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Ranking the Most Difficult Fighting Games.

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I asked you all to vote on what you think are the most difficult fighting games and here’s the results.

Give me any suggestions for any other polls you think would be fun in the comments below.

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  1. >KOF is an anime fighter
    There is a more compelling argument for MvC being an anime fighter than KOF

  2. grew up w tekken and I find it surprisingly easy. Just pick up street fighter recently and shit that shit rekt me

  3. lmao 3d games like tekken and soul calibur are nothing but button mashers.

  4. Man MK11 is the only fighting game I’m good at… kinda wish I grew up on SF or Tekken/DOA

  5. Skull girl is hard to master guys…. like pretty hard

  6. Tekken is the hardest? I was able to play it casually as a kid back then but I couldn't play MvC or Street Fighter properly. What made Tekken difficult? The moves are simple and the juggling is easier the opponent slowly falls down unlike any other fighting games.

  7. This list is absolutely horrible 😂

  8. Dude never played KOF, interesting. The value of this list is gone down in my eyes.
    Anyways nice try.

  9. How is KOF begin an Anime Fighter when it's an "Action Realistic" Based Fighter?!

  10. Proud to have tekken as my favorite fighting game 😎😎

  11. >KoF
    >anime fighter

    Kusoge video famalan.

  12. It's ridiculous that Virtua Fighter was not even on here. VF's depth is unmatched among fighting games.

  13. I wouldn‘t say tekken is the hardest imo you can‘t say that about any fighting game every fighter has it‘s own type of difficulty. For me tekken is just the hardest to pick up. I‘ve learned that tekken is not for me I tried to get into it many times but I don‘t have the time to learn this game and besides that I hate to lose because of something I didn’t know. Tekken players tell me just try to play intuitively but my brain can‘t handle that I just want to know my damn frames lol

  14. Here's the hardest SNK fighting games(in my opinion):
    1. Art of Fighting 2
    2. Fatal Fury 2
    3. King of Fighters 94
    4. World Heroes Perfect
    5. Samurai Shodown

  15. Fighterz has to be one of the easiest fighting games

  16. Tekken is so hard and only people who’ve been playing it for a while would understand that

  17. Dbfz caught me off guard its so easy to learn certain combos I guess if u voted it for loops then fine but like…what

  18. it's funny, I always perceived SF and generally, 2D fighting games as being more difficult than Tekken. Mainly because i grew up with Tekken and DOA and was used to being able to produce longer combos even without much practice whereas in SF it felt like I couldn't do anything more than 1-2 hit "combos".

  19. Dude KOF is the hardest play it and re-do this list

  20. Where’s melee? The movement in that game is ridiculous

  21. Well, to be a good Tekken player you need to learn every single move and frame data for all characters. Otherwise you won’t be able to punish unsafe moves and your opponent will make use of it. There are other mechanics too like throws etc.. Tekken is by far the most competitive and difficult fighting game.

  22. Guy makes a list using viewer voted titles. Ends it telling me he's never tried KOF. Guilty Gear is good, but christ, do your homework.

    Like me making a video on top ten tampons.

  23. Remember one thing when playing mk11 and that is… The faster you can press buttons in a specific order the better

  24. Virtua Fighter would have been number 1… If people remembered it existed

  25. Virtua Fighter should have been #1 but the West is full of idiots. Also KoF..1 frame links..is easier than Guilty Gear? …K

  26. The video is quite good but I’m honestly surprised how Super Smash Bros Melee/Ultimate or Melty Blood didn’t make it considering their significant skill ceilings….however I agree with quite a few games like Undernight being hard 👍
    Good video keep up the work

  27. Look WatchMojo, this guy actually play the games and know what he's talking about

  28. Not sure about the voting approach, popularity skews results too much.

  29. Really? Im pretty novice at fighting games but i have to say GG wasn't that hard for me to get into , yeah, i spent a few months learning but i can't say i was having a hard time with it

  30. I played tekken the most and it has so many moves and I tried all,maybe thats why I find other fighting games a little bit boring

  31. Tekken probably got more votes because it’s like the popular fighter these days and it’s been around just long enough going back to early ps1 days

    But to me Virtua Fighter has to be #1

    I remember as a kid enjoying tekken more because it was just easier to play and get into and VF was more technical

  32. tekken :S …… ok. I think this is a list dominated by majority who are of this generation and few milenials.
    I mean in that case, Street fighter 5? Ever tried even Jojobizzare adventure? How about some KOF " the anime fighter lol":S …… i think people doesn't know even these games :S . ok roll on!

  33. Did you just call draginball fighters simple? You should see the combos people pull out in this game and it's highly fast paced.

  34. Is anyone gonna talk about that he missed smash 💥

  35. Ironic how Guilty Gear places so high but strive is being praised as being welcoming to newcomers

  36. I would not put Tekken 7 that high XD It can be frustrating yes, but in terms of "hard to learn" i feel it should be way lower, my casual friends love it.
    Btw, no smash ? Melee (at least somewhat higher level) is really difficult XD But i guess in terms of "Hard to learn" it would be very low : ) So maybe you should have specified more what you mean by hard in this video.

  37. I would personally rate KOF higher than Guilty Gear since I played both but idk about Tekken since I never played it. Well I actually played Dark Resurrection but I didn't do much in it, I was just bowling most of the time or having fun in practice mode.

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