Project L's Client LEAKED! Kinda... (Riots Fighting Game) -

Project L’s Client LEAKED! Kinda… (Riots Fighting Game)

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Project L’s Client LEAKED! Kinda… (Riots Fighting Game)

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  1. I guess legue will die more and more

  2. I wish rito would do hero shooter with league characters cuz valo feels like cs with extra steps

  3. Riot: Best I can do is a client that looks like it's from the early 2000's

  4. I was all fucked up looking at you tryna match the face to the voice, but this was my first time seeing you lmfao, only watched your video with audio only

  5. Yes yes yes good UI hoping is not lagging or getting high ping on the first release ..

  6. Is it gonna be a platform fighter like smash or a technical fighter like tekken

  7. is that ‘kinda’ leaking it? It’s just a cool concept.

  8. So instead of showing support with a title talking about the fan who spent all this work on the mock-up you chose to do a clickbait title?

    I can’t wait to beat your ass in project l

  9. This UI doesn't fit the theme of runeterra.

    Its just valorant client.

  10. c'mon man. words have meaning. just call the video "amazing fan art mock up of riot's fighting game client" or something. fuckin' hate YouTube clickbait titles smh

  11. yes it looks objectively good but i really hate the trend of minimalistic design with clean lines and simplified icons. hope they go a completely different route and give the UI more soul

  12. Imagine this is just Riots way of subtley getting feedback from the community

  13. Oh shit the client looking so much like league client, how they not bring the spaghetti codes with it

  14. funny for you to think they’ll have a proper launcher

  15. Ekko is one of the swaggiest designs for a character I've seen in a fighter in awhile

  16. “Give off a valid at vibe” meanwhile jinx on the screen 😑

  17. i honestly dont like it

    it looks robotic and im tired of the same vanilla simplistic look. It doesn't really fit the orange-hued fighting style aesthetic. Though I appreciate the effort that went through such a concept.

  18. That is not a leak tho, it’s a fan-made UI that’s worth showing but not a leak

  19. no this would fit for a game like valorant set in the near future but a fantasy fighting game probably not

  20. Ain't nobody talking about the crazy dmg of dariua there?

  21. I wouldn't believe that it's a leak, jinx has a different design in project l. Her top looks way less revealing. And she looks older, like less edgy teenager and more mature 28-year-old woman.

  22. It looks like ass. It looks so lame. No personality. A 1 to 1 copy of Valorant’s UI would be so, so shitty.

  23. Are the characters from Arcane going to use their league designs and just be skins or are they defaults?

  24. honestly, the main screen looks kind of generic. like 30 other multiplayer games us that same main screen.

  25. Fuck valorant vibes, we genuinely do not want y’all in the community lmao

  26. With the way the game is animated I believe will be very similar to dragon Ball fighterz like very similar

  27. Don't clickbait lie like this, sorry but thumbs down

  28. You sound like the king dead by daylight guy

  29. Just because you're stupid enough to believe your own clickbait, does not mean we appreciae being lied to.

  30. this is just valorant ui with league characters put on top of it

  31. The official loks wat better then this valorant looking

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