Project L - RiotX Arcane: Epilogue | The Right Foundation -

Project L – RiotX Arcane: Epilogue | The Right Foundation

Riot Games
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Tom & Tony Cannon reintroduce Project L, an assist-based fighter set in the world of Runeterra.


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  1. Is there a test server where we can try the game?

  2. animation is amazing, killer instinct on a whole modenized level.. will there be any ultimate finishes lol

  3. It's a little frustrating that the hitting movements aren't fluid.

  4. No ha ni salido y ya quiero ver cómo pelea Jhin

  5. why does it look like the visible action is lagging behind the input?

  6. At least don’t make it pay to win😅

  7. Revelation 14:12

    (King James Version)

    12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  8. Can riot please stop being so fashist and allow freedom of speech?

  9. I preferred the other more painted style, but I do really like how you handled the cel shading onto painted.
    The characters look absolutely perfect for the stylization you're going for.
    I won't playing this because 1v1 pvp fighting games is kinda… boring. Some like it. I do not.
    …you should have done this, but cloned Smash Bros. League is known for being a party game. It supports multiple players and teams. It covers a wider range of things. This does not.

  10. hopefully a mobile version for fun and convenient sake .. for PC for more competitive eSports fighting game

  11. 你把游戏改一下吧,英雄联盟已经废了一半了,改成以前的装备就行,不是求你,是真的废了现在

  12. Почему мне кажется что данная игра не выйдет на андроид и ios? И на консоли (((

    Кто-нибудь скажите им, что люди сейчас в мобильный гейминг охотно идут

  13. A company with brains will close down sooner or later, go home and cry to your parents, don’t accept rebuttals, because the player group is also very stubborn

  14. When will Rios Games give us the Honor to play a MMORPG with a big open map to explore and grow up lvl champions, make money killing monsters and droping loot and selling to npcs to buy items and be more stronger with any champion, make quests or dungeons, missions to obtain outfits, make teams with friends and look for bosses like Baron! and to have a small chance to drop an legenday item!!! im very sure that im not the only one waiting for it!


    Mario Armenta

  15. Take influence from guilty gear and add jayce.

  16. "three attacks and only button + direction inputs"
    at least it will bring new players to FGC community…

  17. Why does it feel so choppy and that too in 2D it better not be a pc game


  19. ศุภกฤฏ ชาวเนิน says:


  20. How can we be toxic in this game? 😢

  21. the only complaint i really have is that the characters have no facial expression when theyre doing combos or getting hit, it's kind of… unnerving

  22. Hello Riot Games, I just wanted to ask if you could do an animated film or music video for LoL on your LoL channel on Youtube in which the champ Katarina appears again after a long of time. I ask this not only because you can make really good, and I mean really awesome animated films, but because many Katarina lovers would still like to see a Katarina film and love it. I and many others ask you very nicely and cordially to make such a video. It doesn't matter if it would take a long time or not, because we would love to see something like this and you have the time in the world so take your time and please give me feedback if you would do that, we would all be very happy. 🙂

  23. lol community pure cancr just fkn kysfknjewscancrniggs

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