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I’ve played my fair share of fighting games. Out them all, which are the easiest to pick up and play? Which are the hardest and only for those who really know how to play? What fighting games are for toddlers? I rank them all here from Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Marvel vs. Capcom, Blazblue, and more. Are you a fan of turn-based strategy games? Look no further than gain ground characters. Online multiplayer game combines the classic turn-based gameplay with real-time combat, offering a unique and exciting experience. Play now and join the ranks of the top players!

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Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic Street Fighter franchise is Street Fighter V! This 5th iteration has tons of fighters from past entries such as Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Guile – and more. Most recently, the latest patch of the game introduces Akira and Oro to the game, with Luke coming soon. SF5 is available on both Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 (PS4).

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  1. I would put SSF2T as hard. Especially those guile combos with the standing fierce into flash kick.

  2. Bro shit talking mk11 but can’t win a tourney in mk or beat sonic fox at mk but it’s that easy right ?? 😂

  3. Where is Tekken ? are you even serious for not talking about it ?!

  4. You good bro ? Sf4 is easier than CVS2/MVC2/Kof13 ?
    i guess you didn't play that much …

  5. Jesus, if you think injustice is difficult then you probably couldn’t even do a combo in tekken

  6. he literally just put 3 quarters of the fighting games in idk. i know theres nearly no way one person could adequately judge every single fighting game ever so it would’ve been a cool idea to get a few collabs with fellow fighting game ccs to get a wider perspective on more of the games that were touched upon

  7. It’s a shame Virtua Fighter never gets any mentions on these kinds of topics. It’s always street fighter, MK, Tekken, street fighter clone and more street fighter clones.

  8. No offense to punk but he can't even flawless block in mk11. At a high level he can't even compare

  9. Bro you NEED to play lethal league blaze. Its such a unique fighting game and I feel like you'd love it

  10. Punk is the kind of guy to say the dumbest shit ever but you never get mad because he truly believes what he's saying.

  11. Ok, I am definitely picking the baby game.

  12. I have never played fighting games which is better for me in matchmaking popularity learning curve sfv or mk11.

  13. Lethal league is pretty fun and does get a little hard once you learn about the mixups each character has. I main dice in that game it’s very fun once you learn the simple mechanics

  14. It’s crazy cause I grew up playin FGs. Irdk what kids grew up playing these days…

  15. No Third Strike!?!? You hurt my feelings pretty bad right there

  16. los juegos de pelea son lo mejor, no soy muy bueno pero son bastante interesantes; recien estoy conociendo esto de los juegos que parecen fan made que pense que eran malos por los graficos, pero tienen bastante detalle en sus mecanicas y eso demuestra dedicación y cariño al trabajo que hacen

  17. no MKX or do you just bunch that with MK11? They are really different IMO was surprised not to see it on the list….I liked the speed and mechanics(resources etc…) on it a lot more than MK11 but MK11 had better everything else.

  18. You should have brought justin in on this. I know he knows all the games

  19. Boo for Kongai invitation removal…how about Fantasy Strike? Kongai is a card fighting game like Street Fighter, with graphics by Udon Entertainment, but without requiring twitchy reactions.

  20. Bro how could you have never played tekken 7 or the soul calibre games 😂

  21. So you didn't played 3rd strike, or tekken

  22. I have trouble getting used to dbz fighters with hit box

  23. I have a hard time with charge characters like balrog

  24. My controller to broken for these games…. Lul plus im an actual fighter with alot of street fights, i cant relate to the 2d plain….

  25. U really put Dragon Ball Fighterz over Sfv, dragon ball can be played by a kid of 2 years, i learned how to played in 2 days, 2

  26. I actually agree Mk11 was the easiest fighter i ever played

  27. i honestly think centralfiction is the hardest fighting game ever made

  28. Does he always sound like this or is he doing a bit?

  29. Had an argument with a friend trying to tell him that FighterZ is harder than MK and he kept denying 😂😂

  30. I think Mortal Kombat is kind of like the Kaiju movies of fighting games. You're not there for depth you're there to shed some blood and just have some good old violence

  31. Game with pink poneys: HARD
    Mortal Kombat: "for toddlers"

    Fighting games need to get their tone consistency together ASAP.

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