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Ranking every fighting game controller.

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Today we’re weighing in on the Fighting Game input device discussion – is hitbox cheating? Is gamepad good enough? Should you switch to steering wheel?? Let’s investigate. Step into the mesmerizing world of jax mbti digital circus, where the digital and the artistic converge in a spectacular display of creativity. Explore a virtual wonderland filled with interactive wonders, mind-bending visuals, and cutting-edge performances.

Brian F pad tech:
Luffy’s pad:
the guitar hero controller:
Core A gaming’s video about Initial T:
the hurtbox:
the Battlestation:

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  1. I am disappointed at the lack of the armored core controller on this list.

  2. if you wont to get truly optimal go Brain chip no buttons needed just stand there like Ryu arms folded cant hear are see what your thinking now can they! just think the moves and think always be blocking

  3. You forgot about the real GOAT: the HOTUS. What's more optimal than having your buttons ON your stick?

  4. The only true way is to Play on a Keyboard

  5. fightstick is how the games were meant to be played. 40 years from now itll be 1 button and tournements based on who can make the best macro

  6. Incredible list haha I haven’t seen the sit on the floor legs spread apart stance in a long time. It was literally the only way to play a Mos. I standard table couldn’t even support it lol

  7. This was definitely not as funny as how you probably envisioned it.

  8. Potemkin Battleststion is basically a mechanical macro. Now I’m imagining people 3D printing weird plastic contraptions for their Sticks/Controllers/boxes that facilitates hitting buttons in a specific order with specific timing.

  9. this is hardly a tier list. my goodness. still like to hear this

  10. Hitbox just seems like such a weird concept… it must take ages to get used to.

  11. How could you possibly forget about the Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad controller? It's truly a top tier controller!

  12. No matter what you said about fight sticks. I love em… I have my f300 for 2 days and i love it❤

  13. Bruh, fight sticks in boomer tier. So wrong. Of course, I'm 44. I love my fight sticks.

    I'm a boomer. Fuckassshitscoobedydoowah

  14. Multi Arcade System Sticks can withstand a nuclear strike.

  15. we keyboard peeps just don't exist i guess 😢

  16. So, what's the difference between a MAS stick and a fight stick?

  17. Im making a controller where each special move is connected to a button in an alphabetically sorted list. I will turn fighting games into the dewey decimal system by any means necessary

  18. So one lever is slow old tech, but more than one lever is good? Got it. Also, can't take anything seriously if you're not joking about using a wheel. Edit: Ok, finished watching, this whole thing is a joke.

  19. You forgot about the golden tee go track ball controller

  20. this wasn't an april fools video?

  21. The sega saturn game pad is the god of gamepads for fighting games

  22. You forgot the real top tier controller: the accordion!

  23. I play on an xbox pad and I only use the analog stick for diagonal jumps. It feels inefficient reaching my thumb up every time I want to jump forward but angling your jump with the pad is pretty bad, I would get neutral jump when I wanted a diagonal jump too often.

  24. Smash players are unironically like this by claiming the purple intestine is the best fighting game controller.

  25. Where is my pro gaming Razer shit keyboard

  26. Under the below trash category should be high end korean lever with cross up configuration.

  27. Guys i just realised he didn't forget keyboard! Its just off screen in the top tier above truly optimal exactly where it belongs.

  28. nah I'm 17 why did I feel old when he said that you were a dinosaur when using a fight stick 💀

  29. On arcade stick since my childhood.
    I have Hori rap 4,Madcatz TE2 sanw and my latest a Nacon Daija with LS 56 octo sanwa silent buttons.
    On my arcade,It s 2 sanwa octo jlf.
    The feeling is really important,with arcade 2D games a good arcade stick can offer a better gameplay,but like any instrument,practice is the best way.
    With 3D games I use classic ps4 and with 2D plateformer SF30pro is the best way (a super nintendo blutooth).

  30. do all of these controllers work for ps5?

  31. It's so sad to see the spirit of fighting games reduced to this horrible level. Let's see these people sit down at a candy cab in Japan and try to compete. The Japanese know what's up. They'll make these people look like novices.

  32. The only thing more entertaining than this video is all of the people who think that their controller choice will actually matter at their skill level LOL. Unless you're a tournament god going to regional championships, your controller doesn't mean anything other than being a preference. Even at the top .1% players at a championship like EVO, the controller choice won't be the difference in winning or losing.

  33. Hitbox is not cheating anymore than using a keyboard or some dpads

  34. Battle station PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION.

  35. Why do gamers always have to make bandwagon bs out of everything? They’re just game controllers

  36. Boomers aren't first gen OGs – Gen Zers are.

  37. I swear the most antiquated thing about fightsticks is just the size of the levers and the buttons. You got to shrink that stuff down a little bit so things are just a bit closer together and you're opposing direction of movement can be reached because you don't have to cover so much ground…

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