PS5 In 2020 - The Future Of Fighting Games -

PS5 In 2020 – The Future Of Fighting Games

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Ne oder^^ dann kann ich meine ps4 wegschmeissen weil keine games mehr kommen so ein schwachsinn!

  2. I agree, I’m concerned about the games as well. The ps5 could look like a projector, as long as it runs well and won’t overheat.

  3. So sick and tired waiting for like 10 minutes to find a match in tekken 7

  4. $ 5,000 ??? Really dude? i need to know weres buy you weed,that shittt is strong dude hahahaha seriously,if you are a "respect person" on the videogames world why you say that? Sony and a lot a media says; "the price for the ps5 its gonna a be the same price to ps4,maybe $100 more … " $5,000 ? thats funny dude,when sony selling a ps5 in a 5k that day sony disapare hahaha c'monnnn men 😒

  5. I'm assuming that new guilty gear game will be on the ps5 but maybe a second one or a sequel to that game will be on the ps5

  6. How many Q-bits is this monster going to have?

  7. Bro your collection in your room is absurd and I love it

  8. It better have backwards compatibility with all Sony consoles so I can finally play all the Mortal Kombat console games

  9. I don't care how much it cost, I will have one 4 sure

  10. I can't find any gameplay differences between de PS4 fighting games and the PS3 fighting games. Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat 11, Blazblue CT and Blazblue CF… Only change the graphics, not the gameplay. PS5 will be the same.

  11. PC has beat out pretty much majority of fighting games compared to consoles with performance when you have decent specs.

    Ps4 runs USFIV, BBCF, GG XRD, UNIST Slightly equilvent to PC but other than that newer fighting games on consoles, have issues. Issues that cannot be fixed unless you jailbreak the machine

  12. I really hope it will play every PS game.

  13. I don't care about the price one bit. I'm getting it

  14. League of Legends: Project L will likely have something to do with PS5.
    Because with the name of League of Legends creating a fighting game will blow up.

  15. Awsome video! Awsome input and great analogy damn right its all about what games you love to play.

  16. Tobal number 1 was one of the best fighting games ever on the PS1. Would love to see a updated version. I don't think I have seen Max play it ?

  17. 600 for a console? Apple charging twice as much for a PHONE but the CONSOLES expensive 😂

  18. How much will a PS5 cost? What features will it have? Games and graphics and what about the PS1 and PS2 and PS3 games on there for PS5? What is all the hype about on PS5 games and system? How about no more loading on the system and get into it.

  19. My dream games would be a new MVC entry & Bloody Roar.

  20. It would be smart for s
    Square to releasw ps4 ff7 remake. Then release ff7 remake AND ps5.
    And then 1 months after the ps5 release, release ff7 remake for PC to maximize sales.

  21. When I heard Max saying the console wouldn't be cheap I thought he would estimate a price close to 1000$.

    Here in Brazil the playstation 4 was sold for 4000R$, our currency. Paying 500R$ in a console is a dream for me.

    Edit: R$ our currency is named Reais.

  22. The next gen fighting games will be 🔥🔥 🔥

  23. Hopefully the jump from Sf5 to 6 will be like SF 1 to 2

  24. WWE here comes the pain Remaster & Dragon Ball Budokai 3 Remaster…

  25. Man, I’d love to see Zone of Enders come back.

  26. Wow. Just discovered your channel and love your passion for gaming, Totally agree with ' Its all about the games.

  27. Gotta go with Xbox for next Gen, stronger, faster, better graphics.

  28. Capcom has been working and the info of an update on Street Fighter V is being developed for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

  29. yeah, a new rise of the robots, assassin killers, kasumi ninja, shaw fu, Bikini Karate Babes, Buchigire Kongou: Battle Construction Vehicles, a couple of examples that need next game releases to keep Max happy. 😉

  30. What if we get a bunch of remastered fighting game but we can now play them online agen

  31. We should have a fighting game console only for fighting games 👍🏽

  32. 60 fps is fine, but above 120 is gorgeos. I take high refresh rate over high resolutiions any day.

  33. Capcom is beyond out of touch.
    Gill was inevitable, but no one wanted Seth. I would've been more excited about Dan.
    Kage reveal.
    SFV launch.
    6 months for a story mode.

    We all expect them to pull this badass rabbit out of the hat, but we keep getting clumps of shit.
    I'm not holding my fucking breath anymore.

  34. Xbox > PS….My boy Phil came back to rescue the Xbox from the dumpster fire that it was in. He’ll return it to the promised land that was the Xbox 360 days.

  35. Sony has forsaken the fighting game genre, PS5 will have the same rehashed crap from namco and capcom, what happened to battle arena toshinden, bloody roar and rivals schools.
    sony is done, PS5 is done.

  36. Sony has forsaken the fighting game genre, PS5 will have the same rehashed crap from namco and capcom, what happened to battle arena toshinden, bloody roar and rivals schools.
    sony is done, PS5 is done.

  37. Cloud gaming is on the way, get used to it.

  38. I want good graphics marvel figthing game

  39. Bloody Roar any one? But made by the creators of soul calibur or just contact your champion fighting game players for feed back

  40. Will we ever get a X-men fighting game

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