PROJECT L NEW UPDATE - Riot Fighting Game -

PROJECT L NEW UPDATE – Riot Fighting Game

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PROJECT L NEW UPDATE & INFO – Riot Fighting Game. We got a lot of news about Project L thanks to GamerBee as well as more developer comments and fanmade content!

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  1. wow that akali model was a so good. i didnt expect he'll get hired . goodshitttt

  2. Imagine rengar with a movepool like wolverine and spyderman from capcom fighting games.

  3. Project L will be fun just sucks that we likely won't be playing it till late 2024 or even 2025 I would guess.

  4. im still hype af but not gonna lie the fact there not gonna be any (2players) team battle im a bit sad. i was a bit fan of the gamemode in dbfz and it felt super refreshing. Just sad that peer to peer made it awfull but the idea was amazing to me.

  5. I really hope that they add viego and samira into this specifically. Id be trying to master them specifically if they are added

  6. i ( as a kayn otp ) think that kayn should be in the fighting game

  7. Putting all this work for a game addressed to a small fan base for the genre only feels like a waste. Out of all the genres, the fighting games do not have such a big fan base. Not like turn based lovers for example, that is why Ruined King was a better idea to invest in.

  8. I don't know much about this game… but I already know it right away. Game going to be extremely toxic. Just like league, chain CC hanging out here till u die without being able to do anything… They say game will have no cc but trust me it will. U will get knocked over and over and u will cry.

  9. I must see if this was posted in April 1st. I'm joking. I'm happy that Riot does not want to make long combos where the losing side waits in agony! Then there is more strategy!

    But, a good addition would be: Allowing 2 players to play in the same team if they pick the right mode.

  10. I'm personally terribad at these fighting games but I like to see riot branch into different genres to hopefully fuel more projects

  11. I hope they ad mordekaiser it would actualy be an interensting project

  12. It’s giving guilty gears and it’s so funny I know that obviously they got the idea before I did but yestday I was playing wild rift admire the graphics and how the scenery moves when your phones moves,

    I look at Leona from the side of my phone and think wow games looks weird at this angle soooo 2d then it hit me, a fighting game of league of legends like guilty gears all animated 2d like it is, golden

  13. At this point they should scrap the whole project.. Theyre way too late…. I mean mortal kombat 1 is coming out Tekken 8 is coming out Street fighter 6 is also coming out they already lost the competition…..

  14. looking forward to the only good f2p fighting game tbr, but after experiencing tekken, idk if i can play without sidestepping and frame punishing.
    also, instead of making combos making people hopeless, letting people block in the middle of them like tekken might be better. then we can see a fight without characters flying for 57secs and unleashing two combos in 3 secs.

  15. Sett would be the most generic fighting game char but would be the coolest

  16. I hope that there will be some kind of single player other than training mode. It would be nice if the game wasnt pure 100% versus other players.
    Cool league skinns to the characters is a must in this game. Maybe just like regular league that there is free character rotation but you can permanent buy the champs.

  17. I really hope they add a Renekton playable character.

  18. Finally, a game from riot where i got some talent

  19. If they are planning on making it pro esports its definitley going to need a leveling system

  20. LETS GOOOOOO NO BLOCK BUTTON i hate that mechanic so much holding down back is way better screw mortal kombat

  21. "there will be three attacks, light, medium, heavy attack […]all moves will be button + direction combination"
    "dw veteran players, project L will not be a game that is too easy"
    how to not make an fighting game KEK

  22. Server Hosting connection instead of P2P? It does not convince me, i thing p2p is the best choice for fighting game, the player closest to the server wins, and if the second player lags? What sees? He'll probably desync

  23. No block button? So i was hyped for no reason. Fighting game without block button are unplayable

  24. As a person who plays many fighters such as street fighter, Blazblue, UNIB, Melty Blood and more I can’t wait to see what they will be able to do with this as it looks very stylish and looks like it is gonna have a lot of combo freedom too

  25. I fucking demand the classic control 🎮 , period!!😅!

  26. nafiri = umvc3 okami, akali = SF4 ibuki, katarina = mvci blackwidow, Twisted Fate = XMSF gambit , Ahri = KoF mai shiranui, Nasus = Tekken TWD Negan, Evelynn = DS Morrigan, LeeSin = SF1 Sagat

  27. Nice wall of text… be a shame if we could see the content.


  29. Nick is now disappointed he got it wrong… of course.

  30. so blocking is just press back then…..thats perfect, i hate having block as a button. i prefer the block style of games like tekken and street fighter……unlike games like mk and soul calibur. button for block was a turn off for me

  31. No input commands.. just direction+button. That's lame as hell. Games doa.

  32. When we going to get a naruto game like this

  33. When available play store 😊😘😘

  34. When showing play store. Project L league of legends 😊😘😘

  35. Please release date. Play store. Project L 😊😘😘😚😚🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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