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Puppet Characters in Fighting Games | Video Essay

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A video where we take a look at the different ways fighting games tackle the puppet character archetype and how they differ from eachother.
0:00 – Intro
1:23 – Puppeteer
3:38 – Controller
5:38 – Commander
7:22 – Landlord
10:00 – Desync
11:50 – Programmer
14:23 – Conclusion

Ice Climbers Desync Guide:
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  1. taokaka's OD is pretty similar to ice climbers imo

  2. I think Bedman (non-strive) would fit programmer as it requires you to set up moves and activate them. I think some people say "trap" character, but it's essentially the samething. You're planning ahead and setting up something with inputs.

  3. Happy Chaos is a kind of weird puppet character in my eyes, having his "puppet" out locks him out of blocking and allows him to hit the opponent whenever the reticle is focused on them while expending meters he also uses for zoning, allowing him a similar style of lockdown to Zato where the gun covers for him after unsafe or – moves and covering places on screen he is not while he goes about his day.

  4. Just wanted to give some notes on icies as you've been a bit misled by appearances on them.

    firstly, the secondary climber basically doesn't care what the primary climber is doing except in rare exceptions, their actions are queued up directly via controller inputs (when connected, but going into that is a bit too in depth for a yt comment).

    secondly desyncs being the key principle that makes ice climbers threatening is…. technically correct? but not in the way that you're describing. Desyncs in neutral, such as setting up projectile walls at range or as an approach tool are fundamentally not very strong in melee. Desyncs limit their movement, can't really apply pressure if the opponent is on platforms, make the icies more likely to be seperated off stray hits, and as you note, take time and space to set up. Having them is better than not, but their contribution to the icies neutral game is limited. They're better as advantage state tools (basically smash's version of oki, covering not just knockdown but ledge getup and corner situations and when the opponent is falling back to stage without double jump) but still not a massive part of what makes icies scary. Icies are the grappler of melee, and as is typical of grapplers, what they do to try to get in on you isn't really the scary bit.

    It's technically correct that desyncs are what make ice climbers threatening because their grab game is technically all desync play, as only one climber can be grabbing the opponent at a time, leaving the other climber free to do w/e.

    also you didn't actually show the banned thing icies do in the clip rofl.

  5. Carl was the first character that motivated me to pick up puppet types. I thought the mechanized bored all Fighting by his side was super bad ass so I decided to try my hand at the character which ultimately was about a year worth of struggling before I got any semblance of being good but once I got it down I have never played another character more fun, more unique, and with more options available to them. He is literally the golden standard for puppet characters for me. I feel like the main reason for this is because of how much control you have over Nirvana. She doesn't disappear after a set time and she stays on the screen wherever you leave her allowing for so many different ways of combo expression.

  6. I’m weirdly attached to Charge and Puppet characters idk why but they are fun

  7. I’d love to see a type of video like this for rushdowns, some characters are Arizona Tianhou from tfh(a ground and Aerial rushdown respectively)

    Or even charge characters, like Umbrella(a charge grappler) Paprika( a rush down grappler)

  8. Is Enchantress a Controller or a Commander?

  9. As a career puppet player im impressed you made this, a lot of outsiders to the archetype will recommend I pick characters like Chaos in Uni, but fail to understand its that simultaneous and complete control that drew me to Eddie and Carl.

  10. At 11:30 not sure if you're saying desyncing is banned? Only wobbling is banned(grabbing someone and pummeling infinitely). Pretty sure handoffs are still fine with ICs.

  11. Kankkuro just being ignored but he's a puppet user 💀

  12. You forgot the entire cast of battle for the grid with zord meter, and [Redacted game referenced].

  13. not a fighting game persay, but vergil(and dantess doppleganger in 3) from various devil may cry games definintly are close to this in a sense. and i guess zero in marvel vs capcom 3 with his shadow clone super creating a delayed attack coverage.

  14. I don't play fighters personally- I'm bad under competitive pressures, clumsy with my inputs, and terrible at learning under the harsh conditions you're expected to survive learning fighting games. However, I thought I'd chip in with the character I think of when I hear about "puppet characters". Pom from Them's Fightin' Herds. She's a pretty standard Commander character whose commands are all handled through the special input button. She calls in her puppies to bite, scratch, dig, etc and help her extend blockstrings and create crossups. She can have a certain "point value" of dogs on screen at once, and with careful positioning can make some very powerful setups. Her Level 2 super lets her bring in the Dad dog as a puppet, who fills the gap in her big 3-point Mom dog puppet's moves. Good Pom players are super interesting to watch- since the games are so fast it's interesting seeing them find time to set up her puppets and create those oppressive situations. Figured I'd bring her up since nobody else in the comments seems to have yet.

  15. What kind of psycho calls zatoichi zato one?

  16. While I'm personally not a fan of GG Strive all too much, I really do love Jack-O there and how they changed her there. Being able to kick thr minions around and they have hitboxes and make them attack is really cool! I may give her another shot but I'm not sure. I'll definitely play her though in GG Rev 2 as that game i find that more interesting and entertaining than Strive personally.

  17. Although my current fighting game project will probably not have a puppet character sense it is my first game
    I do want to make a fighting game that uses stands but isn't based on jojo where the main grappler is actually a programmer character with a supper slow and heavy puppet that have deadly chackmate set up that you have to set up far in advance

  18. The literal puppeteers from Naruto were MY FAVORITES to play… And then they switched to 3d arenas and they were so bad
    Instead of getting punished from 1 side and getting your puppet almost immediately you would get punished from 16 directions and your piece of crap puppet would take time to come and (iirc) when you call it back it gets staggered when you get hit? Not to mention that ninja Storm gave every character super dash for practically for free which ment they could rush you faster than in the 2d ones
    Final form Sasori was the only decent one since his puppets work more like projectiles (i think i might be talking out of my ah)

  19. Noob Saibot NEEDS to join puppet characters to differentiate him from the other ninjas

  20. The gimmick of Jack-O and Dahlia comes from Gargoos in KI. He has a super which summons minions the same way.
    The 'guy follows you and attacks via specials' thing Chaos does I think first comes from Alice (version 1) in Asura Buster. She had a skeleton with the same gimmick

  21. Here after your CEO win… def gonna be binging your videos!

  22. I think a good example of a programmer that isn't a situational option like meter or on certain knock downs is dizzy from xx with fish.

  23. Ken/koromaru my favorite by far for the ability of making sandwiches

  24. Amazing video. I’d love to see one about RNG characters like Faust, Teddie, Shingo, Hsien Ko etc..

  25. Karl does use negative edge on that unique button to be clear

  26. I love strive zato and acpr zato. I also love relius. Tbh I love Karl too. It’s a shame some of the coolest characters have to route into unblockables to play optimally. Say goodbye to your friends 😢

  27. what about Pom from thems fighting herds?

  28. Hey, JoJo fan here! Devo’s puppet is called “Ebony Devil.” And Devo is named after the American new wave band of the same name!

  29. Fighting againts puppet character is embodiment of "what the f happening right now"

  30. What is your opinion on galford and nakoruru from samurai showdown?
    Couldn't they be classified as puppet characters too?

  31. @eddventure6214 I wonder why you didn't mention Shadow Labrys in the "programmer" section of the video because her super "Titanomachia" is exactly what you are describing there

  32. Lmao if you think about it duck hunt in smash is the ultimate puppet character.
    The can is a puppet, once you send it you can control it whenever.
    The clay frisbee is a controller, for block strings and combos if you have the foresight.
    And the gunman is the programmer, it can confirm into grabs or safe aerials or stop / start combos if you anticipate what the opponent will do.

  33. My favorite puppet character has gotta be Olimar. There’s no stronger definition of chaotic without RNG. There’s a ton of strategy to be found in managing your Pikmin rotation while and through your fighting.

  34. I really likes Zato's design. The actual inputs for each move are very simple, and negative edge is a clever and efficient way to control eddy without taking buttons away from Zato himself. I like that his execution isn't pointlessly difficult; the difficulty of playing his character is just a natural result of the character's mechanical depth. Very interesting character.

  35. ITS NOT A STAND RUUUSHH NOOO; also you can technically also call hol horse a programmer character with his bullet normal (S)

  36. Penultimate means the thing before the last thing in a sequence by the way. It doesn't mean a very good example like you said with Zato.

  37. I’m from the future and can add Geras from Mk1 as a programmer lol

  38. What about zephyr from castlevania dawn of sorrow

  39. Gotta love how the first ever puppet fighter in fighting game history- came from a Jojo fighting game.

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