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Ranking The King Of Fighters Games From Worst To Best

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Ranking all the King of Fighters games was no easy task. Nonetheless, I managed to make a top 15 list of all the main installments from KOF 94 to XIV.

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“Arashi no Saxophone 2 (Arranged)” from The King of Fighters 96

“Theme of KOF XII 2 ” from The King of Fighters XII

“Esaka (Arranged)” from The King of Fighters 94

“I Am The Strongest” from The King of Fighters 2001

“Splendid Evil” from The King of Fighters 2003

“Arashi no Saxophone (Arranged)” from The King of Fighters 95

“KD-0079” from The King of Fighters 99

“Fairy” from The King of Fighters 96

“KD-0084” from The King of Fighters 2000

“Rhythmic Hallucination (Arranged)” from The King of Fighters 97

“Let’s Go To Seoul!” from The King of Fighters 2002

“Queen” from The King of Fighters XI

“The Second Joker” from The King of Fighters XIII

“Saxophone Under The Moon” from The King of Fighters XIV

“Esaka? (Arranged)” from The King of Fighters 96

“Tranquilizer” from The King of Fighters 2002 UM

“Who Likes To Party” by Kevin MacLeod

“Aurea Carmina” by Kevin MacLeod


  1. The newer kof games look so soulless and carry a much different energy. Kof 13 will probably remain the last good kof game, since making bland 3D models is cheap and easy!

  2. Most KOF/FF games are on switch.
    If you search hamster (developer) then mario arcade classics will be first, click on it and on top it'll show (hamster) click on it, then it'll show a lot of arcade ports, and most ff/kof games.

    I used this video to narrow down which games.

  3. For me 2002 and 97 both are no.1 spot 👌

  4. Great video but i just think that 94 deserves a better placement

  5. KOF14 as released was kinda ugly, although they at least did go back and fix it to an extent. It still feels kinda weird to play, and it's a supreme shame it doesn't have nice, modern netcode.
    02UM is definitely top-spot worthy. I played a ton of original 02, but good lord, it's almost impossible to go back (unlike OG 98, which still holds up even with 98UM). They even made it way more playable online.

  6. My personal list:
    Best soundtrack – kof 96
    Best scenario – kof99
    Best story – kof97

  7. my favourite is xiv and xiii but no. 1 xiii

  8. Kof 14 is a better entry for beginners, but the best games are : Kof 98 UM, Kof 2002 UM, Kof XIII, Kof XI.

  9. Why iori yagami like alwasy in the top

  10. Hey man, Im trying to get into KOF and I must ask, are the steam versions of 2002, 98 and Garou any good?

  11. The only reason I got 02 UM was because of Krizalid's theme in smash, the best $15 I've spent.

  12. Great review just wish I could here every word instead of 98 percent

  13. 2002 and 97 will always be superior

  14. I'm a little late to the party, but my dream KOF game would be 13's graphics, '02UM's gameplay, and the entire Orochi Saga storyline combined into one game.

  15. Ill never understand the hate for athena, ralph and clark’s design in kof13.

  16. BEST is 94 95 96 97 98
    Garbage is 01 02 03 11 12 13

  17. Men, I wanna play 2002 UM again… but is not for Switch

  18. Honestly as a newbie/outsider to KOF I’ve been looking into finding a game to start with. I’ve been seeing things about 2002 UM because of the roster size being the biggest. But Im glad it’s mechanics don’t fall behind. I’ve always loved the way KOF 13 looked. Whenever I’d see it in passing I wanted to know what game that was, so I could play it. Guess Im going to have to pick both of those up along with 15. Thanks for the video!

  19. Thinking about making a Kof 15 review when it comes out and a ranking of the kof games i have played

  20. Kof 94, the the first and most hardest rugal was super duper cheap. But I started with Capcom vs SNK2 and started my way back include neowave. And when I got to 94, I was intrigued by the quality of difficulty.

  21. KOF XI is one of the greatest fighting games I ever play. Sick combos, not hard to learn and a lot of content to discover without wasting money. Just great!

  22. I strongly object to 14 being higher than 13.
    In my opinion, 13 has better looks and better gameplay. I think they are pretty much tied on the roster, with 14 having slight advantage.
    To me 14 combo pattern seems a bit too formulaic, which detract a lot from the feel of the game. And it was made intentional, because SNK specifically patched out some unintentional combos from the game.

  23. KOF 2002 is the best fighting game made in the whole history of humanity

  24. I'm 100% certain 2002 will be #1 and 98 probably second place. I like 2002 best but 97 after that.
    4:46 Lol, ok that one was pretty good.
    13:51 I could not possibly agree more. When you said the music was a downgrade from 96 I immediately thought "WTF? What about rhythmic hallucination and bloody?" to which you pointed out after and it was like "okay you got me" .
    You're spot-on about the story being the best of the series in 97 too.

  25. KoF XI being blasted for it's outdated graphics, meanwhile people are losing their mind saying KoF XV has outdated graphics, people are dumb lol

  26. Absolutely agree from start to finish

  27. What a mediocre ranking!! WTF? Seriously kof 95 and 96 under kof 99 and 2000 the worst games of the series that's a joke. Basically kof is based on the success of 95 and 96. You're a clown!!

  28. ranking xiv above xiii is sacrilegious

  29. For me its KOF neowave, KOF XI, KOF 2002 and especially KOF 2002 UM, just because of the variety of characters you can choose and the moves are so perfect, beautiful remastered OST and the best looking artworks, although I like the newest games but I cant include them on my list since Im not a very fan of 3D models, I grew up with 2D sprites.

  30. The biggest problem with 2002 UM is that in the US at least, it was a 360 exclusive and digital only. If it had been released to the PS3 as well it would have done better.

  31. The only thing i can say is maybe KOF 2001 can be in a higher spot

  32. My favorite entry in without a doubt XIII, for the sole propose of 99 hits people with Mr Karate

  33. Just grabbed 14 on sale on Steam. Definitely, a slept on game. It looks great. It's not 13…but SFV ain't 3rd Strike either. The roster is insane, better than 13, easily. And it's going to be better than 15's for a while. Great music. Feels great. It's got me more hype for 15.

  34. Shit, I thought kof 11 had amazing graphics

  35. In this zone of Latino America we keep KoF 99' as the absolute beast.

    The hit sounds feels impactful, the music is amazing and memorable, the graphics were actually well polished with a lot of dynamic backgrounds. Every single character had a special and a two bar special tied to it, and they were DEADLY if you got caught in them as nowadays a special with two bars is practicably "eh"

    I've started to play KoF 97 to current, but 99' aside of his tricks and secrets, the "defense" mode and "super" mode when spending three bars which was rather new to me at the time. How relentless Krizalid is in max level difficulty so they could eat your coins obviously… and how less often it was to fight Iori and original Kyo if you did well throughout your matches and vamping up your points. (Plus that Kyo's version had a few skillsets never seen in past KoF's where he just NAILS you with just two punches and the whole damn game lags, amazing, not sure why they took his hard hitting vibe off afterwards)

    And like in every Latino country we also played 2002 but I'll be honest, I didn't like it that much, it's still below 99.
    The animations were choppy, music was low effort and so low you could barely hear it, it was EASY to glitch out and riled with bugs. They lowered the amount of supers and ultras but they did added Neo's and even they were meh to me.

    It was pretty fluid not gonna lie, you could perform an array of combos with anyone if well timed by using a super as fuel, but that's basically it, that's the novity of KoF 2002. Still the cabine with 99 was taken away and replaced with 2002 so we didn't had other games to play, damn Snow brothers and mortal kombat II – III (and that one game like Snow Brothers but about two kids with vacuums as weapons I can't remember the name) cabines were always busy.

    I'm probably sinning as a latino to not enjoy 2002 as much but hey, it is what it is I'll take 99' at anytime anyday.

  36. Damn it’s a shame you didn’t like the 2001 soundtrack, I think it really fits the techno theme of the NESTS saga and is enjoyable by itself as well

  37. Oh really mr. CrappyEnglish ? KOF'03 is worse than 99 ?


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