first fighting game. And at high level dragon ball fighterz can be insanely difficult

  16. no injustice in this list !! 🙁

  17. It’s kinda sad that absolver isn’t on this list and it has the best fighting animations of all fighting games is crazzy

  18. Where would you place Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

  19. These are the most difficult fighting-

    Melee: hold my beer

  20. Sweet can't wait to go buy Guilty Gear as my second fighting game

    Right after failing at Blazblue

  21. Bruh I feel like I'm one of the few people that is happy with blazblue making it to top 5.

    Though you should have added a Izanami vs Nine combos/matches to set the scale even higher, mayber a Rachel just because. (Fkin) Rachel mains.

  22. 375k views but 3.48k subs? "Come on folks" – Joe Biden

  23. smash maybe… lots of tech and so many characters to learn

  24. You forgot the king of fighting games, when it comes to knowledge, timing and complexity :

    Virtua Fighter !!

    Hard to learn, nearly impossible to master.

    I also wonder, why Art of Fighting isn´t mentioned. You guys seem to be quite young ?

  25. “While there’s still that depth to the high level play of Dead or Alive-“ whatever you say chief

  26. Marvel vs Capcom is harder than traditional Street Fighter? That's not how I see it.

  27. Now i want to play killer instinct just for the arbiter

  28. For tekken the most hardest characters are the Mishimas cuz they have harder moves to pull of especially the electrics but damn are they satisfying when u use them

  29. Tekken is one of the first games ive ever played and its really not that hard for me

  30. it takes 2 years for me to learn tekken 7that 2 years of learning is tournament ready

  31. Tekken is an easy game, the only hard thing about the game is the matchups and you learn about those while playing online on the other hand we have guilty gear and blazblue which some characters will give you arthritis trying to do there combos add to that you will have to do those combos under the pressure of the fight, I think even dragon ball fighterz is harder than tekken

  32. Play the old KOF games yo! Go ahead and hop on 94 and let Rugal show you what hard is 😂😂😂

  33. Yep. As a Nina main Tekken deserves this spot.

  34. It took me hundreds of online hours to “get gud” at Ultra SF4, now I just play Pokken and avoid Tekken like that one ride at six flags your friends keep asking you to go on.

  35. Ive tried a lot of fighting games and i thought mortal kombat was going to be the easiest at least it was to me because you can imput a string early then follow with a special move and you have your combo, ive reached elder god in mk11 a couple times without too much effort but Skullgirls? That is a hard game

  36. Skullgirls, definitely hardest fucking game in my life. Doesn't even compare to any of the others.

  37. Maybe you haven't played DBFZ, but every character has an A,B, and C assist like MVC and every character's assists are varied and tied to the characters personality. DBFZ on the surface may look simple because quarter circle S could likely be a beam, but the frame data is so varied per character that if you think you can just use a beam or command grab with everyone you will be sorely mistaken. Even though the character's move's lists are not as long as tekken and there aren't as many features as GGS, to be top tier at this game, between extension rejump combo's, as you mentioned the incredibly high pace, and the crucial accuracy of your movement, its right up there with the toughest elite fighting games. There's a reason Sonic Fox and other EVO champs play it.

  38. In DOA movelist "SO FREAKING LONG" too, combat system more complex (triangle system) then Tekken, and they have jiggle physics also. DOA one of the best fighting game ever.

  39. I usually think that tekken was made for fans who has played it since the first one.

  40. This guys doesnt know what hes talking about all, virtua fighter is soo complex that there are 2 to 3 hour long videos explaining the mechanics, the fundamentals, the footsies etc etc, virtua fighter is without a doubt the hardest game to learn, right behind undernight for its super unique tug of war mechic thanks to the grid and voral etc

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