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Episode 109 – We talk about some more fighting games. Which games would you like to see us talk about next?

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  1. Soul calibur 2 came out in 2002. Man, im old, I still remember this on the gamecube like it was yesterday

  2. Excellent episode! So many great games and series I'm interested in reviewed! I liked the format, too.

  3. Careful when sniffing manuals from bad games …

  4. Soul Calibur 5 has nice graphics and a pretty good fighting system, but the characters are unlikable, the story mode is a complete joke from top to bottom, and there's a huge lack of content. It's a pretty disappointing title to be honest, not really worthy of the Soul Calibur name. Pretty much a step back for the series.

  5. No-one knows or cares about the Star Gladiator series. This makes me sad 🙁

  6. DOA 5 is my favorite fighting game of all time! (I have Last Round on the X1 now, actually).

    Fighters Destiny on the 64 is pretty awesome too.

    SF was awesome when it was II, II Turbo and all of that, but I like KoF series better.

  7. soulcalibur for the dreamcast.. man when i first saw that ..what a brilliant game! not to forget powerstone 1 & 2.. i wish to see that series  in the HD era.

  8. You guys really like Mai, no? In every video with Fatal Fury or King of Fighters gameplay you guys are playing with her.

  9. thank you for playing the psycho soldiers athena theme.

  10. Who the hell is J.J.? I believe it's Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's Employer.

  11. the sniffing of the manuals dudes = spot on.

  12. Rival Schools/Project Justice on the Dreamcast is one beautiful, underappreciated game.
    Guilty Gear X on the Dreamcast is silky smooth 60fps and HD.
    In Justice League Task Force, Superman had long hair because it was the 80's, and in the 80's the mullet was king.
    Would the Saturn fighting game Golden Axe Duel fall under "series", because it followed all the previous Golden Axe games on the Genesis? Because that one should get a worthy mention from Game Sack either for it's randomness or great use of character sprite scaling for close and distant fighting.

  13. "Who the hell is J.J.?"
    (ahem) James Jonah Jameson…. Peter Parker's boss, the bigwig at the Daily Bugle.

  14. Smell my manual!? You guys are weird. Great vid though thanks.

  15. I am sure there will be another series of this because there are some other games I know they haven't mentioned such as astra superstars, groove on fight 3, touryuu densetsu, flash hyders, sailor moon fighter on sfc and the such. This was really done and saw your ep 2 as well. Good job guys

  16. rival schools was on the Ps1 ? wow i didn't know that. I think the only time i've seen it was back in the day in the Arcade.

  17. I only know about Dead or Alive because of the fan service. XD

  18. I personally love those old blocky graphics, I can just remember watching old fighting games in the arcade and being mesmerised by them. I don't know why but they hold such a charm for me.

  19. I could never get into any of the Virtua Fighter games. Out of all the fighting games I've ever played, the Virtua Fighter characters felt by far the least natural. Their movements were stiff and robotic, and at least on the PS2 version some of the characters looked incredibly strange, like they were super-low poly count and trying (and failing) to cover it up with textures. I really wanted to like them, but in the end pretty much every available alternative was more appealing.

  20. I'm surprised that you didn't find Goenitz a cheap CPU character in KOF '96.

    Anyway, if you guys do another one of these episodes, I'd like to hear your opinion on Sega's Last Bronx & Virtual On, and Capcom's Cyberbots & Tech Romancer (if you haven't already).

  21. what character would the dreamcast have if it had soul calibur 2?

  22. Two things:

    1.) In Marvel Superheroes, when Spider-Man says, "One for J.J.," he is referring to his boss at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson.

    2.) I believe that X-Men: Children of the Atom precedes Marvel Superheroes as the first Capcom-Marvel fighting game.

  23. Thanks Dave to speak about Soul Calibur. That Joe shit epic failed in the Dreamcast special (button masher? mission mode nothing special? Pffff…)

  24. I'm really sad Arika's game, Fighting Layer, never got released in the U.S. It's a forgotten gem.

  25. The hype for this video was instant with the SoulBlade music in the beginning!
    I absolutely love Marvel Super Heroes on the PS1. I was 50/50 on the Infinity Gems though.
    SoulBlade is one of my favorite games of all time! I love all the SoulCalibur games to this day and its my favorite fighting game series.
    KoF '94 was my first KoF game and its really awesome. I was never sure why all the Americans were sports players and why their stage looked like a post-apocalytic Detroit.
    I LOVE Justice League Task Force for the SNES! I love the music at the stage select. Superman's mullet was always hilarious to me.
    This is my favorite episode of Game Sack so far and I've seen alot of episodes and bought the Blu-Ray. Keep it up guys!!!!

  26. Who thinks it would be awesome if they made a Soulcalibur game with a tag team mechanic similar to Tekken Tag Tournament, with the roster consisting of every fighter in the series, including guests (only ONE mimic character, and it must be Charade. He's my favorite of the mimic bunch). I also think they should add Lloyd Irving and Meta Knight as more guests. I know a lot of guests are here, but hey, if this is gonna be a dream match, let's make it a true dream match. Also, if this gets made, Please make a Good PC port and maybe a Vita port to go with the PS4 version.
    Who thinks this would be a good idea.

  27. Not that I'm complaining, but did anyone else notice how much Mai (from King of Fighters) boobs are huge and have a LOT of frames of animation?

  28. I love you guys. Probably the most I've watched of a single series on Youtube, especially in recent times.

  29. Injustice is totally the spiritual successor to Justice League, down to level design. how is this the first time i noticed that?

  30. "It's an all female Street Fighter and that makes me happy." – Dave, 2014

  31. I liked this & 2. I wonder when their making a 3rd fighting episode?

  32. Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi is a fun PS1 fighting game. It gets a lot of hate for some reason, but I have many fond memories of playing it. I do remember the combos could be quite difficult to pull off, but it was great fun to try and unlock new characters. Its the only Star Wars themed pure-fighter that I know of.

  33. You guys should look into Yu Yu Hakusho Makyoutohissen, i had a blast with this when I was little

  34. Soul Calibur 2 came to home consoles in 2003, actually. The arcade version was released in 2002, but not the console versions.

    Also, it's 16 to 9, not by 9. It's a ratio, for every 16 units horizontal, 9 units vertical. Small thing, but there's a distinct difference.

  35. My favorite fighting game series is Dead Or Alive. I love that series. The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are sweet, the story is nice and the women are beautiful. I got good at the games just to unlock the costumes (So pissed that costumes are DLC now) and I even won a local tournamate playing DOA2 (I was a beast as Tina, but Rachael, Honoka and Ayane are also my faves. especially Honoka) The prize was a copy of Dead Or Alive Xtreme (which is also fun <3 and I got all of those as well 1,2, Paradise, and 3 ) I first started to play it when I played a demo of DOA2 for the dreamcast and I got Dead or Alive 3 for the Xbox and I later got Dead or Alive Ultimate (1 and 2) for the Xbox. The only one I never played was 4 sadly . Truly my favorite series. I love it so much I got the 3ds and vita games as well. Sad that I had to import Xtreme 3 for the vita but it was worth it. Too bad the movie sucked

  36. Is that Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden fame in Dead or Alive?

  37. If you guys want random fighting, try to track down killing zone on original PlayStation. Its a 3d fighter based on classic monsters like Frankenstein's and Medusa. Just let me know if you work out what the heck the announcer says at the start if each fight! Love the show though, keep them going!

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