PS5 In 2020 - The Future Of Fighting Games -

PS5 In 2020 – The Future Of Fighting Games

Maximilian Dood
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  1. The PS5 would be even better if they gave it “ Full Backwards Compatibility ”. With upgraded visuals on every emulation to be better on the new TV’s

  2. Why are you making a big deal about the price? Why pay more for our phones. Smh

  3. Lmao that's a bad thing if u have to give up your mother's arm

  4. If I can get ONE good boxing game on ps5 it will be worth every penny!!!

  5. Hey Max, have you ever thought of doing a podcast with YoVideoGames? That way people can listen on the go and people can hear all of your opinions and listen to you all bounce ideas and concepts off of each other.

  6. I want them to surprise us by getting a snk staff member on stage and announcing CVS3. That is the true dream

  7. Do a new Alpha 4 using cell shaded like DBZ Fighters.

  8. I just hope that most ps4 games are compatible, USF4 is still a ton of fun to play

  9. IF its backward compatible with PS4 and ps3 for me it’s a done deal even at 700

  10. Its a enhanced ps4 Sounds good to me as long as I can play PlayStation 4 Games in a higher resolution and that’s gonna be so cruel and new games that are coming out so yeah it’s just a huge upgrade

  11. Yeah ps4 was said as future of fighting games too and lol ps5 coming now and ps5 will be the main future of fighting games. Lol all is playstation and sony

  12. I'm looking forward to see what information Microsoft will come out with about scarlet.

  13. resident evil all remake against to ps5 cheat people's buy ps5

  14. Are there going to be creepy commercials for the PS5 a la the creepy possessed toy baby (like they had for PS3)?

  15. What's the name of the music in the background?

  16. I really wish Sony would focus on performance over resolution. Don't care about 8k.

  17. Ps5 bundle 2020:
    Super Kratos Party V.
    Dantes' Crazy Golf.
    Ryus' Pro Snooker.
    Kazuya Mashima Show. (Greatest Father Edition) DLC not included.

    With DLC – $899.99 includes Cat stickers for your hat.

  18. my ps5 prediction:
    powerful console, bullshit games… DLC for 70% of the games

  19. Can ps5 be able to download the ps4 games too as of backwards compatibility? Because what about ps4 sf4, download only. I hope ps5 backwards compatibility will get far and can play all downloads as well of ps4

  20. I want more fighting games on the ps 5 and full backwards compatibility for all playstation games 1234 I thought the ps 5 was gonna cost 30,000 dollars like the first 8k tvs

  21. The only thing will make me buy it is backwards compatible I will pre order it in no time I want the old games ps2 ps3and ps1 not 4 even if it will be there for sure but still we need the old games even if its just digital I will buy them the library of ps2 in ps4 is not good at all. I will not buy for 4k and that crap I can keep my ps4 for a long time and still have fun also the game of ps5 when it will com that another reason to calm down and not haste to get it 🙂.

  22. The only reason i got a PS4 was Bloodborne and the only reason i'll probably get a PS5 will be a sequel to Bloodborne XD

  23. Why does the background music sorta sound like Titanic

  24. For anyone wondering what the name of the music is in the background, it's Banquet in the Snow – Lunar Terrace from Monster Hunter World Iceborne

  25. Bro if i can play mvc2 and metal gear solid than I’m straight that’s all i want with the ps5 lol

  26. Imagine Guilty Gear and KOFXV being launch titles for the PS5 O.O

  27. i just want to play it with out it crashing on launch day

  28. I want max Payne 3 in ps5 or remastered otherwise I won't buy ps5

  29. The PS5 allegedly will be able to take PS4 discs and PS4 game downloads from your digital library. That’s why no one has announced launch titles yet, cuz it’s a gray area, where the ps5 will be able to play it regardless of which console it drops for.

  30. If fight night is not on the release date im gonna lose it we have been waiting for over 10 years already

  31. I was wondering to our Arcade Sticks that we spend our hard earned money on,Is it backwards compatibility them?

  32. Sony Customer service and me.

    Me – take my money now.
    Sony – in 2020 is the release.
    Me – uh shit bro, you want one million dolars?
    Sony – in 2020 is the release, you need to wait sir, thanks.
    Me – :,(

  33. Previous PS models were sold below the price of production. The business model assumed that more expensive games would make up for this + make the actual profit. So there is a chance that PS5 will be $500 or less.

  34. This time around I’ll be dropping my money on a brand new gpu.. ✌️✌️

  35. $999 ps5 more likely. and 1299 for a PRO model aka a real ps5

  36. Ps4 controllers better be compatible cause i dont want to buy another 200$ stick just for the ps5

  37. I feel you on that street fighter max but we all know that the next street fighter is gonna be mediocre at least at launch

  38. most ppl can't even tell the difference between 1080p and 4k. Most people can't see 4k. I have a hard time telling if they aren't right next to each other.
    8k is bullshit on every level.

  39. If you can’t play PS4 games and I mean a good 80%+ I’m not buying there shitty system it’s just no point. PS4 has been out for how long? Has how many games? No excuses it has to be backwards compatible.

  40. i gave up hope on the ps5. i just stream all my ps4 games to my pc and play mouse and keyboard

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