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Guys, Project L looks like it’s going to be amazing. For their 10 year anniversary, League of Legends released their own fighting game and it’s going to have rollback netcode! Every FGC player’s dream. This game is going to be sick.

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Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic Street Fighter franchise is Street Fighter V! This 5th iteration has tons of fighters from past entries such as Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Guile – and more. Most recently, the latest patch of the game introduces Akira and Oro to the game, with Luke coming soon. SF5 is available on both Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 (PS4).

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  1. Love the art style! Animations look on point as well!

  2. riot did their research. they know what the fgc has been struggling with, AND what already makes it hype.
    but as an ex-League of Legends player, i cant say riot will deliver on balancing the game. if their balance team is anything like LoL’s

  3. So there's like no way Vi isn't gonna be in this game right? I'm expecting a mix of Balrog and Dudley.

  4. This Game looks exactly like the anime on Netflix Arcane.

  5. I'm really not fond of assist fighters but ya'll ready know its gonna be F2p so theres no point in NOT trying it, so I'ma probably be in there with darius and ahri combo for sure lol.

  6. You gotta check out the animated series for League of Legends on Netflix Punk, I went in with low expectations but it absolutely delivered and then some not gonna cap

  7. Ain't gonna be a patch on Street Fighter, c'mon now!

  8. I like how genuine punks reaction was. I’ve seen too many people like OH MY GOD THATS SICK and nothing even happened yet lmao. Not to say everyone isn’t genuine but it gets old


  10. Why punk wearing a hearts t-shirt…ho he in love with 😑

  11. We all can't be Echo mains…gonna be nothing but Echo's online.

  12. Just from what was shown in the video we already know that it's getting better than the kof XV, lol.

  13. I was hoping for a "classic" 1v1 since I don't like assists, but it looks very cool and stylish, and it's f2p!

  14. You about to get paiiiiid big time once tournaments for this start!!

  15. I love league of legends and I think it will be a great game. I just hope the toxic community wont follow it. I just want them to take their time and give us something great!

  16. They twins?? Bruh this shit looks fiiiiyur

  17. The Greatest part about this game is that no one can't complain about their jungler being "bad" (aka jungle diff) or their team being bad.
    It will be You versus Your opponent. If you are bad, you will get trashed. Fair and Square fight!! I Love it 😇😎

  18. If it has kda music im buying it and it will be my first standard fighter (so far have played smash, pokken and stv)
    Edit: I really want to play lol but just the community seems toxic and everyone really hates them. This looks perfect though.

  19. Well sonic going to win a lot in this game..I suck at tag base games

  20. This looks insanely good. Seeing as Riot isn't tied to anything. I wonder if the game will be released on every single platform, to include PC and mobile with cross-platform and cross-network for online play. I think they got a gigantic budget to do it too.

  21. They really catered this trailer for Punk, even called the showcased character "punk genius" (not to mention the similarity between the character amd Punk)

  22. That time character is gonna be used by all. He looks amazing 👏

  23. The developers really seem like they know what they’re doing and what FGC players want.
    I probably wouldn’t care too much otherwise but this is pretty exciting.

  24. Ion blame em lol they have such good art and graphics for trailers and things that I can barely see on their 3D plane game

  25. PROJECT L looks Amazing, i thought they were going to forget about Advanced players
    and only cater to Casuals, i been waiting for a great TAG TEAM fighter since SFXT,

  26. Everything about this game looks hype, but MAN I am excited for the netcode

  27. If you know who these 2 are, you'll know that this game is gonna shit on a lot of other fighting games in the near future

  28. You have to respect the timing for Riot Games, dropping the trailer right after the season finale of Arcane.

  29. I hope they don't forget a good chunk of their audience has dogshit pcs, please make it runnable.

  30. Man why do those guys look like Cole and Dylan Sprouse ?
    The Suite Game Designer Life of Tom and Tony.

  31. The tag gameplay and movement has me interested in it. Still hate the way LoL characters look and meh about 1 button stuff, but I'll finally bother with this game I think

  32. 3:40 what happened to ahris model in the trailer she has multiple tails in this vid punks watching she has only one????

  33. Lol players wont play this game cause they can't blame no one but themselves when they lose.

  34. Uh oh LTG can't rage quit his way outta this game without penalty Lmao.

  35. I’m really glad that the fathers of rollback are going to be managing the net play. I’ve never cared for LoL, but this game could be such a great breath of fresh air for the FGC.

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