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Ranking the best fighting games of all time

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  1. Super Smash Bros Ultimate (All DLC) With Waluigi: My Power is Unrivaled

    Me Playing Jump Force With No DLC: Your Definitely The Most Loved. But Jump Force is The Bes-

    (I know I am gonna cause a debate, but Jump Force is one of my fav fighting games)

  2. Tekken 10: Hmph these are just children

  3. All games are good. Kinda confused street fighter wasn’t on the list but, all games are amazing if you’re looking for more graphically intense games I would choose Mortal Kombat. If you are looking for games with more character variety choose smash bros and brawhalla. All games are great tho.

  4. Would have been funnier if ended it with brawlhalla being the weakest link

  5. Brawlhalla fell off after Reno Ngl

  6. Tekkab and street fighter has left the chat

  7. Street fighter: what’s wrong, scared 😈

  8. Me who just downloaded footsies lite of rollback edition and how I felt playing it and still playing:💀🗿

  9. Shadow fight 2 has entered the chat 🗿

  10. King of Fighters has entered the chat

  11. Street fighter 3 has entered the chat

  12. He was talking about smash melee btw. See the controller?

  13. Somome cancel this weird ass dude already , fuck….

  14. I am offended that Tekken didn't make this list

  15. Mortal Kombat>smash bros 🅿️🤷‍♂️💯🔥

  16. Im suprised shadow fight 2 didnt make it

  17. Injustice, street fighter, king of fighters, blazblue, persona royal, samurai shodown, killer instinct, tekken, rivals of aether and virtua fighter left the chat with power rangers fighting games

  18. as a person with 4000 hours on brawlhalla, i can confirm you are right….

  19. Smash Ultimate
    Guilty Gear Strive
    KOF 2002 UM

  20. I feel like mortal kombat will always be my favorite fighting game its gore is what makes it better for me

  21. Dragon ball xenoverse 1 or 2 has left the chat

  22. Ninja storm games have left the chat

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