Project L, the League of Legends fighting game has finally made its Debut! Here's what we know -

Project L, the League of Legends fighting game has finally made its Debut! Here’s what we know

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So we finally got our debut look at Project L, the league of legends fighting game after the big arcane finale(watch arcane btw). Its still a bit out and doesn’t even have an official name yet, but at least we finally get a proper look at the game! Lets talk about what we know, and some opinions I have on the matter.

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  1. I hope there will be 2vs2 player mode. I just don't get it when there is 4 health bars on the screen and I can only play 1vs1.

  2. Sucks that it comes out in 2023 but like you said its better for them to take their time
    Rather than SFV us

  3. Don't be a fuddy duddy lol I'm excited about it still

  4. The simplified inputs make sense for a free to play game. Mortal kombat can get away with a lot of stuff other games can't because people will legit buy it for the story.
    Project L will need to immediately let people do cool stuff after they download it on a whim.

  5. I don’t think simplified inputs are a good idea, I’m quite worried about it

  6. League famously has a metric assload of characters and have consequently had to overhaul tons of them in an effort to keep the game balanced. Do you think it's reasonable to suspect they'll go with a larger than average roster at this stage, or is it too early to say?

  7. If they pick the same fucking 10 characters they always do consider me not caring.

  8. 3:34 I'd be freaking surprised if Harada of TEKKEN (the guy famous for "Don't ask me for SHIT") actually said something like that.
    But that's only if we're supposed to take your criticism there literally. 😛

  9. That long release date is a good thing. That means that they’ll spend time on the game unlike cough cough other fighting games recently.

  10. If any of you have played Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, it's a 3v3 assist based fighter. It also has a simplified special move input system, but the stuff you can do in the game is quite crazy and fun to play (They still have classic inputs for the Ryu and Chun-li rangers btw). Considering that team has a smaller budget, I'm confident that this team can do a lot with dat LoL money.

  11. Hey Roofle! Great video as always. I’ve never played a tag fighter. What would be a good one to start with to prepare for Project L in your opinion? I was thinking the power rangers once since it also has simplified inputs doesn’t it? Any help would be great!

  12. As a cultured grappler main like yourself Rooflemonger, I’d keep a sharp eye out for Blitzcrank, Sett, and Malphite. If anyone on the current LoL roster was going to be a grappler, I’d put my money on those three.

  13. 2v2 with assists… so we can character switch in addition to assists?

    Or is it only 1v1 plus assists?

  14. The video heavily hints of 4 player fighting based on how they are handling the netcode.

  15. Don’t know much about League of Legends but this game looks incredible and if it has tag like MvCI then I’m definitely ‘hyped’. Character designs also look great.

  16. I think the thing about motion inputs is that pretty much everything except quarter circles suck to do on pad IMO. If they don't even have quarter circles, that would be kind of weird. You can only give a character so many moves with simple inputs.

  17. Job openings over at Riot indicate this game will be consoles, which is good as a friend of mine only has consoles and he loves League. What I am hoping is that this game will have cross play as well, that way me on PC and my friend on console can play together. Also, give me Graves and Braum in the roster.

  18. My unfounded theory about the simple motions is that it’s a team fighter that will likely end up with a million characters, and I wouldn’t put it past Riot to anticipate characters rolling in and out of the meta over time, similar to what happens in league. Simplified controls or not, trying to “master” two characters is going to be tougher than one, and figuring out enough of the League roster to understand all of the matchups will likely still require more than a fistful of brain cells.

    I don’t care what they do with motion inputs as long as the game feels rewarding to learn.

  19. ew assists. This game could've been amazing, but I'm gonna skip it cause of the assists. Rather prefer a footsie heavy fighter.

  20. I think if this game manages to introduce even a fraction of the LoL crowd into the FGC, we might have a new golden age of fighting games ahead of us.

  21. It would be nice if they had the option for simple inputs, like in Blade Arcus Rebellion. Playing Blade Strangers is more difficult for Me as someone that's used to fighting game commands, so I often miss the simple inputs, ironically. It's especially annoying when you need to hit two buttons for different strengths of specials like EXs. Hitting two buttons is harder than doing a motion with one hand and a single button with the other, especially on pads which is what the casual players they are targeting will be using.

  22. I wonder how much crossover there will be between PL and the over all FCG. Riot has enough money where they can ignore the entirety of the FCG and be its own separate thing, similar to Smash.

  23. It's only fitting that Project L would be a tag fighter, considering League of Legends has players rely on their teammates!
    Though it has ways to go, I like what I'm seeing so far! Looks cool, the netcode against Wi-Fi players sounds like just what we needed! >:3
    Now as for the simple vs motion input debate, while I would've preferred motion inputs (even if they only do qcf/qcb motions like in DBFZ), I'm sure my friends, who play Smash but not traditional fighters, would feel right at home with the simple directional inputs. They do indeed play League as well, so I would hope this game would be one to get them into traditional fighting games!

  24. 4:17 no I totally agree. It's like "I wanna be able to do the 50 hit TOD which is gonna have me doing multiple button inputs and needing to know timing and what not. But quarter circle motions are just beyond my realm of understanding and that's what's holding me back from fighting games." Really? Maybe you just don't wanna play and want people to adjust to your whims and after you get what you want you'll play for a couple of days and then go back to a game you are actually interested in.

  25. I'm actually really impressed with this first look. Ekko surprised me the most though. The way the incorporated his Chronobreak into his kit looks amazing and shows me they are willing to really let the characters be themselves. When I say that I mean they are taking the time to make the characters look and feel like their LoL counterparts but in a fighting game environment.

    I am in the middle with the simple inputs. I do prefer manual inputs, but in games like Power Rangers I didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. There is a part of me that loves the dexterity requirement of performing difficult combos in a clutch situation. I'll have to wait until I get my hands on it to truly know or have someone opinion I trust, like yours, to explain how it feels to play. Either way this trailer definitely got me excited all over again for Project L.

  26. I think single bouton imput is nice to see (after that I can't say much how it differt form multiple one since I don't play much fighting game in general)
    Tho the one I useally played are Smash (aka single bouton or like 3D fighitng game that got also "single" bouton imput… ok they use multiple bouton but never used like the stick to cast anything at most they use the stick to control an ability like moveing the ability to the left or right up down etc.)
    Overall I really think the future is with single bouton imput I think the stick imput just come form a "back in my day" kinda deal where fighting game form arcade and in arcade you used to have less bouton imput in the frist place so it made alot of sence there…

    Any way Just my opinion about it
    Hope the game is fun and F2P. (I doute I will play it form long but I may come back to it form time to time like I to with smash bros)
    SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH Thx for the info and your opinion.

  27. The best news to come from this game, for me, was DSP shitting on it because he hates rollback and he hates the Cannon brothers.

  28. I really like motion Inputs, but i also really want to like this game. I just hope they make it work.

  29. The more dynamic, the better
    and no one can change my mind.

  30. You said that youre not a fan of simple moves, but fighterZ is the most simple EVER

  31. And do you have the knowledge that pro players are working in the team? Cause they are.

  32. Looks good so far hopefully it has good netcode though.

  33. I think the combo won't be that hard cus lol have around 100+ champion. But it might depend on the number of hero they add in this project L.

  34. I don't know why people seemed to have completely forgotten about Rising Thunder; that game was incredibly good and it had very simple inputs and it's from the same creators. Motion inputs isn't what makes a game fun, in fact, I find it a little tedious and if they are going the route of making it accessible to a large audience, i.e. LoL players and/or keyboard players, then doing away with motion inputs makes a lot of sense.

  35. I like single button moves. The only actual and real reason for motion inputs is to be able to fit more moves to a limited number of buttons. Every other point is just a natural consequence of having motion inputs and not the justification for them. If they manage to design the game without motion inputs, good! I don't like MOBA style cooldowns though. There are nicer ways to balance single button moves.

  36. In regards to single button specials, i genuinely think granblue did that and auto combos the best. Penalizing you for interacting with the simple inputs, and high scaling on auto combos was smart. Players that struggle with inputs don't care about optimizing. So the players who do, will graduate from easy inputs and auto combos and do it all the old-school way so they can get better reward. Once you get to a high enough level, you can also CHOOSE when to interact with their beginner systems for combos that aren't possible without easy inputs, or autos. I think it can be done well, there should just be things in place to discourage you from staying at that level.

  37. The combos look as long as Blze lue. Prkbably won't be a game for me.

  38. I respect your view on simple inputs. To me no matter how easy a quarter circle motion seems to us at this point, it is fairly challenging for new players. It takes time to build muscle memory to do it; a couple of days practicing in training mode especially Dp motions, and a lot of people do not have the patients to build that muscle memory to do the cool looking move, and just end up dropping the game. I've tried multiple times to get friends into fighting games, and they all stop when they struggle to do moves consistently, nothing feels worse than trying to do a fireball and getting a jab over and over. people want to just get in and play the game, the more complex stuff can come later. Its better in my opinion to lower the bar for entry while keeping a high celling.

    Also for more seasoned Fighting game players a motion input might as well be a single button press because its already ingrained in muscle memory.

  39. Like you I am a little upet that there are no motion inputs, otherwise the game looks good. I'm hoping for a guest characters when the game inevitably gets big hopefully with their inputs intact, like in Battle for the Grid. Who wouldn't want to see Baiken in this game?

  40. You didn't feel satisfied playing Talos? As a grappler, Talos was the single most fun, well designed, and well thought out character I'd ever played.

  41. If loops are discovered day one then it's the same as every other rushed, broken, incomplete fighting game. It's mostly the players who make or break a "fighting" game.
    Casuals will still get smoked then quit, rinse and repeat, it's an inevitably 😂

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