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Ranking EVERY Fighting Game of The Year WORST TO BEST (Top 10 Fighting Games)

Totally Tubular Jonathan
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Hey everyone! With the Game Awards coming up I thought I would rank all the fighting games that have won fighting game of the year over the last 10 years from the Game Awards Show! Let me know your favorite games of the year!

Ranking EVERY Capcom Fighting Game:


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  1. The best fighting games of the last ten years are Street Fighter 6, Samurai Shodown (2019), Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Soul Calibur 6, Injustice 2 and Super Smash Bros Wii U.

  2. 2024 is gonna have some HELLA competition

    Tekken 8

    Under Night 2

    Rivals 2

    the JJK fighting game

    Multiversus return


    Edit: tekken 8 is winning lol

  3. I was exited than saw smash bros on thumbnail listed as fighting game 😂 and this list became a joke

  4. I love how personal this list is, and not just based on what people say. Big ups.

  5. Right now I agree Ultimate is unmatched as a fighting game but when Tekken 8 drops its gonna take the fattest shit on Ultimate's head. Thats gonna be the greatest fighting game of all time

  6. STOP THE CAPP, ultimate fighting feels great, mans never played online lollllll

  7. Traditional fighting games are dead. I’ve never liked them anyway lol.

  8. Honestly the topic of Multiversus is very interesting to me. I feel that it did not deserve the GOTY over KOF XV. BUT it could have been deserved if the game was actually finished. The gameplay itself was really smooth and more inclusive than KOF so yeah i get why it won but honestly looking back. MV was a quality cash grab that defo feels like a scam after the shut down.

  9. Smash really either the characters are too good or too weak its not balanced enough if you ask me, is it even a fighting game 🤷🏻‍♂️. Sf6 masterpiece

  10. Bro really said Street Fighter 5 has a lack of characters, dude there is at least 60 characters to chose from

  11. Mortal Kombat 1 > Street fighter VI
    My fighting game of the year is MK1 way better characters and like the Kameo edition to the game

  12. I can't belive how much time I wasted seeing this video until top 3.

  13. Played Guilty Gear, Fighterz, MK1 and Street Fighter 6 and you are absolutely right

  14. Whoever said sifu is a fighting game sinply bc theres combat has to never cook again 😭😭

  15. Crazy how multiversus won over kof15 and Jojo

  16. nah fuck that. Asphalt, dirt, brick, Gravel and ice

  17. guilty gear strive remains as the game that comes to my mind when I thinka of "A brand new game turned instantly into favourite game", it's my absolute favourite fighting game of all time, I know how to play with almost all the characters, keep up with the pro scene, and got 5 friends of mine to buy it and play it with me (it wasn't easy, but that's what talking about it all the time does to a mf).

  18. I’m glad you predicted street fighter 6 to win. Because it did win fighting game of the year.

  19. Just to remind to people, top 10 means they are all freaking good👍

    Sf6 is my favourite, top 1 for me❤️

  20. Sf6 is just a vibe bro, theyre weren't lying at all. Everything about the game was really great

  21. Who tf says Smash Bros isn’t a fighting game? That’s literally all you do

  22. MKX vs MK11 at the game awards really is just coughing baby vs hydrogen bomb

  23. On a note semi-related to Fighters, how do you feel about Cementoss from Hero Aca?

  24. I love how many ranking videos you have. Keeps me entertained. Thank you.

  25. we never getting rollback tears (A dbfz ex fan)

  26. unrelated but i think if sc6 had the same amount of content as 3, better netcode, and slight changes to gameplay with a slightly bigger roster+better presentation it would be the best soulcalibur in terms of fun

  27. My favorite fighting games ever are (just my favorite game per franchise):
    1. Super Smash Bros Melee – 9/10
    2. Tekken 8 – 9/10
    3. Street Fighter III Third Strike – 9/10
    4. Guilty Gear Strive – 8/10
    5. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 8/10
    6. Marvel vs Capcom 2 – 8/10
    7. Mortal Kombat X – 8/10
    8. Killer Instinct (2013) – 8/10
    9. Soul Caliber II – 7/10
    10. Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate – 7/10

  28. I respect your reasoning for putting Ultimate #1, but I just can't look past just how bad the online is. A game where playing your buddies that live on the other side of town feels like playing vs someone on the other side of the world should not be ranked #1. Online is one of the biggest factors that go into determining what makes a good fighting game. DBFZ would be one of the best fighting games of all time if the online was playable from the start. Strive is the biggest example of a game having amazing online but nothing else to show for it. The gameplay is too heavy imo and trying to match against someone with their lobby system is brutal. Of your list I'd probably go: SF6>MKX>T7>DBFZ>Strive>IJ2>MK11>Multiverses>Ultimate>SFV

  29. Tekken >>>>>>>……..>>>>All Other Games(Fighting games)

  30. Thanks for showing love to mkx, these peasants prefer having good graphics to having good gsmeplay. Mk11 is a big disappointment to us

  31. I wonder where he would put tekken 8 in here

  32. My favorite is CFC. yeah, it's just a collection of older Capcom games, but there's just a bunch of awesome picks. (Except puzzle fighter. That one sucks) also, you don't need cheat codes for certain characters.

  33. MK X favorite fighting game of all time

  34. These are subjective opinions. I disagree with your rankings for MK11 and SF5.

  35. The online for 3ds and wii u was leauges better than ultimates tbh and i played the online in ultimate alot back then the lag was unreal

  36. Bro, Tekken is my favorite fighting game series too! I made a ton a videos on my channel talking about it and recently been putting up Tekken 8 stuff. Just for that, you getting a sub from me. Also, I saw you Need for Speed ranked video (another game series I love) and I thought it was great. Really loving the content you're putting out man. 👌

  37. Multiversus was the best out of its year, it was talked about everywere, the only people that talked about KOF were fans of KOF and not even all of them because I can promise you I’ve been playing that game since 98 and I couldn’t have cared less about KOF that year

  38. Are u mad!!!! where is KOF xiv ????????!!!!!!

  39. I don't know what can top Tekken 8 for 2024. I used to be against Tekken, could never get into it, and then 8 showed up and now for the very first time I'm actually into Tekken. And I can't believe it after SF6, blew me away. But T8 is better to me in every single metric I can think of, I'm amazed at the 180 it made me do on this franchise. T8 is my fav fighting game of all time now along with FighterZ. I can't imagine other games beating it even in the coming years.

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