Project L, the League of Legends fighting game has finally made its Debut! Here's what we know -

Project L, the League of Legends fighting game has finally made its Debut! Here’s what we know

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So we finally got our debut look at Project L, the league of legends fighting game after the big arcane finale(watch arcane btw). Its still a bit out and doesn’t even have an official name yet, but at least we finally get a proper look at the game! Lets talk about what we know, and some opinions I have on the matter.

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  1. If loops are discovered day one then it's the same as every other rushed, broken, incomplete fighting game. It's mostly the players who make or break a "fighting" game.
    Casuals will still get smoked then quit, rinse and repeat, it's an inevitably 😂

  2. Can't wait to grapple with darius and commit GLORIOUS EVOLUTION with Viktor

  3. yeah… not a fan of the simple inputs…

  4. If Sett isn’t a playable character I’m not even gonna bother picking it up

  5. I hope stronger special moves has input special. I dont want sonic boom moves to be easily spammable with no risk. I dont want giefs command grab in one button. The only one button i want are dashes

  6. So your telling me that LTG actually will get punished for all of his rage quiting, sounds good to me

  7. I hope they give you a choice of 2 input styles. That would fix everyone’s worries as long as the simple input didn’t give an advantage. Like not having to charge a sonic boom style attack…

  8. I think the only motion input that ever puts off a new player are dp motions. Since they arent just a straight through motion. Like before now actually liking fighting games with Strive for the first few months I really did loathe trying to do dp motions.

  9. The simplified button inputs are the same as battle for the grid and thats one of the best fighting games to come out in the last 5 years, so i think it will be fine with the way its going so far

  10. As a really bad traditional FG player (floor 6 -7 in Strive sometimes get to 8 but get kicked out in2 matches) and as a smash player I do have a bias towards single button plus direction specials, I'm ok with motion inputs, I play Kof and DBZ just fine, but having less to overload my head during a match do help me. I haven't played Battle for the Grid yet, witch as far as I understand uses this same system, so I might check it out to see how it is. But yeah, I hove this is the first FG where I can say I'm not utter trash lol

  11. 100% the reason they want simple inputs is so they can release it on mobile too

  12. It’s not just an assist game. It’s a 2v2 tag game.

  13. I hope with Riot money and this game being 2v2. There will be a sizable number of characters for launch.

  14. I went frame by frame on the big Darius combo. I think either he can charge some of his buttons as a unique trick, or it might be a system mechanic. Here's my guess for the annotation: a.A3 (cross up), (charge) A3, dash cancel, (charge) A3, j.A3 (wallbounce), 2S (Groundbounce Apprehend), A3, A3, assist, j.S1 (Apprehend in the air?!), j.A3, A3, A3, Super. Also, it carries to the corner?


  15. I am not a fan of simple inputs and auto combos.

  16. There should be an option in settings to have simple inputs and street fighter inputs. I would call that a win win. What do you think?

  17. 2v2 is not what I expected but it makes sense, the game looks cool and, as you said, because of the team I'm confident that it is going to be a blast

  18. Yeah I prefer simple inputs. Although charge characters should still be a thing, even with simple inputs.

    Like you said, by the time you learn everything else you need to be good at the game, the fireball motion isn't that big of a step, but from my side, I'd then argue, then why even take that step? I prefer being able to swap to other characters more easily, knowing all the basic inputs, without having to remember all the motions that go along with each character. Then my mind is on knowing the moves themselves, and not on the controls, which makes for a more immersive experience.

    Also, the DLC pool for this game is bonkers, people wil be in constant hype hoping for their fav league champ to drop into L.

  19. smhmfw i'm going to be waiting for new league characters in a dif game

  20. Hey @rooflemonger, great vid as always! Thanks for being the one voice of reasonable skepticism in regards to the simplified inputs. I've looked at various reaction-videos throughout the day and no one seems to even acknowledge it as a potential downside at all. Sure, the barrier to entry may be significantly lowered as a result of this choice – but so too will the lifespan of the game I'm afraid.

    I'm the sort of player who's almost always drawn towards difficult and/or technical characters and much of my enjoyment of fighting games comes from grinding day after day to finally get rewarded with a flashy playstyle. It's kinda like learning a musical instrument imo – If I could just play Mozarts piano sonatas by pressing 1 or 2 keys over and over it'd just feel hollow and un-earned. But that being said. I like the artstyle and design of the LoL-characters and I loved the Arcane show so I'm gonna at least give it a fair shot.

  21. You have to make things super simple for a super simple demographic iykwim 👌🏾 Room temperature GenZ is gonna ruin everything

  22. Rising Thunder sold me on simple motions with cooldowns.

  23. I have several times over the span of 15 years been trying to get friends of mine into fighting games and it is always the motion moves that hold them back, cause frustration, and them to quit. Some people just can't get past that hump. It doesn't matter how much I try to explain that with practice it becomes second nature the thought of having to invest time and practice to get to a point to even enjoy the game is enough to stop people. Even with strives tutorials I thought I could get my best friend into it and he gave up after hours of practicing and being unable to consistently complete Sols special move trials. I'd be willing to give this a go and hopefully it will act as an entry point into fighting games for a lot of people.

  24. You already know. As the Project L-hovah Witness, I am ready for the long wait. BUT THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I've done a few breakdowns on all of the new footage and I've found out a BUNCH of new details.

  25. Are ready for teemo shroms even here? Huh?

  26. This looks amazing! I am seeing similarities from this like Dracula's declaration scene from the Castlevania anime. The cannon brothers appeared in sky and sent a warning to the rest of the FGC game makers to settle their affairs and prepare, for in 2 years they will come and correct the wrongs done. 😂😂

  27. tHiS lOoKs cOoL I hOpS tHeY mAkE "mObA" vErSiOn oF iT.

  28. At this point I feel riot is the only company I can trust to constantly produce quality stuff. Haven't been let down by any of their games yet and even arcane was amazing so I'm very hopeful it will be good.

  29. Sorry to tell you, but you're wrong about the motion inputs thing.

    I've personally spoken with newbies to the genre who were specifically put off by, and struggled to grasp, motion inputs as well as doing them when they want to do them. It IS a barrier for more people nowadays than you realize.
    Yet these same people enjoy Smash without issue and some even enjoyed traditional 3D fighters that don't require motions to do fundamental things at beginner level, such as Tekken and SoulCalibur. And they tend to enjoy Virtua Fighter, when I show it to them.

    The FGC needs to accept that no other genre locks fundamental actions (that you need to know in order to play with intentionality) behind anything more than a single button press, button + direction, or simultaneous buttons (sometimes + direction). It simply IS a barrier that helps keep the genre niche in the post-arcade gaming landscape. Period.
    Precision, timing, and the combination of those mechanically simple-to-execute fundamental actions, and player interactions, are where the depth comes from.

    That said, not every fighting game needs to eliminate them. But any FG with a large budget, that needs to make a profit on that budget, DOES need to be designed to appeal to as many people as possible. Prioritizing the casual majority over the competitive minority.
    Since catering primarily to the minority of any audience always leads to less sales (regardless of longevity) it only makes sense for titles that don't have as much investment that it needs to make a profit margin over. Aka. AA and indie FGs.

    But a rising tide lifts all boats.
    A portion of a mainstream audience WILL get curious about the games that appeal more to the hardcore FGC niche. Which is more people than would check said games out otherwise.

    It's time for the FGC to get out of their own way, stop blocking the larger devs from doing what needs to be done for the sake of the whole genre, and accept that the genre cannot avoid fading into obscurity (like the Shmup genre) without sacrificing something for the greater good, so to speak. In this case, that being things that create the initial complexity which prevents majority of newcomers from having fun in genre flagship titles and potential rising stars like Project L and MultiVersus.

  30. Fireball isn't hard to do, but EWGF, certain charge moves in combo's, pretzel's are kind of difficult to teach new players who do to without an excessive amount of training mode. Plus you can simplify tag games because you have introduced another entire character. BlazBlue Cross Tag for example simplified their button comb's so everything is on 3 buttons instead of 6, and most combo's involve mostly just 2 of them.

  31. 1:36 2023 dosn't seemed to be a real year, why you think that

  32. Honestly it's good that they take their time, rushed development is never good.

  33. Can someone explain to me what motion input is and what games have them in confused and I wanna know if it's good or bad

  34. Keep that old man energy going! I want 6 buttons and pretzel motions! Ekko already looks broken though. I love it.

  35. They didn't invent rollback netcode. They did write GGPO though

  36. All I want is Sett to be in. Other than that, so fuckin hyped for this !

  37. I just don't like the overly muscular character design. I want this game nowww haha

  38. I personally really hope that they will give some emotions on the faces and add more frames on the moves

  39. Anyone thinking single button inputs over simplify games after Power Rangers Battle for the Grid ain't paying attention.

  40. I haven’t played a fighting game since I was a child but I am a league nerd and this looks so clean I even got guilty gear strive to see if the fighting game genre is fun for me anymore so we will see

  41. I really think this is going to be a free to play model like Valorant and LoL. You know how many skins exist for these champions already!? That's where the money's gonna be.

    Also with the simpler commands I think they mean with the D-Pad specifically. I'm 38 years old and to this day I still can't do a Sonic Boom or Flash Kick with Guile, nor Chun Li's Whirl Kick. You know how much I hate that… At least with DBFZ and BFTG i can focus on the actual fight and not try to wrestle with some octopus level inputs

  42. I've never played league of legends but the gameplay of this game looks really good, and the online sounds really interesting, I like inputs and complicated combos but I'm open to try simple imputs

  43. I'm a massive fighting game fan but the thing the keeps me from playing most of them or with any regularity is the button complexity. Never played LoL. Not my kind of game but Arcane was fantastic. So if there was a fighting game with those characters, I'm all for it.

  44. as a league player who has almost no real experience with fighting games (and I know a lot that is probably a large portion of the league community, if not a vast majority of it), the simple inputs are actually the primary reason why I'm excited for this game. I have always tried to get into fighting games, because the strategy and depth look amazing but the button commands (from the view of an outsider) seem unnecessary and overall like they just add extra complexity for complexity sake. I'm not saying they are bad in any way, just from the view of most of us league players, this is the decision they made that will get a lot more of us to at least try out the game.

  45. Me waiting for companies to make it easier for people to do ethernet and make more people aware of ethernet and not hating wifi players.

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