PROJECT L REACT: What does this mean for the fighting game community!? -

PROJECT L REACT: What does this mean for the fighting game community!?

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I’m sold. I think this will be the game for me. THIS is the game that the fighting game community needed. In celebration of the 10th anniversary for League of Legends, Riot released Project L, their first ever fighting game. With rollback netcode and 2v2, this game looks EXTREMELY promising. What do you guys think of it?!

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Riot Games has been fairly secretive about its unnamed fighting game, Project L, which has been in development for several years. Production for the game seems to be heating up, however, with fighting game community (FGC) figureheads, Evo Championship founders, and Project L project leads Tom and Tony Cannon are ready to “reintroduce” the game to fans.

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  1. project L is a very technical game, with a high skill ceiling, a lot of flexibility and is open world

  2. Will you be doing a "Rate the LoL champion" just to see who would you like in the upcoming Project L?

  3. I’m not sure why they didn’t add motion inputs. Just do what granblue did and give a small penalty for easy inputs maybe less dmg if no cooldowns

  4. I think, in this network model they have, if you have godlike internet speed (fiber) you probably will never see any rollbacks and it will be hyper smooth. You opponent who has normal speed (300-500gbps) you may get a rollback here or there.
    If you lag in LoL it will probably have like that.

  5. I watched Project L on Netflix and now I'm ready to play.

  6. The dude ekko was wavedashing check that out like in tekken

  7. Much as I adore it, Strive gameplay left me wanting. FighterZ stuck to me after learning Gohan's leg loops and doing it mid-match. Project L's low skill floor, high ceiling is exciting. Ig I should've known GG, and Strive particularly, was different than Dragon Ball, but I crave that player expression. Leg loops aren't necessary at all, but they feel good asl If I can challenge myself with sick combos but my non-FGC friends can still do satisfying basics, this and DNF Duel will be a hell of a time. Oozing optimism rn

  8. Do you know the black heart? Has a small cast and horror themed characters

  9. i was not prepare for the assist thing and the non exist half moons.

  10. I like how everyone just assumes this game is going to bolster the FGC for no reason. League players are going to play it for a week and then stop. Do you really think people sit around " i would play fighting games if they just picked an IP i like" You're either into the idea of fighting games or you're. Do you really think if a hardcore guilty gear player that hates mobas and someone makes a GG moba now he's going to embrace the genre?

  11. Hopefully it F2P So you get a shit tone of ppl playing and so your fighting someone close to your skill lvl insteed of someone stumping you hard. like some fighitng game quick play got.

  12. I was assuming and hoping it was gonna be a 1v1, but I'm on board for 2v2. Just glad it's not 3v3. Most fighting games I play I only ever play 1 character the entire time

  13. Man, the "Sajam did not invent rollback" line got me good

  14. They took shots at Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Strive (fixing the game so new players appear better than they really are and very limited player expression) and every developer that doesn't understand the importance of good netcode.

    In just that short clip, we see more air combo freedom than you get in the ENTIRE roster of Strive. Showing the air combo sequence was VERY intentional because Tom Cannon is a huge fan of Bridget in Guilty Gear and the Versus games. He had a nasty Vism-Dhalsim in Alpha 3.

    I hope that presentation lights a fire under all of these fighting game developer's tail.

  15. I literally said on this channel that project L is gonna be more designed for beginners, than even strive was. WRONG guess i get the name, cuz im holdin that L. For real tho, we are all converting to Project L if they do it right. Also, if they implement 2v2 human players. Introduce the team aspect to fighting games in a real way, not just characters on the screen, the game will have decades long staying power.

    Riot wants to replace Capcom/Namco as the main fighting game company of the fgc.

  16. THANK! YOU! I'm so sick and tired of the FGC actively holding us back by flaming literally any game that has "eAsY iNpuTs". Literally all it does is free up your fingers/thumbs to focus more on combat strategy, which is what fighting games are SUPPOSED to be about. But of course your average one-track-minded online player doesn't know what that is.

  17. "uh i WaNt mY GaMeS to bE HaRD." "Shut up, you suck anyway"
    This actually, so many people, not only in the fighting genre, but just games in general, always call out for harder difficulty across the board, then proceeds to quit or rage at the game they suck at.
    people think they want games they play to be considered hard so they get that sense of validation of being better that others, when in fact we all just want to enjoy a good game.

  18. I've played League because I really love the characters that are in it. This is the same reason why I play any fighting game. But I'm gonna leave the other league related or riot developed games alone. Riot got too much of my time, stress, and money, and I find Riot to be quite abusive to it's player base while allowing the playerbase to be so abusive that a female dev said she couldn't go into voice chat on Valorant alone because of how terrible people were. No thanks.

  19. all fighting games should have a netflix Anime,
    it would help Casuals be more engaged because they will play a character just because they love the Lore, Customizations is another way to get casuals interested

  20. Not only did they kill Rising Thunder for this generic looking shit, supporting Riot is about as bad as supporting Activision Blizzard.
    Fuck Riot.
    I wish I didn't feel this way, because I genuinely want the best for the Cannon brothers, but Riot is a cesspool and a plague.

  21. 157 characters…imagine the potential for tierlists!

  22. If you have rising thunder a try, the game they were making before they sold to riot, you should have an idea of the control feel this game looks like it will have.

  23. I think it would be cool if they made optional motion inputs for people who like them. It could be like what they did in Fighting EX Layer.

  24. this game looks dope, the only part i'm not a fan of is the way special inputs are done, i hope they revise it to be a more traditional route. either way i'm gonna give it a go.

  25. I think it would be cool if Jiyuna went through the LoL rosters (maybe just some he think might be cool) and provide some predictions on who might be in the game or some insight on how gameplay would be like.

  26. is "fun at all skill level" the same as "low skill floor high as fuck skill ceiling"?

  27. There's been so many fighting games coming out this year. I've never been so happy

  28. I love how the cartoon of the netplay demonstration shows the lagger on wifi😆😆

  29. Riot is not about watering down niches, it's about making it as good(or close to) and more eyecatching and fun.

  30. ANI: Darius needS to be nerfed
    Me to League Balance team: Hear that? DARIUS NEEDS TO BE NERFED

  31. People who complain about simplified controls are the turds who spend 500 on a custom hitbox.

  32. Do you think it's a good idea to implement a 1v1 and 2v2 in the same game?

  33. Please Riot give us a 2P vs 2P TAG mode like MK9 !!! PLLEAAASEEE !!!

  34. I don't mind them omitting motions.
    Gets annoying when in the heat of the match I drop my confirm cuz I dropped the inputs so annoying.

  35. Cannon brothers on rollback netcode… It better be good… They made it.

  36. I want to see this game engine support higher framerates! 120 FPS would be easily achievable for PS5/XB1X/PC.
    Fighting games would benefit so much from lower input latency and better visual clarity.

  37. 11:59 i think something similar happened to That Blasted Salami in VF5 and he wasn't a fan of that.

  38. Project L, Kof xv, dnfduel, the future is so cool, i'm not ready.

  39. this system of specials and attacks is simililar to this mobile fighting game metal revolution. (not a bad thing i really like it)

  40. Since I’ve subscribed to this channel nothing but good things have happened to me. Lan cables went on sale, I’ve been getting early access to all fighting games, and people notice me. Thank you animeilluminati! I’m a believer!

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