PS5 DualSense VS XBox Series Controller - Which Is Better For Fighting Games? -

PS5 DualSense VS XBox Series Controller – Which Is Better For Fighting Games?

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  1. Xbox Series: bottons
    Ps5: ergonomic, analogs, dpad, feedback…
    Ps5 control is better imo

  2. Only problem i have is that the d pad is under the analog stick. The ps5 looks much more comfortable if you use only the dpad.

  3. Can I use the joysticks to play fighting games?
    I feel like the circular motions would be much easier

  4. Great video but i still cant choose lol i hate choosing things

  5. Just think the accuracy of inputs of dpad is not good of the PS5 dual sense controller

  6. PS5 for 2D, fighting games, 3rd person, xbox for shooters and racing games. Both for sports and rpg

  7. if u care about dpad. do not buy xbox series x controll. unless is a power a dpad or xbox one.
    this series x controll official. is trash. .

    i tried power a xbox and ps5 controll. and power a seems to be best. and xbox one controll

  8. Glad I got the backbone controller PlayStation edition it has ps5 look

  9. I like the mushy dpad more like the backbone controller dpad

  10. I got so frustrated with both that I ended up switching to keyboard and now my inputs are read correctly.

  11. This is THE BEST review I've ever watched for controllers

  12. The Xbox controller is unusable for fighting games because the d-pad is only 4 direction. It's extremely hard to press diagonals on it.

  13. I have both consoles but I hate the d pad on the Xbox it’s so loud lol

  14. Great vid thanks. Looking to get some new Series controllers and upgrade my docking station as well. Currently using the old bluetooth Xbox One controller. I like the old dpad for retro games, it's clicky, but not too stiff. Hoping this new one improves upon it, or is as good. Just from what I've seen, it is really loud… Need to test one before I buy I think.

  15. which controller is the best for The King of Fighter game?

  16. dude you should consider going ASMR, thats a compliment

  17. I have Xbox One pad. The d-pad broke very quickly after playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X.
    I am 100% sure this will happen to thix Xbox Series X pad too. They are built almost the same.

    I need to find something better. PS5 is a downgrade from the PS4.

  18. Don't throw away your X pad. Here is why:

    I might be a little late here, tho I feel like leaving a thought anyways: I started tekken since ps2 and never used xbox controller for fighting games. Here I am now on Series X, and I really don't understand all the hate about the X controller, I main Steve, I dived deeper into it, learned shiro combo on it, flicker cancel ws, korean backdash. I think after a week I thought to myself that it never felt so responsive before. It's just that you learn this dpad differently and when you catch the trick of it you really begin to appreciate it.

    For example: I'm a thumb player, so due to the fact that dpad is much closer to 1234 I was able to learn doublethumb guttling gun on steve, it was almost impossible on the dualshock

    Another thing is about korean backdash: I never press down actually, I place my thumb on the edge of Back and press it diagonally, you can't do that on ds pad, same thing for flicker cancel. I figured that my thumb actually moves less like 80% compared to DS controller.

    Another great thing is the curving of X dpad into the center, so back to forward or viceversa is an instant input for me as I just slide my thumb to slam the oposite side at lightning speed. (common thing on Steve with CC or intoflicker f3 or f4)

    There are so many tricks to this responsive masterpiece tech, just gotta give it some practice.

    Overall this comment is for everyone that reads these comments and thinks that X is trash, well it's not guys, give it some time and you'll love it.

    P.S. I'm not a Tekken god, tho I deffinitely see the advantages.

  19. I'm having trouble with qcf motions on xbox pad but I like the tactileness. Hope I can get better with it cuz pads seem the best option for my wrist health.

  20. i use my playstation controller for everything BUT fighting games.
    D-Pad will always be more precise and consistent for your inputs. The D-Pad on the series controller is just infinitely better than the ps controller in basically every way imaginable so there's almost no contest that you should use it for fighting games.

  21. Love this video comparison but those who recognize his background music are the real champs 😂😂😂

  22. The Dualsense is really big for my skinny small hands. The DualShock 4 was better in that sense.

  23. The position of the dpad analog stick is purely preference. I mainly play fighting games and I personally think the position of the dpad on the xbox controller is way more natural than the ds5. I really dislike the position of the ds5 dpad as well as the whole dpad in general. The only thing I like about the ds5 is that it’s a lot more quiet. I got used to the ds5 but I feel like if sony simply created a dpad with 4 individual buttons, rather than one solid piece, then it would be much better.

  24. I prefer the smaller dpad on the xbox personally

  25. I’m using a ps controller that’s shaped like an xbox controller its was all good until i started using it in fighting games it really hurts my left thumb with the small d pad

  26. I’ve always preferred Play Stations controllers.

  27. Most thorough and honest review I’ve seen on the two controllers. Tremendous.

  28. For a fight game PS5 controller, D-pad on Xbox not being separated have bad accurate

  29. Good review, but feels one sided in preference to Xbox controllers.

  30. If only we could combine the ergonomic of the Xbox and the features of the PlayStation

  31. Great video. I will buy a Xbox Series Controller to play on PC.

  32. I like the Xbox controller more for fighting games

  33. Great review, and your voice is very soothing lol

  34. I have a new born so I had to buy a ps5 control since im playing the hell outa Mortal Kombat 1 on my pc. Makes no noise. Starlight blue looks amazing

  35. I thought it was just me going crazy trying to consistently do down back inputs on the ps5 d-pad, that space inbetween is so awkward for me

  36. Xbox in every way EXCEPT the dpad is under the analog stick. The perfect controller is Xbox dpad but to the top left like a PS5 pad. Im seriously considering getting a scuf pro for just that reason alone

  37. The Xbox controllers buttons are also closer together which I find makes things easier when trying to hit multiple buttons simultaneously

  38. I like the dpad position of the on the Xbox control more. Following your "wrist alignment" comment , because of controller shape, the position of the pad actually causes my thumb to be in an opened up position, opposed to being contracted towards my hand using the ps5 controller. As far as thumb pain, just get that guitar finger callus!

    Also the click in the pad has literarily helped me get through some really hard combos. It’s amazing

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