Primal Rage! - Old School Dinosaur Fighting Game -

Primal Rage! – Old School Dinosaur Fighting Game

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This. Is. Awesome. And awful. I’m unsure how to feel.

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  1. I was literally thinking about Primal Rage yesterday and low and behold you post a video! Keep up the good work! <3

  2. I remember this game. My brother and I loved it, even if we didn't own it. Our little cousin and his parents had it instead, though it was for the Sega Genesis instead. Heh, we were absolute shit at it but we really liked the lore of the game.

    We were big dinosaur geeks back then and still hold a love for these ancient beasts, so us loving all things that had anything to do with dinosaurs we loved.

    This game was popular enough to have a toyline, believe it or not. I think I might still have a couple of the toys somewhere, but they're probably buried in a closet and haven't seen the light of day in years. I had a Sauron and three different Talon toys, one red and one gold and one that was both gold and absolutely huge. I think we might have had Vertigo, too, but besides the color I never liked Vertigo.

  3. So nostalgic! I used to love this game when I was a kid! Vertigo was my dino of choice though 😉 

  4. they actually used real figures and stop motion animation for the characters

  5. Have you thought of doing "combat of giants, dinosaurs" it's actually a really good game !

  6. hey play with talon and get the midway collection 2 so you can get better graphics and a new game I think you will like!

  7. this is mainly a arcade game all other games are emulators.

  8. Hey Best, is Carnivores: Cityscape on your radar?

  9. Since you said you were going to play Godzilla: Unleashed, the first episode should be on May 16th, the day the new movie comes out.

  10. I saw this on my friend's computer when I was a kid. Even now it looks awesome.

  11. Bestinslot when are you ever going to play primal carnage

  12. A aou!!…son of a bitch get of me ! 😀

  13. man this would be a great game to remaster just like mortal kombat
    if there going to make a new version, they should add more characters

  14. This was my childhood too,
    around 6 I was kicken ass with Diablo, and Sauron. Sauron to me was just godly.

  15. I love it when he fought talon as armagedon and used that horn attack, at looked like he was dry humping the ground 

  16. Bis you have no idea how happy i got when you started it and it shoes the charecters!! Im only 15 and i used ti LOVE this game i could never remember the name thank you so much it brought back a piece of my childhood and one of the reasons i love dinos!!

  17. Dude you are doing dinosaur games a huge injustice lets get on skype and talk – I have something you haven't played and it will be worth your WILD!  no joke

    By the way – best version of primal rage 1 and 2 are the arcade versions but you'll probably never get to play them.

  18. If I remember correctly from what I read about this somewere…
    Sauron is a Tyrannosaur
    Diablo is a Dalspletosaurus
    Armadon is the Behemoth
    Talon is a Velociraptor
    Vertigo is the Leviathan
    And I'm not too sure, but I think it said that Chaos is a Bigfoot and Blizzard is a Yeti
    If you guys know any different, please correct me if I'm wrong!

  19. Does anyone remember a game (maybe this is the one?) where it's dinosaurs vs dinosaurs and in one of the stadiums is a kind of wrestling ring? It was on PS2 and it was a blast.

  20. It is a shame this game never got a second one i know it was in the works and the action figures would have a box telling you to expect it soon but sadly no, i have seen the what the boss would have been and it looked like it would have been awesome to play as him.

  21. fun fact, these guys are all stop motion models!

  22. Man I remember when this was in arcades next to Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II and Marvel vs. Capcom!

  23. I'm 12 I have a sega mega drive and I got this game yesterday

  24. I used to play this at Idaho pizza company years ago

  25. they should make a newer better one that has more characters

  26. I LOVED this game I first played it as the arcade version as a kid and loved it and I could never remember the name IM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS

  27. I loved Primal rage and all its characters.My fave Dino was probably vertigo.She's awesome looking(Horrible comment I must say but I tried)

  28. This game was how I settled beef back in my day

  29. There are more than five characters so why does he keep saying there are five?

  30. When I was little I had a toy of diablo that didn't have a tail.

  31. They need to reboot this game!!! I would play this everyday.

  32. it is a silly fun game. my eldest daughter and I spent countless mindless hours playing this on a cruise ship (got away from bitchy wife) and have many fond memories

  33. Actually. The models were made with clay and use stop motion

  34. I used Vertigo all the time. We had it on PC. lol

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